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They had known each other for a long time, having worked together for years. Single and alone, their relationship had taken them out of the office and into coffee shops and shopping together on occasion. Loneliness may have been why she said "I'd like that," when he said how much he missed having someone to hold and snuggle with on the couch to watch a movie.

She'd never been to his house, but she felt instantly at home when he opened the door.

"I brought some wine," she said.

"I popped some corn," he replied.

They each drank a glass while they decided on a movie and waited for enough of it to download to start.

"I believe the idea was the snuggle, not the movie," she said, playfully.

"You're right," he said, and made space beside himself on the couch, his long legs stretched out to the ottoman.

She settled in beside him, and was surprised at the warmth that flooded through her from the centre of her chest when his arm wrapped around her shoulders. She snuggled in closer.

Ten minutes in and the popcorn was done. She took the bowl and moved it to the end table, and snuggled back in. The motion made his hand slip from her shoulder to the flat between her collar bone and the rise of her breast.

The warmth from her chest grew. Her heart beat faster. She stretched and shrugged, just a little, until his hand was just at the rise where breast began.

His hand stretched and his fingers settled around the faint rise. His index finger began to trace idle circles on her blouse over the edge of her breast where it meets her breastbone. The warmth spreading from her sternum reached between her legs.

She squeezed them together, feeling a stirring there and for once not pushing it away. She stretched again, making herself slide up along his length so that his fingers were even lower.

They began to trace along the edge of her bra through her blouse, the silky fabric translating their touch like electricity when it was all that was between them. She longed for them to push between her cup and her breast, or to find her buttons so close, so strained.

She reached her arm across below her breast, putting her hand on the top of his belly, her arm lifting and pushing her breast up rounder and firmer.

His eyes stayed on the television, but his fingers pushed between her bra and her breast, nearing her areola. She trembled, and began tracing her own fingers over his belly. She could feel his muscles beneath his t-shirt and was surprised at how fit he seemed. More warmth flooded down to her groin, and she was aware her breathing had changed into short, hot breaths.

She moved her hand down, and in response his left her breast.

He spoke her name, a question.

"Shhhh," she said. "Don't stop."

His hand returned and cupped her breast. She slid her own over his fly and felt him bulging beneath it. Both their bodies arched and they moved closer together.

His fingers pushed her blouse into her bra, hungrily searching her nipple. She moved her shoulder so his hand slid toward the button straining between her breasts. He found it and deftly undid it while she found the top of his zipper. He undid three more in the time she took to languidly unzip him.

She fumbled with the button on his jeans while his fingers found the skin of her other breast, having slid inside her blouse, and she lost the ability to concentrate on what she was trying to do as his fingers reached inside the cup and brushed the edge of her areola. More than anything she wanted them to find her straining nipple, but they moved back to the bottons, undoing the last one at her neck and then sliding down her smooth skin along her other breast to do the same.

She plunged her hand into his jeans and grabbed his swollen cock through his underwear.

When she did, his hand followed and plunged into her bra, cupping her breast in it's warmth. She could feel her nipple pushing against his palm. She squeezed his rock hard member just as hard.

It had been so long. She hadn't realized how much she yearned for the touch of a man, for the feel of one in her own hands. The heat in the pit of her belly and between her legs flooded into her head with the rushing thrumming of her heart, and she was consumed with hunger for more.

She lifted her face so her cheek brushed his, lightly dragging her lips across it as she moved to breathe into his ear. "I want you," she said.

"I want you too." His voice seemed rougher, deeper. She took his earlobe between her teeth and flicked it with her tongue.

His head turned and suddenly his mouth was on hers, gently for a moment, lips brushing, then hungrily, and fully. As their tongues met his hand squeezed on her breast again, then released, the fingertips sliding together at the peak of her nipple and squeezing it hard. A flood of wetness soaked between her legs.

