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He gets it in the end

The night didn't end with you hopping in that cab. It didn't end with you leaving me standing on that corner, where the wind was cutting through everything but me because you had me so turned on I could have been naked in the snow and the snow would have melted. It didn't end because I wasn't imagining that the soul-searing kiss I saw you give her was not only for your pleasure, but to entice me as well.

You changed your mind in the cab ride home, after a short block deciding you still wanted to play. You had the cabbie turn around and catch me on the corner. It was easy, you knew where I was going, and I wasn't in any rush to get there. Not to mention, I was still in a daze from seeing you drop to your knees to entice her. I could still see you tenderly licking her thighs. I didn't watch you for long. That treasure was yours to enjoy, and I didn't want to intrude much. But I did see the pleasure in her eyes, I knew when your tongue had found that special spot. Her eyes sliding shut told me that what you were doing was not only practiced, but also pleasurable for you both. I did see you gaze up at her from your knees. Not so much to seek approval, but to let her see the gleam in your eyes.

The cab caught up to me and you rolled down the window as I was crossing the street. Knowing I would jump at the chance to explore your body, you were intentionally vague and teasing when you called out "Hey, Jeff". I wasn't paying attention, not only because there are more cabs than people in Manhattan, but because Jeff wasn't my name. It was our little joke. You let your voice hang in the air, confident that I would realize that you were speaking to me indirectly. You were right of course. Men were no mystery to you. Although I was still intoxicated from watching you let her examine your panties, while you were still wearing them, and I could still see her finger searching for the crotch I was able to feel your presence. I turned to see you opening the cab door and motioning for me to get in.

The ride went wordlessly, mostly because I was kissing you. Reveling in your beauty, your scent and your sensuality. I leaned in to kiss you, cupping your face and gazing longingly into your eyes. Someone like me is normally too romantic for you, but you had a sweet tooth tonight. My eyes slid shut and my tongue snaked out to tentatively taste your lips. Running across them before diving into your mouth. The entire evening became a blur in that moment. I'm not sure at what point my hands strayed from your face, but they managed to find their way first to your breasts, then further south between your thighs. Your hands were no less curious as they explored the back of my neck under my too long hair. Shortly after gliding down my back, they were firmly grasping my ass. Squeezing it, as if gauging the ripeness of a melon. The cab ride was over before either of us realized.

The transition between the cab and your bed seemed instantaneous. After we stripped each other, I told you I wanted to give you a massage. You dug into a nearby drawer, which happened to contain several containers of scented oils, and handed me one before lying down on your stomach before me. I poured the oil into my palms, warming it in my hands before rubbing it into your silken skin. A low moan escaped your lips as I untied the knots and released the kinks in your muscles. I concentrated mostly on your back, neck and shoulders, but occasionally wandered through the valley of your buttocks. You were alive under my touch, and at the same time drifting away.

My fingers danced down your spine, across the peaks and valleys of your back. Past your buttocks, headed south to your thighs. Putting my thumbs on the pressure points just below your butt, allowing my forefingers to graze your sex. Teasing you as I relaxed your leg muscles. As relaxed as you were though, you were becoming restless. Your mind focused on the real reason you wanted to get me back to your place. This was nice, but you didn't want nice any more.

Slowly you rolled over under me. You pulled me in for a kiss before telling me to lie down. We changed positions, as I lay down under you my erection straining to touch the ceiling you reminded me what you had in mind. A wicked grin formed on your lips as you told me to roll over. You grabbed my cock playfully as I rolled over hiding it from view and presenting you with my ass. You picked up the oil, and drizzled it from some height down my back, and into my crack. As you pressed down on me, working the oil into my skin you also, possibly intentionally, made my cock grind into your bed. As your fingers worked the oil into the crack of my ass you had me almost involuntarily humping your sheets. I was moaning quite loud, and you were enjoying the anticipation you were building in my body.

I was chewing on your pillows when you stopped touching me. Afraid to look up as I heard you open a drawer. I knew what you were getting. I was quivering with anticipation yet I dared not move. I knew you were lubing it up and putting it on. I was unconsciously arching my back upwards searching for what I knew was to come. Whimpering pitifully as the sheets grazed my cock, every nerve heightened and threatening to make me cum uncontrollably.

