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Posted by: Almaw on September 18, 2016

Dany Dad/Paul Mom/Rachel *Dany* When I first heard that dad was buying the old...

Tags: Ghost   Sex   Couple   Teen     

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Posted by: tarquin67 on September 9, 2015

It was a lovely day as we headed out for a walk to the cafe bar down the street from our...

Tags: sex   couple  

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Posted by: MondayFR on May 3, 2014

I sneak into your house, the memory of our previous hot sex session still fresh in my mind, and...

Tags: shower   intercourse   water   couple   steam   standing   m/f   orgasm  

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Posted by: MondayFR on April 22, 2014

My hands begin to undress you, and I feel your fingers unbuttoning my shirt at the same time....

Tags: cunnilingus   couple   m/f   oral sex   licking   undressing   kissing   teasing   foreplay  

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Posted by: Sensual Sharon on August 3, 2012

Jenna looked over at the gilt edged invitation and rolled her eyes. She still couldn’t believe...

Tags: Romance   Halloween   heterosexual   couple   costumes   dancing   festive  

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