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Julie was on her back, head hanging over the edge of the sofa and legs up in the air. It wasn't exactly a comfortable position but to be honest the director on the porn shoot didn't really give a fuck. He was there to make sure the customers got what they wanted and today that meant she was in for some serious oral violation.

It was time for Julie to fulfill her contractual obligation to the porn studio and make good on the advance that had allowed her to obtain a large amount of shares from her own company.

So here she was, blood rushing to her head as a muscle bound gorillas purposely strode towards her with an evil glint in his eye. His name was Scott and he had a bit of a reputation in the industry as a sadistic bully with inhuman stamina and a Viagra addiction. This was the man's second shoot of the day and his cock was still hard as iron, throbbing and twitching as if it could smell fresh meat. Julie had seen the girl he used in the last session. She was sat in the dressing room shaking while tears, drool and cum slid down her blotchy face. It was almost enough to make Julie reconsider but something inside her stood firm. A second voice that was determined not to back down. Not to mention the contract she'd signed. No this had to be done and no matter what she would not be broken.

He approached quickly, his huge bulky thighs flanking what could only be described as a massive, angry cock. Julie looked up at him from her compromising position hanging off the couch and was immediately rewarded with a mouthful of throbbing man meat. There was no warm up period or preamble. He didn't need any direction or motivation from the studio staff. He just squatted down and fucked Julie's face. She did her best not to gag and lasted longer than most but before long there was no other choice, his cock was too big and his pounding to vigorous. Julie felt as though her throat was being stretched to twice its regular size and the spit dribbling down her face was slowly reaching her eyes. Soon enough the drool had all but blinded her as the monster cock violently pumped her mouth as hard as any pussy. Once she lost her sight a brief moment of panic set in and Julie almost lost it. Her whole body was tight and ready to run but at the last moment she remembered her vow and the voice inside nodded it's agreement. Instead of running she began to meet his thrusts, forcing her head back and forth to meet his dick with pride. This caught the thick stud completely off guard and despite his copious drug use almost came on the spot.

Angry at his near capitulation to the girl he was supposed to be breaking the hulking thug pulled free of Julie's mouth. Spit and drool slid from his cock and down onto Julie's face before he leveled three smart smacks to her left cheek to remind her who was in charge. However with each sweet sting Julie's inner deviant only grew in confidence, feeding off of the abusers frustration. "Come on you fucking pussy, hit me harder!" Julie found herself saying in a voice she barely recognised "you gonna let a little whore outdo you?" From the corner of her eye Julie noticed one of the sound guys fighting to suppress a laugh. The gorilla noticed and fulled his rage even further. Julie began to giggle herself and was still tittering when he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her down onto the floor before squatting his big muscular arse over her face "you like that cunt? Huh? Clean my arsehole you fucking tramp!" He demanded. And so she did, licking and slurping every inch of his crack and vigorously tonguing his hole. Despite the man's anger he couldn't deny the pleasure not hide his surprise at Julie's eagerness.

The next 20 minutes of the shoot went by in a blur as the brute tried and failed to break Julie's defenses but soon enough he had to admit defeat. Eventually succumbing to her Spartan resistance and unloading copious amounts of cum all over Julie's face for the money shot.

Once the scene was done a young girl came along and offered to help clean Julie up but she flat out refused. Instead she left the room and walked out into the corridor butt naked and covered in spunk. She walked through the offices and past scores of employees until she reached the owners office. Without knocking Julie walked in and closed the door behind her. "I'm here to fulfill the last part of our agreement." As she spoke the manager dropped his phone and stared dumbstruck at the beautifully filthy sight before him. "But...I... You're all...." She knew she had done well to throw a porn executive and decided to push her point "it's now or never, it was never actually in the contract but I keep to my word. So either take up the offer and fuck me right now or you can forget about it." The manager spluttered a few more incoherent words and fumbled about his desk for a while but never made a direct move. Julie took this as a victory and promptly left the room.

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February 8, 2016
"Inner deviant" Love it.

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