I felt your bed shift as you positioned yourself. I tensed slightly as your inner thighs touched the outside of my thighs. Leaning forward, your hands on my shoulders bracing yourself. The cool slippery tip of the toy you chose to wear tonight suddenly touching my spine, above my ass. Teasingly dragging it lower, you swiped it between my cheeks like a credit card without actually penetrating me. I was pushing back against you, shifting onto my knees as you backed up to let me do so. Reaching around with a lubed hand you caressed my cock. I humped forward into your hand, forgetting what was looming large behind me momentarily. You reminded me by leaning forward, wedging the tip between my cheeks. Your hand subtly sped up, and I wanted to rock between the strap-on and your hand but you held me still with two words. Lying across my back, as the pebbles of your nipples dug into my back, you breathed into my ear "hold still".

You released my cock from your grip, leaving me pulsing and on the verge of release. I folded my hands in front of me and laid my head on them forming a perfect right triangle with the bed as a base. You suddenly smacked my ass causing me to jerk back and impale myself further on your new sex. Grabbing both my cheeks and spreading me you slowly leaned forward, easing into me. Pausing every so often to allow me to adjust to your invasion. My only movement was the rippling of my ass from your playful smacks, and the twitching of my cock, which cooled only slightly since your letting go of it. I was eager to cum, but more eager to impress you and show you that I could do as you asked.

I felt your thighs touch my ass as you slid the last millimeter of the strap-on into me. It felt as if it penetrated me so completely that it wasn't my cock straining between my thighs. My cock became an extension of the toy. Through a haze I heard you ask me if I liked the sensation of you filling me so completely, and I could only moan in reply. I was lost and incoherent. You smacked my ass again causing me to jump slightly, bringing me back, but not quite. I managed a strained and amazingly coherent "Please fuck my ass".

You eased back slightly, only allowing a tiny bit of the strap-on to escape. Then, back into me. Agonizingly slow, you eased back allowing just a fraction more to escape this time. And back into me again. Each time, just a little further. You built a rhythm like that, until almost the entire length of the strap-on was sawing into and out of me. Gradually, you built up speed, as if you were a downhill racer using the terrain to speed you to your destination. It wasn't until I heard you moaning that I realized that the way the strap-on was attached to you enabled you to feel some pleasure too.

I almost thought I was going to get off humping the air like that. With you pounding my ass mercilessly. Your moans echoing off the walls now, competing with mine. You reached between us, cradling my nuts in your hands. Taking me closer to the edge as you alternately massaged them and pulled them downward. Slowing suddenly on an inward stroke when I was fully impaled you leaned forward letting your nipples graze my back again. Your hands coming up under me, cupping my pecs and urging me upward into a kneeling position which matched your own. You stayed frozen like that for what seemed an eternity. Biting my shoulder and earlobe.

Your hands began to ease down my chest, but I still refused to move mindful of your earlier admonishment to stay still. I sighed as your hands flitted teasingly over my stomach and your teeth nipped at my shoulder. My ass clenched tightly around the strap-on still wedged to the hilt in my eager ass. I begged you "Please finish me, make me cum". You were playful, but not heartless. My cock seemingly leapt into your hand, as you made a ring of your thumb and forefinger around its base. My precum mingled with the lube still left on your hand as you stroked my cock with a firm grip. You urged me to fuck your hand, freeing me of the spell, which held me still. I almost came on the spot when you kissed my spine.

Humping your hand I began rocking back and forth between the sheath you made for my cock with your fingers, and the silicone splitting my ass. I was groaning and quivering uncontrollably, delirious from the pleasure. In no time at all, "Oh my God I'm gonna cum" and "Oh yes" became my mantra. Chanting between groans as my cock started to twitch in your grip. With a final cry of "Fuck me I'm cumming!" I came into the towel you had waiting in your other hand. My cock pulsed jet after jet seemingly endlessly as your hand milked every last drop from me. It was still twitching as you eased the strap-on out of me and I kissed you over my shoulder.

Smiling at you I said "Your turn"
But that's another story.

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