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"Meet in 20 min!"

The text message caught me somewhat by surprise sitting there in my meeting on a Tuesday afternoon at work. It was the middle of the day and looking down at my phone I did not know what to think. Clara and I had been seeing each other and fucking like a pair of adolescent bunnies ever since the night she showed up at my door. But it had always been later at night, usually carefully planned, and never never on such short notice. After all she was still married, even if unhappily so, and I nor her wanted to cause any unnecessary drama. She was 13 years older than me in her 40s and there was not the slightest misunderstanding about what we were doing or where it was going. She was using me to vent some "marital frustrations" as she once put it, and my young sexually charged body was at her service.

"At work, later tonight." I texted back already picturing her delicious hot self ready and waiting for me, feeling guilty I was getting aroused and not paying attention to the meeting I had called together.

"NO, NOW! Upper parking."

The upper parking she referred to was near the Salsa club where we had first met. Many thoughts raced through my mind. Had her husband found out?! Was she pregnant?! Had she found out she had something?! What?!

I must have gone white because the noise of the meeting died down and everyone stared at me.

"Hey man, are you alright, you look pale?" one co-worker asked.
"No, I'm not, feel really bad all of a sudden. You guys continue without me." I took the opportunity and excused myself almost running out the door my phone in hand.

"Heading there now." I texted back. No response.

I drove into the upper parking, up the long dirt ramp, speeding up it hoping Clara was already there. This parking was the perfect place to meet someone in secret, and I had used the place before. It was more of a cleared unpaved dirt area behind the club with three sides covered by thick brush and one covered by the upper part of the windowless club building itself. If you came up here during the night there would be at least a dozen parked cars with god only knows what deviant behaviour taking place inside each. But right now, in the middle of the day, it was deserted. Clara was not there, I parked beside the building and waited, not knowing how or what to prepare myself for exactly.

She finally showed up a few minutes later, driving up the dirt ramp as hard and fast as I had with the same sense of urgency. She skidded to a halt a few parking spots over from where I was and I could sense urgency in her movements as she was shutting off the car, opening the door, got out, left the door wide open and walked towards me. She had an angry look on her, still looking gorgeous as always, but in a mean way. She was wearing all black, something that looked like a knitted dress though too short to be one, with a big overall whitish coloured belt tied around the waist, black skin tight tights on her legs ending in whitish almost knee high boots.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I too was stepping out of my car.

Without a word she angrily put her hands on my chest and more roughly than I ever remember her being with me she shoved me back against my own car. To my surprise however her hands quickly moved down to my pants, fighting with the button and zipper to undo them.

"What the fuck is...!" I protested feeling somewhere in between shocked and pleasantly surprised. My protest was cut short though.

"Shut the fuck up and get your cock rock hard as usual for me. I don't have long!" her fingers had already undone my jeans and slid them down far enough to slide my briefs down too, and had already let my non-erect cock hang out before she had finished the sentence.

She dropped down, crouching, brought her mouth down to my soft cock and wrapped her lips around the soft head and sucked it into her wet scalding hot mouth. God that mouth felt good causing a grunt to escape my throat. It was so hot and wet and with those lips so tightly wrapped around the soft shaft she was able to suck it all in easily deep in her mouth. Her wet tongue playing with the soft shaft inside. Looking down at her hungrily eating my dick of course I could not stay soft for long. I watched as my cock grew harder, thicker, longer, making her have to slowly pull more and more of it out and adjust herself to be able to keep her wet mouth tightly wrapped and sucking on my ever growing erection. When she felt it was hard enough she popped it out of her mouth, grabbed it with one hand and gripping it fairly tight she stroked it harder and harder watching the wet slick shaft and the slowly dripping precum now coming out the tip.

"Good enough..." and with saying that got up, left my rock hard wet cock, and headed back towards her car. When she reached the open door, she stopped, reached for the edges of her tights and pulled them down the back of her legs down to just above the back of her knees. Her hot white ass perfect as always beckoning me to come over. She was wearing a very thin black thong that was barely there, barely visible to me. She hooked her fingers in on the sides of in the waistband and pulled it down her legs too following the black tights, pulling the thin string out from between her ass cheeks in the process.

