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I think it's fair to say that my emotions were a little scattered, not only was I attending the funeral of my mum's best friend and a woman we basically considered as family (She had died in a car crash) but I was also dealing with the fact that all I could think about was having a major crush on her teenage daughter. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me but something about her petite, young body wrapped in a tiny black dress and jerking up and down while she sobbed was giving me a raging hard on. Standing there between the wooden benches and flanked on either side by grieving family members while trying to conceal a raging hard on.

I kept trying to tear my gaze away from her pale, creamy thighs but the dress really was just a little too short to be appropriate and had a little lace trim at the hem, giving of the impression she was actually wearing a sexy little nightgown.

We were asked to sit and join our voices in prayer. The shuffle of shoes and scraping of benches proceeded the dull monotonous drone of a hundred voices reciting the same old tripe usually doled out by the religious. To be honest I'm not much of a believer, I almost feel like a hypocrite just for being here. Maybe that explained my feelings, maybe the reason I keep thinking about hiking up Kelly's skirt and fucking her tight little cunt over the piano is because... Fuck so much for fighting the boner! Where was I? Oh who cares, at least we're sitting down now and I can hide the bulge more effectively. I try to distract myself by looking for my brother, he's seated a few rows up on the other side. Mum insisted we be separate in order to keep us from talking too much. Or 'conspiring' as she liked to call it. I had stifle laugh when I saw him, he was swaying and his eyes were closed.

The bastard was nodding off! Head shaking I returned my gaze to the front where god's local representative had just announced that Kelly (the hot, bereaved teenage honeypot) was about to make her speech. I watched intently as she walked up the stairs to the stage, her little dress sliding up and down those perfectly smooth thighs with every movement and her head bowed with pain and loss. The mixture of excitement and guilt that were filling me up on the inside began to bubble, leaving me agitated and on edge. It wasn't until she spoke that my insides calmed and I was able to relax a little.

Her voice was soothing and despite the little quiver of her lower lip that gave a hint to her emotional turmoil she still performed like a pro. Her voice so calm and even as she spoke of love and family, of memories and hopes. She talked and I imagined, I imagined the two of us fucking ontop of the coffin, my hand wrapped around her slender neck as she screamed and begged for more. "Oh fuck what the fuck is wrong with me?!" I wondered to myself, positive I was destined for a hell I didn't even believe in.

The speech was over and Kelly descend from the raised platform, marching into the arms of her father. I watched as she hugged him, her pert young breasts pressed against his chest. His hands on her back, so close to that wonderful, shapely arse. My entire body yearned to be close to her, to feel her, be inside her. Instead I joined in as we sung my aunt's (going to call her this for the sake of brevity) favourite song. I don't do prayers or hyms but a bit of George Michael never hurt anyone.

Soon enough we all began to file out, row by row everyone rushed for the exit, desperate to stretch their legs and mouths. As we left Kelly stood outside, thanking people as they left while accepting condolences and inviting people to the party afterwards. Her mother quite the drinker and had insisted she always wanted a big piss up after the funeral. "With an open bar and a nice spread." She would always say. I couldn't help smiling at that, she was the best auntie. "And you want to fuck her daughter." My brain reminded me along with a fresh wave of guilt.

And so I shuffled along, dazed and distant until finally I was stood before Kelly, she has somehow fixed a smile on her face but it didn't seem right, like a beautiful China doll on a human body. Perfect but fake. I wanted to see tears, to see the vulnerable hottie. I also wanted to speak but words had failed me. Instead I reached out and pulled her into a big hug. Holding close I could smell her her perfume and the sweet scented shampoo she'd used. She felt so perfect in my arms I never wanted to let her go.

A couple of hours later we were all at the bar. It had been reserved for our party and was packed full of friends and family. I sat with my brother and a few cousins with. Drinks had already been lined up and it was going to be a messy night with plenty of money bevjnd the bar. Scanning the room I couldn't see Kelly anywhere. I asked if she was skipping the party, but was quickly informed she had just gone home to change. I thought about that little black dress and was somewhat sad to have seen the last of it. Oh well at least she was coming back.

Four drinks later I saw the bar door open and Kelly stepped through followed by a group of friends. She looked amazing in a short green party dress and matching heels, hair flowing down her back in neat waves. My cock began to twitch again, and as much as I liked the little black number this one had it's advantages. Namely the skirt which jumped up after every step, just teasing to offer a glimpse of whatever she wore underneath. "Looks like Kelly's done being sad for the day." My brother said before finishing his glass. "Her mum insisted she party like everyone and save being sad for later." I told the table, trying to keep my rapidly growing bulge tucked between my legs as i spoke.

