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I had met John, a 6’5”260lb man about a month before while at a bar in downtown Chicago. I am a 49yo fit trophy wife (if I do say so myself). Actually his friend tried to hit on me. His friend tried the tired worn out “So your husband doesn’t satisfy you/ want a real man?” routine. I ripped into him something fierce! I love my husband he is a great husband and has a 10 inch dick. I like sex and have been known to cheat but I never allow my husband to be put down. Besides any guy who has to resort to that doesn’t have much confidence to stand on his own skill. I talked to John after his friend suddenly remembered a prior engagement. We exchanged phone numbers and had been sexting for the month. Well my husband travels to Asia in his job for about a week a month. I had told John I was dropping him off at O’Hare airport at 8 am. He invited me to keep heading downtown and meet him at the harbor as he was taking his boat out for the day. I couldn’t resist the idea so I agreed.

I arrived at the Marina on time and found John’s boat. It was a 30foot cabin cruiser. He directed me into the cabin to change into my bikini as he started the engine. By the time I came back out still in my 4inch wedged sandals (ok not too smart on a boat but I will admit I wasn’t there for the sailing experience) and string bikini we were out of, not only the boat slip but the break water as well. As I went over to flirt with Frank, I saw we were not alone! His friend from the night before was there! “What the HELL is he doing here?” “Bros before Hos” was his only reply! I was SO pissed if we had been anywhere near the pier I would have jumped off!I was even more embarrassed that I was a bit turned on by being referred to as a HO! However I would not admit it! I figured I would be fucking John before the day was over but now I had no idea what would happen now.

As I was trying to sort through this Greg handed me a STRONG Mai Tai! I glared at him but it lost its effectiveness when I started coughing after taking a sip from the drink. Greg leering at me told me I needed suntan lotion on. The bitch in me getting out I agreed but made a point of dramatically grabbing the lotion out of his and walking to John “Here BABY!” in a bitchy tone. I finished the First Mai Tai and Greg for some reason with his asshole grin still on his face (ok I thought I had put him in his place) handed me another. John told me to be nice to him since he was his best friend as well as the bartender. Flustered I drank that one down as well. I later learned that they had put an aphrodisiac or ecstasy into my drink. The drink being strong and me being pissed caused me not to notice. The bottom line was in a short time I was feeling REALLY good and turned on. That being said I was still NOT liking Greg and still pissed he was there!

I was very flirty with John as well as touchy feely. I would barely acknowledge Greg. The frustrating part was it was NOT working! Greg still was grinning and John still had is “bros before hos” attitude! We were cruising further out into Lake Michigan and they were acting as if I wasn’t there! Finally John offered to let me steer! I jumped at the chance. He stood behind me telling me what to do. As I was enjoying it I felt him playing with my bra strap. Protesting that I didn’t want to be topless with Greg there and thinking I would punish HIM for bringing Greg I told him I would have been topless a long time ago he hadn’t brought Greg! He just chuckled and said “I wasn’t asking” and undid it! He pulled it away from me I tried to cover up but he barked at me “HANDS ON THE WHEEL!” Being a bit drunk and under whatever they put in my drink I listened I realized my pussy was already on fire but I didn’t want to give Greg the satisfaction! As my mind was working out how to use this to my advantage I felt John kneading my breasts his crotch grinding my ass. I let a moan escape. He told me I needed tanning lotion on them (I have no tan lines but I don’t want them burned).

He let go and picked up the lotion. Reaching around from behind he began rubbing lotion on them, actually more playing with them then rubbing but DAMN it felt good! He began rolling my nipples harder and harder between his thumb and finger until it hurt but even that turned me on more. I started pressing my ass back into him in response. I was getting so aroused I forgot Greg was even on board! I took one hand off the wheel and started rubbing his crotch! Alternating nipples he would pinch hard and pull straight out twisting it! My knees were weak and I actually felt I was about to cum just from the abuse of my breasts. Then all of a sudden he SLAPPED the side of my tit HARD! My eyes shut in lust, I GROANED so loud and CAME! He slapped the other one I was dry humping him with my ass! He was still kneading my tits and twisting my nipples as I opened my eyes and saw John in front of me handing me a drink. His hands feeling so good “You like your tits abused don’t you whore? He chuckled.

