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She knocked at the door three times. Dressed in the exact same outfit as the last time she was here from the polka dot dress to the frilly ankle socks and red heelst. Julie looked around at the small well kept garden with its bright flowers and patio furniture still sticky with dried lemonade. The thought made her giggle out loud just as the door swung open and the friendly old mans face beamed down at her.

"well hello there sweety, never thought I'd be seein you again" she smiled politely before replying "hi mister, I hate to bother you again but I just felt so bad about what happened before, I knew I had to get my naughty little butt right back here and do the decent thing"

"Well you are one in a million darlin, most girls don't admit they've been bad till they get a spankin" he said with a chuckle "come inside I've just made tea" Julie nodded enthusiastically as she followed him inside, the thought of a good spanking making each step wetter than the last.

Once inside Julie was pleased to find the place light and airy with two large patio doors opened allowing the sunshine and the bteeze to flood inside. She sat on the sofa as he fixed their drinks making sure the skirt of her dress rose high enough to allow a perfect view of her tiny little love heart panties. When he returned she was immediately rewarded by the sight of his unashamed gaze plundering the treasures between her legs. "So sweety" he began "why are you really here" he sat the tray down and took his drink, sipping as he awaited an answer. Caught slightly off guard Julie had to recover quickly "I'm here to say I'm sorry and to make up for my terrible behaviour before" she said all this with pouty lips and a tone that was begging to be taken advantage of.

"Well you naughty girl, I do remember mentioning a spanking, that's how we punished teasing little sluts in my day!" Her smile was wide but her legs were wider as his words sunk in, things were going faster and better than she imagined. The moment saw Julie drop to her knees on the floor, looking up with eyes full of lust as she called over to the old man before climbing up and bending over his knees, ass high in the air and wet panties on display. "Jesus you really are a naughty one" he chuckled excitedly as a meaty fist mauled her tender young butt cheeks, lifting the dress to her waist and losing no time yanking her soaked panties down to her knees. Giddy with anticipation she wiggled her hips invitingly and said "I'll be whatever you want me to be mister". Breathing heavy at the offer while his fingers dipped between her thighs to gently stroke at the smooth, freshly shaved mound of her pussy.

From there It took no time before he had Julie on her knees between his legs, eagerly lapping away at his heavy ball sack before ordering that she start sucking. Now Julie was still a novice but she'd learnt a lot online and watched a ton of porn in preparation for this moment. So when she took the thick old shaft delicately in her hand before planting a dozen soft wet kisses on the tip of his cock you could be forgiven for thinking the girl was a natural. The old man groaned with pleasure he never thought he'd experience again and when her moist, energetic tongue began to swirl it was all he could do not to grab the girls head and fuck her mouth till he came, the only thing stopping him being the need to cum inside her. So he let her continue, let her mouth tease and tease until finally he felt the warmth of her mouth. The long gentle strokes as she took him as deep as she could, sucking slowly and gagging a little more each time while she eased into a pleasant rthymn until his entire cock was slathered in her spit and drool.

Looking up from her place between his legs she smiled wide, her face a spit covered mess with a glowing smile radiating beneath "are you going to fuck me now?" she asked in her most innocent voice, her hands still playing with the old mans balls "I know, you can fuck me on your bed, where you used to fuck your wife". Now it turns out this was the wrong thing to say, or the right thing considering the path julie was following. The mention of the old mans wife turned his euphoric mood immediately sour. He reached down and with more strength than seemed possible for a man his age her grabbed her by the hair, yanking upwards as she whimpered until her face was level with his "don't you ever talk about my wife you little cunt!" And with that he pulled back his hand and smacked her across the face. With a red and stinging cheek julie lay sprawled on the floor with only a moments respite before he was on her. Legs held tight he parted them wide and buried his large, spit covered cock deep into her tight, unprotected virgin pussy.

She laid there on her back screaming with pleasure as he took her, it was just as she'd always dreamed it would be, fast and violent. Her body rocked back and forth with each viscous thrust as the old man cursed and abused her. Reaching out to hit her again, several times to the face and many more to her breasts. But each fresh attack only served as fuel to her flame. She could feel it happening, the pleasure through the pain and the ecliptic climax that defied her bruises and sent her soaring. It felt so good she barely even noticed the cum leaking from her bruised pussy or the old man sullen as he dressed. In fact she didn't notice a single thing till she made it home to her room.

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