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Shaz picked up the phone. A little quiver rose up through her. A little of her was hopeful.
“Hello, oh hi. Yes that’s fine I will be here.
Ted, a colleague had offered to bring her a truck load of fire wood.
Shaz looked around. It was messy but would have to do. Jumping in the shower she quickly washed then brushed her teeth and dried off. She was fizzing for some reason. Still she thought it has been over a year since I have had a man about.
Shaz laid out several tops and bras and carefully selected a little strappy orange top she knew was slightly hugging until she leaned forward and a red bra with thin black straps that was now a size too big and could fall away from her tits. A black lace thong completed the selection along with a pair of old, after all it was firewood day, but tight jeans that she knew hugged her ample butt. She dressed and then relaxed and enjoyed the fizzing inside. That’s funny she thought there must be 30 years between our ages, but he is still an attractive man in his own way. He is such a good friend, I wonder how he feels about me, I guess I will find out.
Very shortly Shaz looked out and saw a truck slow down looking for her flat and then back up her drive. Shaz counted to fifty and then went out the back door and down the path. Ted was untying the load. Shaz stopped and took him in. He was wearing stubby work shorts and boots with a clean polo shirt.
Hi, how are you today? Ted noticed the little top. Lovely day isn’t it.
Yes. Hello Ted, thank you ever so much, I really appreciate it. I haven’t got much.
Then this will help, what do you want to do?
With the wood.
Oh yes, we can just unload it here and I will wheelbarrow it up to the woodshed later.
Together they set to work. Shaz worked around the truck and took time to bend over as she placed the wood on the ever growing heap. Ted couldn’t but notice the cleavage and as she breathed, the glimpse of a nipple.
Today is looking better every minute, it looks really promising.
Shaz looked up, she knew, yes he was looking. It looks fine from here too. Was that a bulge beginning in Ted’s shorts. I wonder if he still has a good cock. Shaz moved, revealing more of her.
Fuck Ted thought, she has the creamiest soft looking breasts ever, does she know I can see them.
Shaz went for another load, bending over the side of the truck and reaching out. Her top hung down and she exhaled, shrinking her rib cage. Ted was transfixed.
Do you need a hand Shaz. Ted reached over and pushed logs towards her and as she grabbed the nearest, slid his hand round it, making contact with her. It was the first time they had touched. She was firm and warm, not all loose like some. Oops! Sorry.
Why? You have strong hands Ted.
Yeah, you know what they say eh?
No, what.
Oh, strong hands, strong…. Oh you know?
Shaz Knew instantly. No what?
Oh it’s just a saying.
Then tell me. Tedddd please.
Cock, Strong hands, strong cock.
Is it true?
Dunno, cant speak for others.
But it is for you Ted. Oh wow! Now you are older,? You must have a lucky wife.
May has changed over the years, after her hysterectomy she has sort of lost interest. She still takes care of me, but it is not the same as passion, nothing is.
Oh you poor thing, a big strong cock and nowhere to put it.
I didn’t say in was big.
No, but I can see it starting to swell your shorts and it looks mighty fine to me. Ted wasn’t aware he was showing.
Oh I am sorry Shaz I didn’t realize.
Don’t be sorry, I haven’t had the pleasure for a long time now.
Is it me, or the talk?
The talk is nothing, I love the way you dress at work and today is incredible.
You like what you see.
I really like you, every thing about you, but yes, I really like what I see, you are gorgeous.
Ted removed the remaining wood while Shaz lay back on the truck bed and allowed her straps to fall of her shoulder on Ted’s side revealing the expanse of her chest and her right tit and nipple.
Right all done. Ted raised the truck side nearest him and then the tail gate. Right let’s be having you.
Eh! Shaz came out of her day dream. What?
Ted moved round the deck and swung Shaz’s legs of the truck and slipped between them. Slowly he reached down and ran his hands up, along her thighs, tracing her hips and waist, up her ribcage until under her arms and lifted her up towards him. He slid her off the truck and they stood close, really close, hips touching. Ted slid his hands down and pulled her hips forward until they bumped into his now solid, swollen cock. Shaz gasped.
Ted, we are outside, in full view. Would you like a coffee?
That would be great. Ted Clipped the last side and threw the rope on the deck.
