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I sneak into your house, the memory of our previous hot sex session still fresh in my mind, and hear the shower running... I smile to myself, stripping off my clothes as I walk towards the bathroom. I have been thinking about you all day, imagining myself fucking you hard and cumming deep inside you. I enter the bathroom and I smile, knowing that you are standing inside the shower cabin, naked, your skin all wet and slippery from the soap... I am naked just outside the shower cabin, already hard and ready to fuck you, my mind excited at the thought of taking you hard and deep.

"Surprise!", I say, before opening the shower door, standing in front of you. I slide into the shower and close the door behind us. The surprised look on your face amuses me, and soon enough my eyes look up and down at your body, stopping to look at your delicious pussy. My hands grab your hips firmly and I give you a passionate kiss, before nibbling on the side of your neck. I run my hands over your body, the soapy water feeling very slick underneath my fingers. I feel your hands up and down my back soaping me up, sending shivers of anticipation through me. I grab your tits in my hands, they are so slippery, and then I knead and squeeze your nipples between my fingers until I feel them harden.

My fingers travel down your stomach, sliding softly over your wet slippery skin and reaching between your thighs, I can feel you getting wet for me... I lean over to whisper in your ear, "I want to take you right now."

I push my fingers inside your pussy and hear a soft moan coming out of your lips... I then grab you by the shoulders and twist you around, pushing you onto the shower wall, before grabbing your hips and pulling your ass back against me. The steam of the shower is filling the room while I rub my hard cock against your ass slit, groaning with anticipation. I see you looking back at me, excited with desire, and I feel your hips pushing back against my cock. I rub my slick and hard cock against your tight little ass hole, teasing it for a little while, pressing gently, before sliding my cock down to your pussy. I want to take your pussy so badly now, I grab your hips firmly and I push my hips forward, plunging my cock inside your pussy hard and deep. I hear you let out a loud gasp as I stretch your pussy open in one long thrust. Your body shivers and trembles, and your legs weaken as you feel my arms reach around your stomach to support you and hold you back on my cock.

Then I reach with my hands for your nipples once again, twisting them while I pump my hard cock into you. My cock throbs as I take you deeply, thrusting all the way in until my hips are pressing hard against your ass cheeks, then pulling out, just leaving the head of my cock inside you at all times and repeating the motion over again, going progressively faster each time.

With my hand I reach around for your clit and start rubbing it... I can feel your wet pussy taking my cock really deep, your juices flowing nicely now around my hard pounding cock... Your clit feels so hard under my wet finger. I feel you pushing back against my cock and so I move my hand from your clit to your ass, teasing your tight little hole, all the while pumping my cock in and out of your wet pussy. I tease your ass with my finger, pushing softly until the tip of my finger enters your ass, your tight little hole squeezing it. You gasp again, and your delicious moans resonate against the tiles of the bathroom walls, as do my groans, becoming louder and louder as I get ready to cum hard inside your sweet, sweet pussy.

My other firmly planted on your hip, I keep thrusting in and out, and as I feel you starting to cum over my cock, I ram myself once more deeply inside you; your body starts to tremble and shake, my cock throbs and spams inside you... you moan loudly and I feel your pussy cumming hard... I moan with you, throwing my head back while I cum inside your pussy, my thick cum shooting inside your pussy, gushing out. The orgasm is intense for both of us, and I hold you firmly while you use your hands to support yourself on the wall of the shower.

As my cock slows down the spurts of cum, I slide my finger out of your ass and spank your ass cheek. You turn to me and smile, with a satisfied look in your eyes. I look at you with the same smiling face, hoping for another shower with you in the near future.

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