“Yesssssssssssssss” I hissed out loving his hands one slipping down into my bikini bottom. A finger hooking into my wet shaven pussy. Through the fog of booze drugs and lust something began to register but I ignored it. Both his hands were on me. His crotch grinding my ass, and I could see John in front of me handing me my drink! What the hell? OH SHIT! “YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES!” I yelled as I realized that they had switched places when he went to get the lotion he had Greg come up behind me! Drunk and drugged I hadn’t noticed! Now that asshole Greg’s finger was in my pussy! They both were laughing at me! Greg spun me around and kissed me! I was pissed, but now I was more turned on then I had ever been His hand on the back of my neck turning my head mouth pressing hard on me Unable to resist I kissed back! After several moments I recovered enough to push him back and slap him! John grabbed me from behind spun me to face him. Greg grabbed my arms and held them. John grabbed a tit then slapped it “Listen slut don’t hit my friend!” As he was groping my breasts again his other hand slid into my bikini bottom “Anyway you love it” as he slipped 2 fingers without resistance into my slopping wet pussy! He was right! With everything they had given me, the situation, and the fact deep down I AM a slut I was loving it! “Told you she needed a real man” I heard Greg laugh< before I could protest John wheeled on him “DO NOT FUCKING GO THERE!” This turned me on so much!

John saw another boat approaching He told Greg to steer so he let go of me. John led me to the front of the boat and leaned back onto the cabins front window. Growling at me “Get on your knees whore and show the other boat what a good cocksucker you are!” I immediately obeyed! Head bobbing up and down on his cock taking it all. Feeling his cockhead plunging in and out of my throat. I heard the other boat blow its horn! Not long after John blew his down my throat holding my face and mouth on his cock making me swallow it all! When he was done he stood up hauling me to my feet by my hair. With a hard tit slap “Get me a drink!” I scampered to obey! John took over driving and Greg walked to me “Beg me to fuck you!” God I hated his cocky grinning face “I hate you!” i felt so proud but even as I said it I knew I had to have his cock “I don’t give a shit you are just a married slut BEG ME BITCH!” My jaw dropped then all of a sudden I heard myself say “Please fuck me!” “Take of you bottoms and beg again bitch” I almost tore my bikini bottoms to get them off! “PLEASE FUCK ME!”

All I knew was I felt my back hit the deck hard as he shoved me down onto it and his cock driving into me! His cock impaling me. My legs wrapped around his waist! One of his hands pinning both of mine over my head the other slapping and groping my breasts! No finesse just a hard rough fucking! Our sweating bodies writhing with every thrust a wet slapping noise as he would drive his cock into me! I was moaning “FUCK ME FUCK ME YOU BASTARD FUCK ME!” I came hard very quickly as he shot into me! He rolled off me as John let the boat start drifting. I was covered in sweat naked save the sandals. They handed me another drink which I chugged being parched! As I put the glass down I felt myself flying! They through me in sandals and all I hit the water and came up. They were landing next to me and helped me get back on “You needed cleaning up whore.” “I kissed him then climbed up. Once back up they hand me rub lotion onto their naked bodies then they covered me front and back! My body couldn’t get enough of their hands! The rougher they rubbed the more I wanted!

All of a sudden John picked me up and put me over his shoulder. As I mentioned he dwarfed me! I was a rag doll to him. He carried me to the back bench and then slammed me face down on the cushions! He pulled my legs apart and climbed on me “OH god yes baby I need your cock in my married pussy!” “Oh no slut I am not going to put it in your pussy!” I suddenly felt his cock press my asshole! These guys were not the least worried about being gentle or foreplay He just jammed it in. Sweat tanning oil lubed it up> Even with that it still crushed the air out of me! As did John His huge body making me disappear under him! Laying as he fucked my ass prone bone! Grunting and thrusting like an animal! I thought I heard something and felt John press into a sit up position as he brutally ass fucked me I was LOVING IT MOANING and I began one long loud intense orgasm! Shortly John shot into my ass! He gave my ass a hard SMACK, I just was babbling “I WANT MORE COCK!” as I rolled onto my side I saw what I had heard. Another boat had pulled up and was tied to us! This 5’6” at least 260 blob of sweat and fat had his phone up and was videoing the whole thing! There were 3 other guys on the boat all had their cocks out!

John told the blob he wanted the video. The Blob said he would trade it for a blow job! I was REVOLTED by the sight of him. But I was also so far gone I wanted him! I heard myself “COME ON OVER THEN!” I had to have him lay on his back to get to his cock because of his belly! On all fours now between his legs I started in on his 5inch but really fat cock! I found out that the humiliation of sucking him made it the best tasting cock of the day (So far!). Out of the corner of my eye I say John holding the phone. As I sucked him Greg mounted me again fucking me and spanking me! BLOB blew down my throat but was still hard! Turns out he is a doctor and had a supply of Viagra and Cialis! He passed them out and for the next 3 hours it was a fuck fest all on video! As we cruised in it hit me I never once took off my wedges!

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February 23, 2016
I'll have to keep an eye out for you next time I'm on the lake

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