Right Shaz, show me.
Show you, Show you what. Shaz wriggled her top, her loosely held tits jiggled.
The way inside, I’m ready to come inside.
Is that what you like? Coming inside?
Right Ted thought.
Oh, I am happy to cum anywhere.
What do you think I am.
The most beautiful young mum I have ever met.
Yes Really.
Shaz led the way up the path and into the kitchen. It was tiny, and messy. Sorry about the mess. I get so busy with work and the two kids. I am only just coping.
I get so stressed and there is no way I can relax.
Where are the kids now?
Oh they are over at mum’s, I thought it would be easier.
Shaz filled up the jug and mixed the coffee and milk.
I hope you like it like this, Shaz switched her hips for Ted. Noticing, He stepped forward and placed his cock into the hollow of her jeans between her buttcheeks. Shaz rocked again.
Do you want cream with that, I mean your coffee.
No thanks, not in my coffee, you have to be careful with cream.
Shaz stirred them.
Lets sit in the lounge Teed.
She lead the way and turning said sit anywhere Ted.
Ted chose the largest couch and sat. Sorry, it is uncomfortable. He stood and reached into his shorts and arranged himself upwards. As he sat, Shaz carefully knelt in front of him and lowered the coffees to the floor each side of her.
Just tell me when you want it Ted. I hope you like it.
I’m ready now Shaz. Pass it up to me please. Shaz picked up Ted’s coffee and held it up, leaning forward as she did. Again Ted had a wonderful sight of creamy breasts and he twitched.
OOOw! Ted I saw that. You really want me don’t you.
Yes, but I am very happy with this, I feel great.
Do you like this? Shaz slipped her straps down and wriggled a little. Her top slowly slipped down until it caught on her swollen nipples.
Oh yeah. Just stay like that while we finish our coffee. Please.
Sure, but only if you let it out for me too! I want to see something too. Please!
No, you do it. It’s more fun.
Shaz put down her cup and reached for Ted’s shorts band, but couldn’t stop herself from running her fingers up the length of his shaft.
Fuck Ted you don’t lie, do you. You’re so hard.
That’s you Shaz, you do that. He raised his hips and Shaz slowly slipped his shorts down to his knees.
Oh fuck, oh fuck your beautiful, and huge, fuck Ted
Shut up and drink your coffee girl.
Ted finished his and put the mug aside. Then he took in the sight. Shaz, half out of her top gazing at his well extended cock in awe. Reaching forward, he flicked the top Seam of her top off her nipples and it fell away.
Hey! That’s not the deal.
Ted reached down and took her left hand and placed it on his swollen knob.
What’s the deal then.
Oh, I want it but I don’t know, I’m so confused.
I’m old you mean.
I live alone and a man around would be a great help. I am setting up my computer to get Broadband. I am going to see if I can find love there, I really need a partner.
But until then, I think some sex will really help you in all sorts of ways.
Yes, That’s why I am confused. I want sex but not commitment until I find Mr. Green Right. Every one gets so clingy these days.
Well, think about me, I’m not available for relationships, but sex, I would love every minute and so would you.
Ted slid forward towards Shaz, her hand still grasping his knob.
If you aren’t sure about sex, maybe you would like an orgasm?
I would love to help you relax, I bet you would sleep better tonight.
Ted took Shaz’s mug and removed it.
Here, hop on the couch. Ted instructed. He knew these moments don’t last long.
Shaz complied and Ted slipped to the floor. Now, you show me yours.
He unbuckled her belt and unbuttoned her Levis. Shaz squirmed as he pulled her jeans down to her ankles, never removing his eyes from her crotch as he did.
The black lace thong was almost transparent. Ted could see she was blonde, totally clean shaven pussy with a perfect, trimmed triangle of soft curly hair above.
Fuck, she is wet already.
Ted stood up. His rigid cock thrust towards Shaz.
Look at it girl is that what you want. He moved forwards until it danced in-front or her face. You ever had a cock like that before?
Ted knelt back down and placed his hands behind Shaz’s butt and pulled her forward until he could see he moist clit. Turing he began to lick his way up her right thigh, getting nearer and nearer to her slit
Sitting up he began again on her left side, then as he neared his prize, suddenly thrust his face forward and mouth open wide, swallowed her entire mound and sucked hard.
