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There are a lot of male sex toys available for you to purchase, and the kind that you want is going to depend on your ultimate goal. If you just want an easy and interesting way to jerk off, then you should check out something like the fleshlight or the Robotic Blow Job. If what you are really going for, though, is the most intense orgasm that you could ever have, then you need to look at prostate stimulators and massagers.

Most guys won’t even consider these sex toys for men. It has a lot to do with the social stigma of having something go in your ass. But what you really need to think about is whether or not you are comfortable enough with yourself to do something easy that will give you the best orgasm you could have. Also, ask yourself if you want to have an orgasm that is way better than any you had before. If you are willinfg to give this a try, then you are going to be able to experience one of the most intense orgasms that any guy has ever had.

Prostate stimulation will result in an increased production of seminal fluid in the prostate gland. The right type of stimulation will also increase the force and velocity at which the fluid flies out of your dick. The first time I had any prostate play was with a girlfriend of mine, and when I finally came I was surprised. I am not exaggerating when I say that I blew my load from the foot of the bed all the way up to the pillows.

She had brought home some mens sex toys that looked a lot like dildos. I asked her if they were some new vibrators for her, and she started laughing. Then she explained what they were for, and at first I was really not interested. She made a deal with me, though, and I couldn’t refuse. She said that if I didn’t like the way that it felt, and that if I didn’t have an amazing orgasm, that she would let me fuck her ass every night for the next two weeks. How can any guy pass that up?

Well, I stood at the foot of the bed, and she laid there sucking me off and using the Buzz on my butt. I have to admit that it did hurt a little when she first put it in, but once she hit the prostate it felt amazing. She doesn’t like to swallow, so I had to promise to tell her when I would cum. She kept using her mouth until I warned her that I was going to blow. Then she spit on my dick, just like the porn stars, put her head to the side and started stroking my dick really fast.

When I came a few seconds later it felt amazing. I am not exaggerating when I say that my cum flew over her shoulder, past her feet and landed all over her pillows. She was laughing her ass off, because I hardly ever moan or scream when I cum, but I was really loud during this orgasm.

She was a little pissed that she had to wash the pillows after that orgasm, but the alternative was her sleeping with her head in a huge puddle of my jizz. Oh yeah,there was a lot that was all over her back and ass, too, because not ever squirt flew that far – just most of them. I am a big believer in using these male sex toys, now. Give them a try.

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