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I was terrified to stand up, for if I did the large bulge in my pants would have been unmistakable and the embarrassment unbearable. Dinner was almost over however and soon all would push away from the table, the maid would start the cleanup, and I would be forced to emerge from under the protective cover of the tablecloth draped across my legs. One by one each person seated at the table got up and left, leaving me and the cause of my current predicament alone still in deep conversation. I was relieved at having a reason not to get up but absolutely in a panic because my 22 year old hungry eyes were keeping me rock hard watching the perfect cleavage formed by two of the most gorgeous breasts I had ever seen. To make it worse, the only thing that left something to the imagination, though very little, was a low cut summer dress that was thin enough for any glimmer of sunlight that landed on it to render the material translucent giving anyone who was looking more than enough to fire up the imagination. What it had shown me throughout dinner was that Rosa was not wearing a bra and her nipples were rock hard. The realization had instantly hardened my cock and kept it hard since I first noticed.

Rosa was my best friend's aunt, one of many I had met on a trip to Mexico having decided to spend the holidays down there with his family. There were an incredible number of aunts, uncles, and cousins of all ages in the family but Rosa stood out the most. I had no clue how old she was but I would guess in her very early 30s. She was fit, friendly, and I guessed single based on how she behaved, spoke, dressed, and flirted. She was also probably the wild child in her family because although I barely understood Spanish I often got the sense that many of the stories and jokes, some with sexual undertones, somehow revolved around her.

I was not keeping up with the conversation, could not keep up, and it soon died out. Rosa was smiling and as the maid made her way around the table collecting plates she excused herself and got up, driving me even more insane seeing her delicious full form move away. My cock was still rock hard, luckily held down by my tight jeans, and I could feel the head soaking wet with precum in my underwear from the almost hour long torturous dinner.

The room was small, with one single bed against one wall, a small dresser against another and the door to a small bathroom on the third wall. i quickly ran to it the moment I had a chance only to find Rosa sitting casually on my bed, leaning slightly back on one hand, legs crossed, watching me the way a cat might watch a mouse it is about to play with and devour as I entered. I froze slightly not knowing what to do both shock and excitement exploding hot blood back into my dick for an almost instant painful hard-on in my pants. I started making my way straight towards her seeing her stare deliciously at my hard predicament.

"No, close door." she waved me back. Of course, how stupid of me, my young cock was now doing all the thinking. I turned around and closed the door. As I turned back she was no longer sitting casually but ad shifted sitting just on the edge of the bed, legs slightly parted now, arms at her side pushing her gorgeous breasts together showing me more of them to get me even harder. The dress was low cut to begin with but she had undone the top few buttons and the soft silky material just barely hung in place, a small breeze if there was one would have blown it open. No breeze to be found unfortunately. I took a step towards her and was stopped in stride again.

"No, stay there. I unbuttoned my dress, you can see more. What will you show me?" she posed the question so innocently in her hot Spanish accent butchering every word with that sweet mouth. The playing cat and mouse analogy popped yet again into my head. I reached down towards my hard cock, reached for the zipper on my pants, yet again to be cut in mid-action.

"No, not yet. Undo your shirt and take it off." she almost roughly demanded it this time. No hesitation on my part, I unbuttoned my shirt, one button at a time, and slowly took it off letting it fall to the floor leaving me naked from the waist up.

"Yes, mami likes." she purred and licked her lips. Her legs parting a bit more she grabbed her dress and very slowly pulled it up higher and higher and higher and higher, taking the edge to just above the knees almost to the point where I could just maybe see what I wanted between her legs. I licked my lips, she stopped short however still leaving to the imagination what I wanted her to offer me for a taste.

"You get to see if you're a good boy, not yet." she caught me intently watching and toyed with me.

"Come closer." she demanded. I of course now following her every command walked up to her stopping when I felt I was close enough.

"More, come more." she demanded again to which I took another step finding myself so close to her now that had my hard cock been out of my pants it would almost certainly reach her delicious lips. I was hoping she would ask me to take it out next, almost begging with my eyes looking intently at her. She raised a hand moving it towards my impossibly big bulged yet did not touch and moved instead higher eventually resting her fingertips on my chest. She very slightly tensed her fingers making me feel her long nails just slightly dig into my skin and dragged them very slowly down my body, feeling with her fingertips every muscle and every curve from my chest down past my abs, down further to past my navel, down and down, heading towards my throbbing cock. Her gaze intent, her tongue licking her lips, her other hand having dropped somewhere between her legs.

"You got mami very wet, from dinner when saw you touch yourself under the table." she slurred, gasped and moaned her words clearly in some intense pleasure from what she was doing to herself just out of my view under that hiked up dress.

"That's good because papi's been thinking only of fucking you hard since dinner." I broke my silent performance. My voice temporarily surprising her making her stop.

