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This is something i wrote for a friend on here who suggested i post it so here it is...

So my neighbour Alicia and I have been having quite a lot of fun together over the months since I moved in next door. With time things have been escalating and our fucking has got wilder and hotter as we’ve got to know each other better and better. We even fucked on a plane… More than once! We started taking more risks and took great delight in trying to embarrass one another in company.

We even developed a bit of a game which I’ll describe now…
We have both found that in the morning we wake up feeling incredibly horny. Our partners both leave for work earlier than we do and we found we have a great opportunity for a quick hard pre-work fuck. Once my wife has left for work I sit in my bedroom and look out through the window at Alicia bedroom. When I see her light flash three times I know we’re on and I dash out the back door and jump the low fence between our houses. I wait outside the back door and when I hear the front door close behind her husband I sneak in and make my way to Alicia’ bedroom, where she’s waiting for me, usually naked, sometimes not…

We then indulge ourselves in some good healthy lovemaking before heading for work...
Then we developed our little game. To add spice to our trysts we started to see how quickly I could get myself inside Alicia after the front door shut. Soon it became the goal to have my hard cock thrusting into her hot wet pussy by the time her husband's car pulled out of the drive...

One morning we were indulging in our usual bit of fun. I crouched outside the back door and watched as your husband went out the front door. As the door was swinging closed behind him I was in through the kitchen and half way up the stairs before the door clicked shut. The sight of you lying back on your bed, legs spread, fingers stroking your pussy and clit greeted me as I slipped into your bedroom. In a second my shorts were round me ankles and I was kneeling between your thighs, my cock pointing into your cunt as your fingers spread your lips welcoming me in. I drove hard in to you and you gasped as my hot hard cock slid deep into you! I started to move slowly but strongly in and out of your sopping pussy when suddenly we heard a noise! You stiffened as we heard the front door opening again.

"Fuck he's come back in" you gasped "quick, hide!"

We heard footsteps start up the stairs as I pulled out of you looking for a hiding place.
"Quick, down there" you pointed at the footwell of your make up unit. I dashed over and crouched under the desk looking out as you picked up your robe and quickly slipped it on before sitting at the unit and picking up your mascara. Just in time you slid the seat forward and spread your knees so that I was completely hidden from view by the drapes of your robe.

"Forgot my bloody wallet" he moaned as he stomped round the bedroom.
In my cramped hiding place all I could see was your long legs spread open as you sat doing your make up. You were perched on the edge of the seat and the smell of your aroused pussy was filling my nostrils as I breathed.

Hiding naked as your husband looked for his wallet my cock had wilted but the smell of your cunt was getting me hard again, quickly.
I had a very bad thought...

Slowly I moved my head forward and licked your smooth pussy lips and clit.
You gasped! And gripped my head between your thighs holding my mouth against you.
I could hear footsteps moving around the room as your husband looked for his wallet. "What was that?" he asked in response to your gasp.

"The mascara slipped" you replied, pressing yourself harder against my hungry lips.
I could hear the footsteps get closer. I pushed my tongue hard in to your dripping cunt. Then from what sounded like right behind you "there's the bloody thing! What was it doing on your vanity? Now i'm bloody late!"

The footsteps receded and your hands grabbed my head pulling me even harder against you, my tongue swirling inside you.

You stood up, knocking the chair back, holding my face pushed between your legs. As the footsteps made their way downstairs you slowly backed towards the bed as I continued to fuck you with my tongue. Your legs hit the bed and you gently lay back, my head still between your legs. Suddenly you wrapped your thighs round my head and, groaning hard but quiet you came on my mouth, juice pouring from you as your cunt pulsed and contracted on my tongue and lips. Hungrily I lapped up every delicious drop.

You released my head and I raised my eyes to look into your flushed face as we heard the car pulling out of the drive.
"Fuck me!" you said, "Now!"

I scrambled onto the bed and drove my achingly hard cock in to your soaking orgasmic cunt. I kissed you hard sharing the taste of your cum with you as my cock slipped in and out of you. My hand found tour hard nipple and pinched it. You gasped. I pounded you harder, both of us panting. I lowered my mouth to your nipple and played it with my tongue and teeth, sucking it hard.

"Oh fuck I'm close!" I gasped.
Your hands grabbed my butt and squeezed me hard as I could feel my balls tightening and my cock tingle.

"Harder! Harder!" you screamed as another orgasm exploded upon you! As your nails dug into my butt I thrust one more time into your pulsating pussy and my cock erupted, cumming hard again and again filling you with my spunk, emptying myself in to you, thrusting with each spasm!

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