Oooh Fuck, Shaz exhaled oh!
Ted slid back and pulled the flimsy material down.
Again he jumped forward, this time stopping short to enable his tongue to lick it’s way inside the delightful wet slit.

Ooooow! Ooooow Shaz exclaimed as she began to writhe.
Ted stopped.
This what you want? Sure?
Ted slipped his hands along her thighs and gently pulled Shaz’s pussy lips apart, revealing her tiny little clit. He began to blow on it, very close and strong. Shaz moaned and began to pant. Ted followed by slowly sliding his tongue up along her stretched slit until it rested against the bottom of her expectant pleasure button and began to move it side to side across ant bottom edge. Shaz squirmed emitting soft moans.
Oh it’s so good. Oh yes Ted, yes.
Pursing his lips Ted then sucked Shaz’s clit hard upwards and held the suction, he knew, the more swollen it gets, the more sensation. Satisfied with the swelling he began to run his tongue all around it, still sucking forcefully. Shaz began to writhe and roll her hips. Ted knew if she started to thrush her hips it was all over.
Ted pulled back.
You want this to last longer?
Do you want to finish or take longer?
Ohhh, it is so good.
Ted didn’t wait. He stood up and pulled the near delirious Shaz forward until her face was at his cock. Shaz turned away.
You want more, then you need to wait girl, gives you time to roll back a little, then I will bring you back, back even further.
Ted followed her turn and rested the side of his knob against her lips and rocked it forward and back ever so slightly. Reaching down, Ted grasped both breasts. They were soft and velvety.
You have amazing tits Shaz. Ted said as her began to knead them, squeezing each nipple in turn. Shaz opened her lips a little and took a timid exploritory lick of the side of Ted’s Knob.
Good girl keep going. Shaz opened wider and began to nibble the knob, Ted reached back and finding her slit slid two fingers in sideways bent them upwards and pulled putting pressure on her G-spot. The effect was quick. Shaz became restless and began to writhe again. Ted was sure this would soon transfer to her need for cock and he was right. Shaz pushed him back away and turned back to face him grasping his rigid swollen shaft in both hands and leaning forward, took the whole knob in her pretty petite mouth. Ted held still as she sucked her way around it and then began to rub her tongue along the bottom stimulating Ted’s glans.
You will drown yourself if you keep that up girl, don’t forget, I’ve been hard for nearly an hour now, just try and go deep. Shaz tried but it was difficult, Ted was large and really rigid, large veins making his cock lumpy until the polished swollen Knob.
Ted felt the subsidence in Shaz.
Right girl, back to you I think. But not here, this could get messy. Ted stepped aside and reaching down, easily picked her up.
Where is the bedroom?
That way, Shaz muttered. Ted carried her down the hallway to the master bedroom at the end and gently laid her sideways on the bed. Ducking back to the hall he opened the linen cupboard and got out two towels. Returning he lifted Shaz’s hips and placed two pillows under her and covered them with a towel.
What’s that for? Shaz mumbled.
Oh, I think you are going to need them. He lifted her hips and raised them onto the pillows covered with the towel and slid her forward then he knelt down and opened her thighs again and licked his way up to her wet pussy and slid his tongue inside. Shaz shuddered as her pussy lips once again dominated her senses. As Ted worked upwards her tension deepened as he neared her clit and then took it between his lips and surrounded it, running his tongue round and round each lap pushing harder and harder. Then, taking in a lot of air, Ted suddenly blew hard and strong through his pursed lips vibrating Shaz’s clit. Shaz felt every muscle tighten and shafts of light flashed through her brain as the intense pleasure overcame her. Ted stood up and directing his rigid cock slid it into her oozing slit and then drove it forcefully home and then continued to slam Shaz over and over watching her face until he could see her eyes glaze over with pleasure. Pulling out he went down again and again blew a massive hard raspberry. Shaz lots it. Waves of pleasure, electric and vivid coursed through her as a massive spasm drove down through her abdomen, ejecting a stream of juice out, hitting Ted and spraying everywhere. “Oh, Oh Fuuuuccckkk” Shaz screamed and then still shaking looked up and smiled at Ted.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, thank you.”

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