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She could have spent a hundred lifetimes trying to explain how she felt but no amount of words could account for the sudden panic that consumed her entire world at that moment. The dildo slipped from her hands and hit the floor with a heavy clunk, rays of sun from the beautiful day outside glancing off it's slick edges while it rolled almost comically down the boat before lightly coming to a stop by Sarah's feet.

With what felt like a herculean effort Julie managed to rise to her feet, trembling with fear and burning up with hitherto unknown levels of shame as she flattened down her clothes and tried to regain just a smidgen of dignity, up to now Sarah had remained quiet, basking in the younger girls humiliation and staring intently with her ever present smile that always seemed to see things it had no right to see. "You know Julie if you wanted to play you could have just asked" That was it, she could take no more and before she knew it she was running, barging past Sarah and out into the almost blinding sunlight, cursing herself as she ran rough the long grass and out to the bank, dust flying with every step and tears streaming down crimson cheeks. After what seemed like hours her steps finally began to slow, chest heaving and her breaths long and ragged she slumped against an old bench covered in graffiti and carvings. And there she stayed, sobbing and heaving while she went over and over what had just happened, running through the scene in her mind.

"what the fuck is wrong with me?!" she wanted to shout the words, to scream and beat her fists against the wood but instead they came out like a hiss "How could I ever think this was a good idea? How could I ever think..." It was all too much, she had to block it out, at least for now pretend it never happened, pretend everything that occurred over the last few days was just some crazy dream. Crawling away from the bench and out onto the small patch of grass that skirted alongside the water, she leaned forward to look down and saw her reflection, faintly rippling as a family of geese drifted by some way across the river. She saw burning red cheeks and blood shot eyes looking back at her, filled with disappointment and ready to weep at any second. It was at times like this Julie was glad she never wore much makeup, Se could imagine just how it would be streaming down her face and making her look like some kind of demented clown girl who paints her face to escape who she really is....."that's it! Oh my fucking god that's it!" She rose slowly to her feet and looked around, wiping the last of her tears away and marching with new found confidence along the riverbank and all the way home where a new chapter of her life would begin.

The door swung open and to Julies immense relief nobody was home. She spent the next few minutes checking every room and calling out just to make sure before heading into her parents bedroom and over to her mothers mirror where all her makeup was kept, she grabbed a few things she might need and rushed back to her room to lock the door and get started. Sitting in front of her how mirror she stared at herself for a while, examining every one of her features before applying the make up. She wasn't even sure what she was doing but some distant memory of a film she had seen was guiding her hand until finally it was done. The pretty girl was gone, lost somewhere behind a mask that quite frankly was even terrifying her a little. Rising to her feet she went to the long mirror and took it all in, loving how her makeup contrasted so wonderfully with the cute little 60's style dress she still had on. "This is it" she said to herself "I can do anything now, I don't need to be ashamed".

She thought back, back to everything that had happened, all the sordid little details that had left so many pairs of panties coated in her sweet, sticky juices and she masturbated, she masturbated like she'd never done before, screaming and wailing like a wild animal as her fingers delved deeper and faster than she ever thought possible. Thinking back to James and his kiss, back to the waiter and his cute smile, back to the old man and his lemonade. She imagined all of them, all together in her room and looking down on her, their eyes filled with need and their cocks hard as rock. She would spread for them, all holes ready and on offer. Then they came at her, hands everywhere as they stroked and spanked, scratched and grabbed, teasing every inch of her sensitive skin while she moaned like a bitch in heat, anticipating what would come next. Then before she knew it they were inside, all of them at once stretching her, filling her cunt and arse, pillaging her mouth and switching places over and over till she ached and groaned, her slutty desire finally slated as cum leaked from every orifice.

She woke up a few hours later, splayed out across the damp sheets and lightly bathed in sweat. She could voices downstairs and realized that everyone seemed to be home. rising slowly and crossing the room she looked in the mirror and nearly had a heart attack when she saw the terrifying make up smeared across her face. Then the memories returned, the realization of what had occurred and how she'd dealt with it, understanding now that the girl inside her had a face, perhaps even a name and she was hungry, hungry for more than Julie was currently getting and determined to make up for it as soon as possible.

A loud knock at the door jolted Julie from her thoughts as her father called out "are you in there darling, i made burgers outside, come and get some" she sighed and took one last look in the mirror, one last look at the girl inside before replying "I'm coming daddy" The girl inside giggled and winked, then she was wiped away, one makeup remover at a time.

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