"Apparently what's wrong with my marriage is that I don't let him fuck me in the ass. Can you believe that?!" she almost yelled it at me not having noticed I was right behind her, rock hard thick cock still dripping wet from her mouth in my hand.

"THAT's what's wrong?! That's what he told the counselor. That mother fucker.... I want you to fuck me in my ass. I want you to push that cock inside me right now, fuck me and CUM in me." she was clearly one pissed off wife at this point and I was more than happy to help her out feeling very relieved at what the emergency was.

Although I was able to touch and be in the general vicinity of it she had always refused to let me slip inside and fuck her asshole in the past. She liked me to tease it, to touch it, lick it, even slip a finger tip a bit inside, but never to slide my dick inside deep enough to stretch her and fuck her. Decided I should remind her of that fact.

"Ok, but are you sure? This would be a first."
"Just fuck me already, rip inside me, I don't care. Just do it and hurry because he's waiting at home."

She did not need to ask me twice. I roughly pressed her down head first into her car through the open door, face down on the seat, her gorgeous ass bare and waiting sticking out now as she stood there bent over. I placed my left hand on her lower back with my thumb down making its way to her tight little asshole, feeling down till the soft part of my thumb was right on it. She was tight, my cock was thick, this would be rough. I brought my thumb up to my mouth and got it wet then slid it back in the same place using my palm to hold her down and in place on her lower back. I slowly pushed my thumb inside, just pressing letting her feel the pressure, letting her asshole slowly open and spread and want to take more and more of it inside.

She moaned and I stepped up the movement of my thumb, grinding it on her asshole feeling it open, then feeling it slipping inside just past the knuckle feeling her gripping it tight almost fighting it. Her cunt was getting visibly wetter and wetter giving me what I needed. I grabbed my hard still wet cock in my right hand and guided it between her legs slipping just the soft head between her glistening wet lips grinding it up and down the slit scooping up those delicious juices more and more of which were dripping out of her and getting my cock slick and wet as it merged with my already dripping precum. I was grinding the head up and down between her wet lips from her clit up all the way to her asshole which my thumb was slowly opening up and down till I was satisfied she was ready.

She moaned and reached back with one hand to spread herself open grabbing one ass cheek in one hand and pulling it to the side. I took the offer presented and pulled my thumb out of her asshole, brought the dripping wet cock up to it, and forced it inside. She let out a small scream and my thick throbbing cock crept slowly deeper and deeper inside her tight asshole. She was opening up for me, my shaft going in, watching it disappear inside deeper and deeper feeling it being gripped tight.

"Oh fuck me you are big!" a small protest came out of her by the time I was all the way inside her.

"Fill my asshole with your hot cum!" she demanded.

I pulled out and pushed it back in making her gasp and moan. Did it again, out all the way then rougher pushed my cock back inside her ass bringing a louder scream from her mouth. Grabbing her with both hands I held her hard in place as I started to fuck her tight asshole, faster, harder, deep, using it as she kept demanding. She liked it and with her every scream came a pleasure filled moan and gasping more than usual.

"Cum, do it! Fill me up." she demanded through the pleasure and pain she felt.

I pumped a little harder, had no trouble mustering up the orgasm and with a few hard thrusts pound deep into her ass I exploded feeling cum explode out of me and deep inside her asshole. She felt me spasm and cum even though I said nothing because she tightened her asshole almost unbearably tight gripping my thick shaft till every last drop of cum dripped out of me.

Panting I pulled out and watched as she straightened out a bit of my white cum coming up to the surface and dripping out. She must have already been prepared, with a tissue in hand reaching back she wiped a bit of it off, not all, letting the rest just pool wet there. In a hurry pulling up her thong and tights she covered herself and dove into the driver's seat.

"Thanks honey. You made my day." talk to you soon, car started and before I could say bye she was backing up leaving me with my wet cock hanging out in the secluded parking lot, shocked but satisfied.

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