I couldn't tear my eyes away from Kelly as she spent the night dancing with her friends, a constant smile plastered across her face. It didn't seem right, not that you shouldn't have fun after a funeral but I don't think you should force it either. A moment later I was snapped away from my thoughts by the table shaking as half of my little group headed out for a smome whe the other half joined them to keep the conversation going. My cousin lit a joint and began passing it around. I took a couple of hits and left it there while the others got well and truly stoned. The conversation was a little too deep after that and I couldn't be bothered to get involved, instead I slipped out back to the beer garden for some alone time.

At least I thought it it would be alone time. That soon changed when someone dropped down beside me on the garden table. I looked around expecting to find my inebriated brother with red eyes and ideas for a game he wanted to make. Instead I was staring deep I to those beautiful blue eyes that belonged to no other than Kelly. "Hey, hope you don't mind me joining you." She said with a small smile. "Getting so hot in there, thought I'd come out for some quiet time." I nodded and looked at the grass as all the things I'd imagined doing with and to her throughout the day came crashing home in one long montage.

When I finally found the composure to speak I decided to go right to the important things. "I'm sorry about your mum, Kelly. She really was the best." Kelly just nodded and looked up at the sky, a million stars were twinkling and she seemed lost amongst them. "You know, Kelly. You don't have to pretend you're having fun. I know your mum wanted a party and I'm sure she's proud of you but..." I was about to go on but she cut me off, putting her hand up to stop me talking. She was about to say something herself when she suddenly broke down, releasing a torrent of tears and sobs before collapsing against me.

It was all happening too fast, Kelly was in my arms. Her breasts pressed against me just like I'd hoped for earlier and her crying was turning me on more and by the second. I tried to adjust and squeeze my legs together but it was no use, if she looked that way the game was up! "John?" she said, her voice still sad but not really surprised or disgusted, so my secret seemed safe for now. She then went on to say "My mum told me a little story about you." I was kinda thrown by that last sentence and I could think to say was. "What story?"

She giggled and pulled away to wipe tears from her face. "I probably shouldn't say, it might embarrass you." I think my heart missed a beat when she said that as there's only one incident should could be referring to. I played it cool just in case though. "Go on you can tell me." She took a breath and composed herself, that pretty smile returning despite the slightly red and puffy eyes. "Well, mom told me that you were staying over at our place one night and she went into the spare room to check on you. Hehe and she saw you ummm...jacking off with a pair of her panties..." My head was in my hands as she finished talking and I could feel my cheeks burning. Luckily there was humour in her voice and a smile on her lips. She obviously thought it was funny and that would save me from total humiliation.

"Yeah that happened." I admitted. "You must think I'm totally pathetic." I looked over and she shook her head. "No not really, mum was a hottie and she said you were at that age..." I smiled and looked up at the stars. "I always said she was my favourite aunt, she even let me keep the panties" I told her, watching as her mouth dropped open in surprise before adding. "I still have them." It was true too, the very same pair was tucked away in my sock drawer. Suddenly Kelly said "can I see them?" I looked over, a little shocked and saw that there was no hint of a joke on her face. "Ummm sure, we can take a cab to my place if you want."

Half an hour later my key was in the door. Kelli and I stepped inside before I hit the lights and went to sit her down in the living room. "No." She said before adding. "Let's go to your room, I wanna see them now." I could think of no reason to refuse and so lead the way to my room with Kelly close behind. Once inside I went straight to my sock drawer and retrieved the sexy French panties, they were black lace with blue silk which felt amazing to touch. "Here they are." I said in a kind of lame way considering they once belonged to this girls dead mother. Kelly didn't say a word and so I just handed them over. Eventually she spoke. "I can't believe she let you have them." She said quietly. I shrugged and said "She probably didn't like the idea of washing her nephews cock smell from her undies." Kelly shook her head. "No, if a girl let's you keep her panties then she wants your cock smell on them, the thought of you jacking off with her panties must have turned her on."

I just stood there, dumbstruck as I listened to Kelly using words like 'cock' and 'jacking off'. Then she turned her eyes on me, those big blue eyes shining like precious stones. "Look she was just being nice. Here, why don't you keep them." I said as I handed them over. "This way whenever you wear them it will be like you're closer to her." Then I realised something. "Oh and don't worry about cock smell, they're freshly washed." I tried to say in a jokey way. She looked at me and for a moment I wasn't sure what she was thinking, or if I'd just made a terrible mistake. Finally she looked from me to the panties and said. "I don't even know of they fit." My response left my lips before I had a chance to stop it, the words. "Why don't you try them on." Jumping from my mouth.

