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Her eyes were brown. With an almost copper quality to them reminiscent of a cats eyes. Normally glowing with a lust for life, inquisitive and searching. I frequently got lost in her eyes. But there was no hint of any attribute her eyes possessed at the moment. They were shut tight, her tongue playing at her lips as a low moan built up in her throat. She was tossing her medium length blonde hair as she shook her head from side to side. Her finger dug intently between her labia. One hand thrusting two fingers deep into her dripping pussy, the other playing across her clit as if she were trying to sand a branch from a freshly pruned tree.

She was sprawled out on the bed, wearing only a pair of white ankle socks. Nothing more. The hand she was using to thrust into her pussy reaching around her impossibly long leg which was extended toward the ceiling in a perfectly straight line. Her ankle was level with her ear. A testament to her flexibility and endurance. She was half sitting, so she could watch as she teased herself to impossible heights. Watch that is, when she was able to resist sliding her eyes shut in ecstasy. She loved to tease herself right to the edge and then back off and prolong her inevitable screaming release.

Her pert breasts, small for her size heaved as her breath came in ragged gasps. Her nipples were hard of course, begging to be kissed. Beautiful peaks encased in barely existent areola. Barely an A cup, but beautiful none the less. She always felt embarrassed when I complimented her body. I always told her I wouldn't change a thing. I told her I dreamed of caressing her body all the time. I told her I would be happy if I could simply watch her caress herself.

I was shocked when she said OK, but touching her was off limits. So here I am, lucky to be allowed to witness her self ministrations. She was after all my neighbors wife. She didn't want to cheat on him, but I was able to talk her into "sharing" the release of her frustrations with me. She often wondered aloud how many women I talked into putting on a show for me. And I always told her honestly, she was the only one. Not even my wife would touch herself in front of me. Hell, I barely got my wife to touch me.

She was close now. Having been at it for almost 10 minutes straight. She stopped plunging her fingers into her pussy, pausing to suck her juice from her fingers and lowering her leg. Reaching back behind her under a pillow, she pulled out her vibrator. It was a small bullet with a corded remote that had a dial which controlled the speed. She quickly flicked it to it's highest setting and held it against her clit. Occasionally allowing it to slide down between her labia almost to her anus and partly penetrating herself. Then back up again, to circle her clit. She wouldn't last much longer, her head was thrown back now. The rhythm of her moaning becoming a hum as constant as the vibrator that was invading her. Increasing in pitch, she was almost crying as she came. Her body shuddering for a full two minutes straight after she popped the little bullet from her pussy and turned it off.

She laid there, catching her breath for a few minutes till she realized again that I was there. A smile crept across her face as she slid over on the bed making room for me to lie down and put on my little show for her as she had done for me. She liked to sit next to me and whisper encouraging thoughts in my ear as I jerked off for her. The fact that her proximity to me frequently caused my show to last considerably less time than hers didn't escape her either.

I was sitting across from her, naked as she was. My hard on poking my stomach. The faintest hint of pre cum on the head. I wasn't allowed to jerk off till she came. That was the other rule. Which was OK with me as I was frequently mesmerized into immobility when she did her little act. She enjoyed watching me almost as much as she enjoyed masturbating for me. She even confessed that she heard the sounds I made when I came when she made love to her husband.

So I slid onto the bed next to her. She ran her fingers lightly through my hair and brought her face close to my head so I could feel her breath on my ear. Convenient when you get to make the rules. She also got to masturbate as she watched me. She enjoyed the knowledge of what that did to me as well.

Holding my cock with my left hand, I ran the fingertip of my right index finger across my cock head, lubing it with my pre cum. Slowly making circles the same way she had rubbed her clit moments before. I was on the edge of the bed, my feet still on the floor, half sitting mostly leaning back into her. She was absently stroking my hair with one hand watching intently as I slowly lubed the head of my cock with my pre cum. Her other hand was holding the bullet to her clit. She was using the smoothness of it without turning it on. Rubbing it up and down her labia in lieu of her finger.

I braced myself with my left hand as I shifted my right to grip my cock kind of like a pencil. Using my thumb, index and middle finger I formed a ring around my pulsing shaft. I'm not huge maybe six inches long, but what I lack in length I make up for at about six inches around. She stopped stroking my hair long enough to grab a bottle of lube from the night stand behind her and squirt a few drops onto my cock. Making sure she brushed her nipple across my arm as she reached back. She laughed at my restraint sometimes. I wondered about it myself. But the fact is, I enjoyed this almost as much as I imagined I would enjoy fucking her. I convinced myself that the guilt I would feel afterwards if we did fuck wouldn't be worth it.

So I settled in stroking my cock as the scent of her moist pussy kissed my nose and her hot breath brought goose bumps to my neck. I loosened my grip on my cock to let the lube get under my fingers and mingle with my pre cum. She of course went back to stroking my hair. But not until she turned on the vibe, which was still positioned at her clit to a low setting.

I let my fingers glide up and down my cock, changing the pressure and speed. Trying to hold off for as long as possible. But it was no use. She was too close, and the more I moaned, the more I was aware of her pressing the vibrator into her clit, and her shallow breathing as she watched me tease myself. I leaned back more and lifted my leg slightly so I could tease my ass hole with my free hand. I could sometimes get her to cum a before I did when she saw me penetrate my ass with my finger. She had offered me the vibrator one time, but I wasn't ready for that.

My breath was coming in short gasps now, my eyes squeezed tightly shut and my hand a blur on my cock. I was hardly aware of the beautiful woman so close to me, intent on my release. Gently rimming my ass with the finger of my left hand, and rubbing my thumb across my leaking piss slit every time my hand neared the head of my cock. Gripping tighter yet, as she whispered three little words into my ear which made me lose it. Between the gasps of her own pleasure she said "cum for me".

My hand practically froze at the tip, trying to squeeze off the rippling jet of sperm threatening to fly out. But it was a losing battle. I let out a long, loud sustained moan. My body convulsed, my balls tightened and I came. The first jet trailed up my stomach to my nipple. My cock convulsed and the second jet started a puddle in the vicinity of my navel. And as the last few shots flew, she came. Her hand slipping from my hair and forcefully gripping my arm as she shuddered for a second time. Her other hand holding the little bullet frozen on her clit as her body calmed down and her breathing returned to normal and she allowed herself to collapse onto my still quivering body. Tracing something unintelligible in the sperm on my stomach before cleaning it with a wet paper towel.

We didn't stay like that for too long. Between the temptation to keep going, the temptation to be even more intimate and the possibility of one of our spouses finding out, we're both quite content to let these little voyeuristic masturbation sessions end abruptly. There's always next time.

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May 20, 2019
wow, great story

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