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"You're what?!" Julie had to pace the room to keep from shaking, her high heels digging into the soft rug around Mr Michaels desk. "I'm retiring" he repeated, almost apologetically, while fidgeting with a pen between his fingers. "But you're not even that old! And besides I don't want another boss" Julie's voice softened towards the end of her sentence as she delicately sat on Mr Michaels large wooden desk and leaned forward to display her breasts. Swallowing slowly Mr Michaels forced himself to look away until he managed to refocus "look Julie, I know we have a great relationship here and we're very ummmm close, but my wife and I have decided it's time for a fresh start." Looking up at the fresh faced hottie Mr Michaels in knew she was about to object some more so he cut her off quickly "However, my wife and I spoke about something else too" he paused for a moment to make sure she was listening before he continued "we've decided I'm going to sell my shares in the company. We also wanted to offer them to you first"

It was two weeks since Mr Michaels had made Julie a fantastic offer. He was selling his share in the company to her and all she had to do was raise the cash he was asking. It was an incredible deal and would never have been possible if Mrs Michaels wasn't insanely wealthy in her own right, meaning her husband's stake in a relatively small company wasn't of great concern. So here she was with two weeks left and just over two thirds of the money. Her car had been sold, debts had been called in and savings raided but there was still some way to go and even a loan she was promised from her parents wouldn't quite cover it. She needed more, not much but just enough to take her over the line. But how?

Another week passed and her parents came through. They'd moved a few things around and deposited the money into Julie's account first thing Monday morning. However without that final injection of cash it would all be for nothing. She had to think of something fast, no matter what it took. Julie looked around for inspiration but found nothing in her room that held even the slightest promise of a quick money making venture. Soon after she went down to breakfast and found her mum and brother already at the table, they were talking about driving lessons didn't even notice her at first.

Unwilling to interrupt the conversation Julie went to the fridge for some yoghurt, bending over to grab it she heard a small gasp and the sound of a fork dropping to the table. "Julie!" Her mothers voice rang out sharply, as the the young girl spun around to see what all the fuss was about. "Jeez mum what's up?" She said cautiously. Her mother stood and gestured toward her "what's this.....where are your clothes?!" Julie looked down and couldn't help giggling. She was far from naked but also had to admit the getup was a little racy, with a push up bra and tiny g string covered by a micro négligé. "It's just underwear mum what's the problem?" Her mother stuttered and spluttered, desperate for an answer when her brother chipped in "her problem is that you look like a porn star" he said with a cheesy grin. The comment earned him a clip around the head and a stern talking to, Julie meanwhile took this chance to escape.

Ascending the stairs all Julie could think about was her brothers voice as the word pornsrar tumbled around inside her head. Shutting the bedroom door and sitting at the foot of her bed Julie looked in the mirror, she was still wearing the sexy nightwear and imganing herself under the bright lights as muscle bound stud approached the bed. He leaned over her and whispered something in a stupid Italian accent but against her better judgement Julie still swooned. A moment later the daydream was interrupted by a soft knocking at the door. Slightly confused but also somewhat relieved to be woken from the strange daydream Julie got up and opened the door. Grinning, her brother came striding inside and sat himself down in her desk chair.

"Mum said I had to apologise for calling you a pornstar" he said with the biggest smile she'd ever seen. "It's ok I forgive you, if I don't find a way to make some money soon I might have to be one". Her brothers eyebrows hit the ceiling " are you fucking kidding me?!" Julie just shrugged in response. "Wait here" he added finally before rushing out of the room and returning a minute later with his laptop. Placing it on the desk he opened the screen and Julie saw that he was already logged into a porn site. A little red in the face he looked from the screen to her and then back again. "They're looking for new models right now" he said quietly, worried he might have offended her. Julie was lost in thought and although she never said it out loud, her mind was already made up. "Thanks for this squirt" she said with a soft smile before kissing him on the cheek. "It's ok, James told me what you did for him, for us.... I owe you one." Bending over the chair Julie hugged her brother tight and kissed his cheek again "I love you"

Julie sent the rest of the day browsing videos on the site and eventually exchanging emails with the guy in charge of recruitment. He asked for a few pictures and was very pleased with what he saw. He asked how soon she would be available and it was decided she would come in the very next day.

