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Waiting for my pics to be approved, so this is link to me.

Just here to share sexy, kinky, erotic, dom/submissive, type sensual stories, that I like to regularly pen.
I write for girls and their pussy's. If you are a girl who enjoys what I write, I do enjoy feedback.

My stories vary greatly, have intense parts, can be wild, but not rough.

I have an immense fetish for sexy little skimpy panties on girls , and you will always find this fetish detailed in various ways, intimately, passionately and erotically in my writings.
My other big fetish is a wet pussy. Yes a pussy needs very very sexy little panties, plus a sexy, erotic, sensual journey to become very, very wet, and it is my hope that my female readers achieve a lovely wet pussy.

My latest stories here are:
~ The Survivalist and the very very naughty girls

~ Wet sex pet girl (story coming soon)
I have a particular interest in this, and I advertise to find someone. It is a great journey. I love to teach a girl to be a wet, desperate for me, sex pet.

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Last Login: June 11, 2021

Status: Sensual virile white male, sharing stories, female feed back, if you liked the stories, is welcome
Joined: May 19, 2021
Age: 49
Sex: Male
Orientation Straight
Location: Antarctica