They turned to face each other, and he slid his arm out from behind her, easing her down onto the cushions and putting a knee between her legs to support himself above her.

She ground her crotch into it, hard, and felt her own wetness from her soaking panties.

Kneeling above her he spread open her unbuttoned blouse and tugged it free of her pants, undoing the last button when he did.

She flashed him a wanton look and ground her crotch agains his leg again. "I'm very wet."

"Then let's get you out of these soaking clothes." He smiled and his eyes smiled along with it, and she wanted him even more. How had she never noticed that playful light before? She was suddenly taken with how handsome he was.

The moment slid away as he moved his gaze from her eyes and down her body. She arched her back to raise her breasts and show her smooth skin to its best advantage, but he had already moved to the button on her pants, undoing it and unzipping them in a continuous motion.

She dropped her back and lifted her hips, and he slid her pants down to her knees. She wanted them off, she wanted him between her legs, so she lifted her knees so her feet were on either side of his shoulders.

He took the hint, and slipped them off all the way, deftly taking her socks with them. Her feet bobbed back up beside his shoulders when he did, so she hooked them behind his neck and drew him down. He readily complied, slipping his hands to her waist and planting soft kisses on her belly.

Then his hands slid down, over her hipbones, grazing along either side of her panties, caressing her inner thighs and just barely putting pressure on either side of her eager pussy.

Then he placed a hand on her mound, and she rose into it. "Very wet indeed," he said, almost hoarse. He squeezed her pussy and more heat and wetness flooded out.

"You smell delicious," he said, and waves of pleasure started flowing up from her crotch to flutter like butterflies in her belly. Was he really…?

Her unspoken question was answered when he took the narrow part of her panties just above her right hipbone in both hands and tore them in two, and then repeated it over her left hipbone. He let the centre of her panties drop between her legs, heavy with her juices.

The air felt cool on her soaking swollen lips, but only for a moment before it was replaced by his warm breath.

He inhaled deeply. "Absolutely delicious," he said, and dropped his mouth over her.

Her hips rocked as she lost herself in the pleasure of his tongue darting between her lips, lapping at her flowing juices, trailing up and over her clit and hammering it lightly with the tip before taking it between his teeth, gently nibbling before sucking at it.

She lost all ability to focus on anything except the world of sheer pleasure between her legs. His hands pushed them further apart and he moved up and down, in and out with his tongue, over her clit and back again, alternately nibbling and sucking and teasing it with the tip of his tongue before moving back to dive it into her pussy.

The intensity of the pleasure built and built until she almost couldn't contain it any more and it threatened to wash over her like a wave, so she dropped her hips and moved her pussy away from his hungry mouth. He looked up at her and she held his gaze intently.

"I want to taste myself," she heard herself say in a breathy voice. Her own desire surprised her, but she welcomed it as he brought his mouth to hers and kissed her deeply.

The tangy taste of her own pussy on his lips just made her hungry for more, so she broke the kiss and said his name huskily.

"Yes, my love?" he replied.

"Fuck me with your tongue," she said, and he did, returning between her legs with increased intensity. She writhed in pleasure and after a few moments said "With your fingers, now."

He moved his face up and his lips sealed around her clit as he plunged two fingers deep inside her. The waves of pleasure built, supercharging her clit with excitement, and when he turned his fingers to stroke the underside of if from inside her she lost all control.

Pure pleasure washed over her like a rippling tide, flowing from her clit and a place deep inside across her whole body, back arching, hips rocking, nipples humming, fingers gripping the cushions as she orgasmed intensely. She felt hot pussy juice flooding between her legs and he pulled his fingers out and slid his mouth over her labia and lapped it up eagerly as the last spasms of her orgasm rocked through her, fading into an incredible feeling of warmth and pleasure that filled every inch of her body.

"So delicious," he said.

"I bet you are, too," she said, and moved to find out.

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November 23, 2019
Nice narrative

July 2, 2018
I enjoyed this x

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