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My hands begin to undress you, and I feel your fingers unbuttoning my shirt at the same time. You slide my shirt down my shoulders while I unzip your dress... It's a synchronized undressing ballet between us. An intense, fiery look is exchanged. My hands hover over your breasts, then move to your back to unhook your bra. I slide the straps off your shoulders; your bra slides down, revealing a perfectly shaped of tits. I cup your breasts with my hands and quickly, I feel your nipples harden under my fingers. As your breathing becomes heavier, your hands reach my belt and unbuckle it, moving next to the buttons on my pants, which I feel opening one by one. You feel how hard I am, as I lean down to kiss your shoulder. You tilt your head to the side to let me an easier access to your neck. My mouth moves to your neck; I kiss you there while my pants slide down to my ankles. The rhythm of your breathing accelerates and we soon find ourselves almost naked in front of each other. I put my hands on your ass and pull you against me. Your tits are pressed against my chest. Wearing nothing but my boxers, I lean down and grab your panties at your hips. I start to pull them down, and as I do, I hear you let out a slight moan. My hands are at your ankles. You lift your feet to help me remove your panties, and you now stand naked in front of me. I lean forward to kiss your pussy. It is so soft, so beautiful... I want you so bad...

I motion for you to sit down on the bed. I am kneeling before your legs, my hands on your thighs. I slowly spread your legs with my hands and take several long seconds to admire the shape of your pussy lips. You put your hands on the bed behind you and sit back a little as you spread your legs wider. I kiss each of your inner thighs, softly, reaching higher each time. You sit back a little further. My hands on your thighs, rubbing up and down, I slide my lips against your inner thighs, getting closer to your pussy. I lean over to kiss your lower stomach, then each of your thighs again... With my hands I lift your legs, keeping them spread, and I kiss the soft thin skin at the highest point of your inner thighs, just next to your pussy... Your back is now lying on the bed and my mouth brushes against your pussy as I kiss each side of it softly. My mouth then lands on your pussy lips. First a soft kiss, then another. I kiss your pussy up and down, and while I still hold your legs with my hands, press my mouth against your pussy lips. I can feel how hot and wet you are. My tongue slides out of my mouth and makes contact with your pussy. I slide my tongue up and down between your pussy lips. I can hear you let out a soft moan as I lick you inside, long slow strokes up and down.

My mouth hovers over your clit. I take it inside my mouth and suck it softly, with my tongue circling around it. My mouth shaped in an "O" presses around it as I flicker my tongue on your pussy. I can feel your hands reaching for my head. My tongue slides down your pussy again, all the way inside and down, feeling your wet pussy all over my tongue, my lips getting all wet. I slide my tongue up to the skin between your pussy and ass. I press my tongue there for a few seconds, then move it against your tight hole. I tease it with the tip of my tongue. Your hands are holding my head, rubbing it, and I slide my tongue back towards your pussy. The moves of my mouth on your pussy are getting faster and stronger, and I hear your breathing becoming faster and louder... Your hands on my head are getting firmer and firmer as I lick you faster at each stroke. You start to move your hips against my mouth, to accelerate the motion even more. You drive me wild, my hands are holding your thighs spread really wide, and I am licking you up and down very fast. My chin, mouth and nose are soaked from your pussy. Your moans make me even more excited, and as my tongue reaches your clit once more, you let out a long moan, very sexy, while pulling my head tightly against you... I look up at you and see your eyes, so hungry for me. The night is still young.

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