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Her hands began to shake as she gripped the mouse and directed the cursor down the page, a deep feeling of shame and guilt pricked at the back of her mind but was unable to wrest control of her consciousness from the burning desire between her legs. Everyone was out, her husband and daughter having their weekly meal and her son at football practice. So this was her new routine, once she had the place to herself she would grab her laptop and head for the bedroom sporting a tiny little sheer nightgown that did very little to obscure her body and go online waiting for some young stud to come on and keep her company. And so of course before long her newest suitor was here, calling via skype and waiting for her to accept. She sat there, staring at the red and green buttons that would allow him access or deny it in one small click, she thought of her husband and children, she thought of the happiness they brought her and how much they meant, she thought of their kind trusting smiles and how much they trusted her. Then she clicked on the answer button.

A few seconds later he appeared on her screen, already half naked and baring his firm chest and ripped abdominals, showing off a cocky smile that made her tummy tingle. She'd always ha a weak spot for arrogant pretty boys who took what they wanted and this one was no different. when he spoke it was with a surprisingly deep, masculine tone and although she easily had 20 years on him it was clear that only one person would be in control of this situation. "Well hello there slut" he said casually, as if it was her real name an he'd known her for years "Aren't you a little old to be cruising for meat on the internet?, get up so i can take a good look at you" Her blood began to pump a little faster as his words immediately struck home, she rose to her feet and positioned the laptop so that he could see most of her body, then slowly began to turn, allowing him to inspect the goods, she was fairly sure he would be pleased, despite his words and her age she still had a body that kept most men happy, a little curvy perhaps but still full, smooth and and firm in all the right places. "Ok I suppose you'll do, get back on the bed and don't bother covering your cunt, I want to see you getting wet for me" quickly doing as instructed she hopped back onto the bed, nightgown pooled around her waist and her neatly shaved pussy in clear view "I hope you like what you see sir" she said meekly, looking down at her lap while stealing furtive glances up at the screen every few seconds. "Like i said, you'll do.

God he was perfect she thought to herself. Arrogant, rude and built like an Olympic swimmer. within seconds her pussy was preparing itself for him, slick and juicy her along her pink lips. "I'm impressed slut, most whores take at least a few minutes to get that excited" he chuckled to himself and slipped a hand into his shorts, fumbling with what was clearly a rapidly hardening cock. "So tell me slut, where's the family tonight? do they know what a dirty little whore you are?" She wasn't sure if he wanted a response so she remained silent. "I guess it doesn't matter either way, you belong to me now understand?" She nodded her agreement and his smile grew another inch "now I hope you're not one of this bitches who doesn't know how much of a slut she is already, I don't have time to break you down" Her heart was beginning to race, this guy was better than most and knew exactly how to press her buttons. The excitement was clearly evidenced by how her body was already reacting, stiff nipples poked through the thin material of the gown while her chest heaved with long, deep breaths and her cheeks flushed a beautiful pink hue "No sir, I know what a pathetic animal I am" Just saying the words out loud were almost enough to make her cum, she felt so filthy and alive, her thighs ached to be spread and her cunt was still glistening. "Good, now slap yourself in the face, nice an hard bitch i want to hear it" Her eyes opened wide with shock, nobody had ever given her an order like that before an she couldn't help hesitating for a few seconds "Now bitch, don't ever make me wait" His tone snapped her focus back into place and before she had time to overthink anything she did as she was told, bringing a firm hand across her cheek and connecting with a loud crack, the pain stung both her face and her hand but it had done the trick. When she looked up he was grinning from ear to ear and had his cock in hand, already rock hard as he stroked it up and down, watching her intently "very good cunt, I´m sure your family would be proud"

Ten minutes later and she was on her hands and knees, crawling around the room with anal beads hanging from her butt while she barked like a dog for his amusement, her face burning with shame as she stared at the carpet "Very good slut, now get back on the bed and grab your dildo, I want you to fuck that slutty mature cunt till you cum for me" She slowly climbed onto the bed, tongue hanging from her mouth and panting like she'd gone for a run. Grabbing the dildo with one hand and guiding it between her leg "What does the bitch think it's doing? That's my cock your holding cunt, get it nice and wet first. Oh and don't forget to choke while you're at it. It was always hard to describe why she needed this, why she craved the humiliation and found her pussy dripping from the verbal abuse but there was no denying that it was what she needed, no denying how she seemed to take to it so easily, so naturally like it was her biologically determined state. With the dildo still in hand she guided past her supple pink lips, coating the smooth silicone with a thin layer of spit as i glided over her tongue until it reached the back of her throat where a strong gag reflex was instantly triggered "keep going, swallow me!" She nodded and pressed on, eyes open wide and streaming tears as it pushed past her tonsils and down the length of her throat, it choked her in a way she'd never experienced before. Spit and drool spluttered from her lips and coated her chin till they dripped down onto the crisp, white sheets between her legs. Through tear filled eyes she could see him masturbating furiously, beating his thick, hard cock as fast as he could while calling her every name under the sun and demanding she fuck herself immediately.

"Yes sir" Was her only reply, taking the spit covered dildo and shoving unceremoniously into her hot and needy cunt, groaning from the sudden and overwhelming sensation of fullness, imagining her pussy being used by the guy jerking off on the screen, how he would fuck her on the bed she shared with her husband, make her scream in the house she shared with her kids, make her bark like a dog and crawl like an animal in the places where she felt most secure. Before long she was hammering herself, slamming the dildo deeper and harder than she ever felt possible, knowing she would feel bruised and beaten in the morning but not giving a single fuck as raging orgasm began to stir deep inside before finally exploding and sending her entire body into spasms as waves of rippling pleasure washed over her. A few moments later she looked up with a smile, hoping to see a satisfied master but instead all she saw was that the call had been cancelled minutes ago, he had already came and left her to it. The next few minutes were spent cleaning herself up and trying to fill the gaping hole in her chest that was temporarily filled by her brief online encounter.

"Kids will be home soon" she said to herself as she looked in the mirror, putting on a smile and heading for the door, towel in hand and ready to wash away as much of the shame as she could.

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October 29, 2015
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