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"You do what?" Julie had tried to keep the judgement from her voice but failed spectacularly. "Listen yeah we ain't all got rich mummies and daddies to support us you know, I gotta make money where I can" Charlie replied bitterly "an you better not grass me up either" she added, pointing a finger in Julie's face.

It had been a long time since Julie had last seen Charlie. The two were inseparable for a few years in junior school but lost contact after each joining separate Seniors. Julie went to Riverside academy and Charlie to Humbridge park. They weren't planets apart in resources or reputation but somehow the divide always seemed to favour Riverside. The girls from Humbridge had bad reputation for being dumb and easy and many of the richer families looked down on. Julie however refused to buy into such sweeping generalisations and when she bumped into Charlie earlier that morning, on her way back from a nightshift she made a point of saying hello.

"Jesus Charlie calm down. We used to be best friends, you know I'd never snitch on you" Julie said evenly, placating the fiery temper of the other girl who was quickly calming down. Julie took this moment to look Charlie over, they'd both grown a lot since the last time they'd been together and there was no denying Charlie was a fucking hottie. With thick legs and a huge, perfectly toned arse to go along with her sporty frame and big, juicy farmgirl tits. It would have been enough to carry anyone with more sense into a comfortable life but Charlie was always a little bit thick, add that to the obvious chip on her shoulder and it had all combined to create what you could only call a cheap chav slut. "Now who's being judgemental" Julie silently chided herself but it was no use, her mind was made up. Charlie hid her natuarl beauty and gorgeous figure behind cheap makeup and adidas tracksuits that were one size too small. And to top it off she was fucking patients at the care home where she worked!

"So these old guys..." Julie started but Charlie cut her off saying "are fucking loaded, all it takes is a few favours and they're happy to hand over the last of their cash" Julie took off her coat and placed it on a hanger in the kitchen before sitting down "and are any of them good in bed?" Charlie's eyes lit up at the question "ooooh look who's interested all of a sudden, so you want details huh? You little slut" she nudged julies shoulder as she took the seat beside her, smiling the whole time. As the chav sat Julie couldn't help noticing how her bottoms slid down, unable to handle the fat arse inside and eventually exposing a tiny black thong tucked snugly between two gorgeous cheeks.

"Yes I want details" Julie shot back "I want to know how much of a whore my old bestie has turned into" they both giggled but neither was ready to admit just yet how horny the conversation was making them. "Well there is this one guy, he's probably the richest one there because he always dresses fancy and even has his own personal trainer along most days. He keeps in pretty good shape for an old guy too. Anyway I'm helping him shower and of course he gets a boner, not a limp one like a lot of them but a full on raging stiffy. I start to giggle and he looks at me all serious and just blurts it out "I'll give you a grand to fuck your brains out" he says.

Charlie talks so fast that Julie has to take a moment to process everything "OK so what happened next" she said once the information had sunk in. Charlie scrunched up her face and shook her head in a manner that suggested it was obvious "duhhh I fucked him, well he fucked me but whatever." Julie rolled her eyes and looked at Charlie "no offense but you are one shit story teller." With that Charlie stood and gave Julie the finger "tell you what bitch, if you're so good tell me one of yours." Following Charlie to her feet Julie pressed herself against the dumb chav and smiled wide "fine, I will. But if mines better than yours you owe me." Charlie looked suspicious "owe you what?" She replied, backing away as Julie pressed forward until finally her fat slut arse pressed against the glass of the back door. Julie's hands shot out and she placed them either side of Charlie's head before leaning in close to whisper in her ear "whatever the fuck I want." A wide eyed Charlie silently agreed, her head nodding slowly as the shock of Julie's sudden transformation left her reeling.

And so Julie started reciting her story

"So I was in the park waiting on a friend when this guy and his girl come jogging past, I noticed them right away because they were both wearing the tightest shorts I'd ever seen. His bulge was huge and her arse was fat and slutty just like yours." At this point Julie's hands shot down to Charlie's butt and grabbed both cheeks nice and tight, squeezing and caressing as the chav girl gasped, her dark eyebrows almost hit the ceiling and the wet patch between her legs was growing all the while. "So after two or three laps they both start to slow down, approaching the bench where I'm sat as they gear up for another lap. Well the guy looks over and he only see's me touching myself! I know I'm a naughty little girl, touching myself in public like that but I couldn't help myself. So of course they come over, whispering to each other as they walk until finally their footsteps are loud enough to snap me out of my day dream"

Julie's hands smack hard against Charlie's cheeks to emphasise coming back to reality, her hand then sliding between the thick thighs of the shocked chav until it came to rest on the damp material of her cheap tracksuit. Rubbing slowly as both girls began to breathe in long drawn out breaths. "This is how my pussy felt" Julie went on, rubbing faster as Charlie whimpered with need "fuck I was so wet Charlie! They were standing right in front of me while I had a hand up my skirt! Before I know what to do the were on either side of me, hands everywhere! They touched me, touched me in places they had no permission to touch. In no time his hand was around my neck, squeezing just like this" Julie's hand mirrored her words and clamped down tightly around Charlie's neck, squeezing just hard enough to make the girl wonder. "And her fingers were inside me" sliding under the shiny fabric and past the cheap primark g string Julie's fingers slipped easily into the the soaking wet folds of her trashy friends sticky cunt. Pushing deep and curling inwards. "God it felt good Charlie! Does that make me a slut? That's what the guy said, he told me I was a nasty little slut and they were going to use me! Well a few minutes later they did just that, the girl grabbed hold of my hair like this" Julie released Charlie's throat and grabbed a clump of her clump of her raven hair and used if to drag her painfully to the living room sofa "they dragged me deeper into the park and tossed me down amongst the trees and bushes before ripping my clothes off and calling me names" finally a chance to get her friend out of the trampy clothes and Julie took it without hesitation, ripping them off until the only thing Charlie wore was a look of shock.

"Then they fucked me, they held me down on the cold, damp floor and he stuffed his throbbing cock deep into my tight little slit and pounded as I screamed. I screamed so loud his friend had to shut me up by forcing her cunt over my mouth, she smothered me as I was forced to eat her pussy. It wasn't long before she came, juices dripping into my mouth and oozing down my face while his cock was still boring deeper and deeper into me until I couldn't help coming"

Julie's fingers were now ravaging Charlie's cunt, three of them stuffed deep and Coated in juices as they hammered back and forth forcing the naked girls eyes to roll back with unexpected pleasure. "Oh my fucking god Julie! Who are you?" She managed to say, her voice hoarse and body shaking as an orgasm tore through her. After several moments of shrieking and shaking Charlie finally came down and just lay sprawled out on the coach with Julie sat next to her. "I'm your friend Charlie, we're goj g to be besties again" and with that she fed her cum soaked fingers to the chav girl and let her clean them slowly, those big, pretty, dumb eyes staring back at her the whole time.

"And remember our deal Charlie, you owe me!" Julie said, her voice full of authority as she slipped all three fingers from Charlie's mouth and wiped the remaining spit and juices on her old friends cheek.

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January 12, 2016
love it!

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