"No no no papi, I do the hard fucking. You be a good boy for mami." her response made it absolutely clear she meant to use me and not the other way around. As she said that she undid my jeans, pulled them down just low enough to above my knees to be out of the way, grabbed the edges of my tight briefs and yanked them down too. My rock hard cock came springing out of them extending to its full thick hard length instantly. It came up and almost touched her lips, millimeters away, hot surges of anticipated ran through my body and had I been 14 or 15 the intensity right there and then would have back then made me explode all over her delicious mouth. Of course I did not, and unbearably painfully waited hoping her mouth would open and she would slowly wrap those lips around my hard cock and take me into her mouth. She did not.....

"Grab it with your hand, play with it for me." she again demanded and I obliged. Took my cock in my right hand, wrapped my hand around it and started slowly stroking it in front of her, still so close to her mouth I could feel her breath on the sensitive head. God it felt so fucking hard in my hand, throbbing, and ready if I wanted to explode on command. I stroked it slow, moving my hand up and down the entire length of the shaft from the soft precum soaked head down to my tightly packed balls. Up and down, stroking it slow, wishing it was her instead with her hand wrapped around my shaft.

"Do you want me to cum for you?" I barely managed to get the question out before she viciously brought a hand and slapped one bare ass cheek.

"NO, don't even think about it yet!" she barked with a grin on her face and saying that reached down to grab her dress, shifted and squirmed on the edge of the bed just enough to pull it up from sitting on it, up to her waist and in one smooth motion pulled it up and off of her over hear head, tossing it aside on the floor at my feet.

GOD yes she was absolutely gorgeous naked, no trace of either a bra or panties on her, just bare hot uniformly tanned skin, perfect round big breasts with small but rock hard nipples, and looking down between her legs no trace of anything but clearly visible two swollen wet pussy lips with a hard little excited clit in its hood peeking out between them. I tried to take it all in, following ever delicious curve of her body with my eyes, my hand beginning to involuntarily stroke my rock hard cock faster and faster, it still in my hand. I wanted to slip inside of her so badly, my cock head was now absolutely precum covered and slick, it would tear into her and open her wet pussy right up with just one long hard thrust deep inside of her.

She leaned back laying on her back on the bed, shifting herself down so that only her head was slightly propped up against the wall the bed was nestled against, the rest of her body laying flat and sprawled in front of me; under me. She had spread her legs wide now, putting one foot up on the edge of the bed and letting the other drop to the floor, opening her dark wet pussy lips in the process allowing me a glimpse of her pink insides. Mmmmmmmmm watching as more and more of her glistening wet hole opened I could only imagine how good she would taste if I were to slip my tongue inside of her.

"Don't stop, keep playing with yourself." she demanded having noticed I had stopped during her readjustments. I was standing right above her at the edge of the bed and starting to stroke my cock again, watched as she slipped a hand on her pussy, and slipped at first a finger, then two, inside of her, slowly fucking herself underneath me while intently watching my cock and matching my stroking rhythm. I sped up to see what would happen and she started pumping her fingers into her cunt faster, I sped up again stroking my cock even faster and faster.

"Oh yes papi, faster, think of fucking me, think of pushing into me." she almost moaned the sentence out as her fingers now quickly came out of her and began rubbing her clit instead, her other hand grabbing at those big hot tits, fondling them.

"Cum for me papi, make that big cock explode on me. Want to feel your hot cum on my skin. ohhhh ohhhhhh yes cum for mami." she again moaned, and I was going to oblige because my balls were ready to explode and my dick was so throbbing I was more than happy to orgasm.

One, two, three more pumps, I felt it build up, harder and harder.

"Cumming!" I let her know and pointed my cock down towards her as wave after wave of cum spurted out of my balls. First shot landed just barely under her right breast, the next aimed better landed almost between them, a third with less pressure landed right on her stomach, and with a few last strokes the last of my cum dripped down and landed right between her legs on her hand, dripping between her fingers on her clit as she rubbed her pussy extremely fast.

The extra lubrication, or the heat of my cum on her skin, or who knows what sent her over the edge too.

"Ohhhhhhhh mmmmm ooohhhhhhh si... mmmm... ahhhhh si.... ai papi.... si" she too exploded, clenching her pussy and grinding her hand between her legs, her whole hot body heaving and shuddering with her orgasm. To my surprise by exploded I mean tat a small jet squirted out of her dripping wet cunt twice between her fingers, not being able to stop it with her hand, shooting almost high enough for part of it to catch me on my thigh.

Panting she slowly let the last few shudders of her orgasm wash over her, looking up at me smiling, me sort of frozen in both pleasure and kinda slightly shocked by the kinkiness of the scene, but loving every second. Deciding to add more to the scene she took her dripping wet soaked hand both from her explosion and my cum and brought it to her breasts where she started rubbing them, from one to the other, across more cum that had landed there between them from my orgasm, smearing her gorgeous tits slowly as she looked me up and down and licked her lips.

"Mami likes to be dirty. Next time I'll let you cum inside of me." she slowly purred and with that slowly got up, walked past me and headed for the small bathroom.

Wow I thought!
And was certain Tia Rosa was not done playing with me just yet.

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