So there she was. Sitting in a tiny trailer just ten minutes after her initial interview and thrashing out terms with the websites owner. "No, I want twice that and I need the money up front" Julie demanded as the owner rolled his eyes "nobody gets that for one shoot" he replied, the frustration in his voice clearly evident. Julie was dissuaded however and quickly retorted with a new offer. "Ok. New deal, you give me what I ask for this shoot and I'll do a second one for free. get one free pass anytime you like." The man was silent for a while, carefully considering before saying. "And by free pass you mean....?" Rolling her eyes Julie quickly ended any confusion "meaning you get to fuck my brains out". Without another word the two shook hands and the amended contacted was signed. Half an hour and a considerable deposit into her bank account later Julie was on set.

The setup was a reality style shoot. "Slut needs money and she let's the guy do whatever he wants to get it" were her only instructions as she waited In her own clothes in the hotel room they'd booked for the scene. A little while later there was a camera in her face and a guy asking questions. "Hello slut" he began "you need some cash yeah?" Hed added. Julie put on her best fake smile and nodded happily "yes mister, I'll do anything for money." Over in the corner of the room Julie noticed the director with his thumb up, he was obviously pleased at how little direction she needed. "That's what we like to hear, I got a friend who wants to find out just how much of a cumbucket you really are." With that another man entered the room. He was completely naked and already sporting a raging hard on that was more than likely drug induced. Julie looked him over as he approached and decided he looked ok, a nice body but a dumb face, with beady, vacant eyes. He walked into frame and brushed his cock across Julie's lips while the interviewer asked another question. "How bad do you want that cock in your slutty little mouth?" He asked, but just as Julie opened her lips to answer the cock was roughly rammed between them. It slid along her tongue and went directly to the back of her throat as her co star grabbed two fistfuls of hair and proceed to fuck Julie's mouth.

The sudden force of his thrusts caught her off guard for a moment but she quickly recovered some composure and despite the rigid cock hammering away down her neck she kept eye contact. She wanted this bastard to know she wasn't some terrified first timer. He looked down at her with his face contorted in pleasure as the wet, velvety softness of her willing mouth enveloped his engorged manhood. Spit dripped from the corner of her mouth and her eyes began to water but though it all she moaned and whined liked a good slut should, playing up to the camera's and stroking her when pussy lips whenever ordered.

It was amazing how wet she was, especially considering how little affection she felt for the pummeling her face. But there was something wonderful about being used, she felt weightless and free. As if a hole had been filled other than her mouth. Eventually he pulled his slimy, spit covered cock from her mouth and watched as drool and tears dripped from her chin. Julie smiled wide for the camera and said "thank you, sir" in the sweetest voice she could manage. His only response was to smack the slop covered cock across her cheek a few times while the camera zoomed in. She looked directly into the lense winked before suddenly an open hand struck her face hard.

Without a moment to recover Julie was hauled to her feet and thrust toward the camera "tell the world what you are sweetie." The interviewer said calmy. Turned on beyond belief Julie did as she was told, licking her lips before grinning wildly and saying "I'm a filthy little cock sucking whore!" Smiling her co star slapped her again before throwing Julie face first down on the bed and a handful of hair which he used to bounce her head into the mattress over and over until she was dizzy. Catching her breath Julie tried to look up but her head was pushed back down and her arse pulled up. That's when she felt it, the tip of his thick, slippery cock was stabbing at the tight little entrance to her pretty, pink butt hole.

Julie screamed into the pillow as he forced his way inside, slowly stretching her vulnerable sphincter until the whole head was in. After a second or two her head was yanked back so they could hear what she was screaming. "Mmmm you fucking cunt! You better ram my arse deep if you want me to be your cum dump forever!" After another slap ,which left her face red and stinging her co star took up the challenge, viscously hammering his engorged dick deep into Julie's anus. She screamed so loud and so long that by the time he'd slowed for a break her arse felt as if it had been beaten with a club. Unfortunately he was nowhere near coming and soon resumed the anal pummeling as his strong hands separated her soft cheeks for a better view.

Eventually he pulled out, jerking himself off as he squatted down over Julie's face and fed her his balls to suckle on while continuing to stroke his meat until finally his body stiffened and his grip in her hair turned to iron. He held Julie in place and released a torrent of hot, thick spunk into her face and hair while she panted and gasped for air, in desperate need of an orgasm that she was never going to get from this guy.

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January 19, 2016
I do love a bit of business. I guess it's a reasonable alternative to getting a loan or cashflow based finance, and she seemed to enjoy it more than most short term finance options.

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