She raised an eyebrow ate before finally breaking into a smile and saying. "You know if she is looking down on us right now I bet she'd be smiling about this." I had to laugh because it was so true. She was the kind of woman who loved getting into weird situations and had loads of naughty stories she told when she was drunk. "Yeah probably, she was a great woman. Now go try on her panties." Again the words had come before I had a chance to ok them. Thankfully Kelly went with it. She ordered me to turn around and bent over to pull her own cute little panties to the floor. I did as I was told and never once peeked as she stepped out of her own underwear and into her mother's. Luckily though peeking want necessary, the reflection in the bedroom window gave me a perfect view of Kelly's totally shaved cunt and toned thighs before my aunt's panties were pulled into place. My mind was racing as I watched and another hard on was threatening to make an appearance.

"You can turn around now" she said once she'd flattened down her dress and adjusted herself. I did as she said and couldn't help noticing her smile. "Well, how do they feel?" She bit her lip before answering. "They feel fantastic, these are real expensive ones too." Her smile was infectious and had me grinning like a moron. "That's awesome, you should definitely keep them." I said finally. "Thanks, that's really sweet of you." Kelly said, then adding. "But then what will you have, she did give them to you." I just shrugged and said. "I know but this is more important. I'm not taking them back and thats final."

Kelly was beaming at me now, her face practically glowing with happiness and gratitude. I think she really did feel closer to her mother now. Then she spoke. "Well I'm not leaving you with nothing." She stooped to pick up her own panties. They were light green with black lace and she held them out to me. "You can have mine instead." I slowly reached to take my reward, the material was soft and still warm from recent contact with her shaved mound. Once I'd taken them she headed for the door while saying. "Thanks again, but I better get back to the party." She opened the door and was about to step out when I said quietly. "If a girl gives you her panties... She wants your cock smell on them. The thought of you jacking off with them must turn her on...." I was speaking quietly but Kelly heard, she'd stopped in her tracks, back to me as I contemplated the truth in her words before saying. "Kelly?" And without a single sound she turned to face me, marched into the room and grabbed my face, kissing me deeply as my hands shot around her waist. Our tongues wrestled and our lips smashed together while my erection poked her in the stomagain

"What the hell are we doing?!" Kelly asked as she pulled away to breath, her face showing no signs of wanting to stop. Instead of answering I swung her around and pulled us both down onto the bed. She giggled as we landed before moaning softly as my lips found her neck, kissing and biting at the soft, smooth flesh. It was like being in a dream as I felt Kelly's body writhing underneath me, responding to every touch of my hands and kiss of my lips. Not wanting to lose any momentum I slid my hand along her thigh and under the dress until I felt her mother's panties, already hot and damp. "Mmmm someone's as naugty as her mother!" Kelly blushed deeply and opened her legs wider in response.

Less than a minute later my head was up her skirt and the panties around her ankles as my tongue dived into the tightest, pinkest, most perfect little cunt I'd ever seen. Her lips were so smooth and her juicss so sweet I could have gone down on her all night. Kelly would probably have agreed but right now she was busy screaming and moaning with pleasure as my tongue alternated between flicking her clit and fucking her juicy cunt. Suddenly her breathing quicked and her thighs began to tighten. I knew what was about to happen and I had a decision to make.

Pulling my head from Kelly's pussy I watched as she groaned with disappointment, on the edge of an orgasm I'd just denied her. But if I'd let her cum the moment may have passed and I was t willing to risk letting her go until we'd gibe further. Kelly looked down at me, a frown on her face asking me. "Why did you stop, I was about to cum?" In response I stood up and undressed, quickly leaving my clothes in a heap on the floor. My cock springing free and standing at attention. "Because I'm going to make you cum on this." My voice was full of authority and Kelly was responding to it. She hiked up her dress and held her own legs back, giving me perfect access to the pristine pussy I'd been lusting over. "Fuck me, fuck me right now. Just like you wanted to fuck my mother!"

In one swift motion I'd covered the short distance between us and buried my raging hard on into the tight, wet warmth of Kelly's beautiful pussy. She felt like melted butter as I impaled her young body with every inch. Holding mysf in place as she adjusted, whimpering at the size and sudden thrust. I pulled out and slammed in a second time, making Kelly whimper before I began to rock my hips, steadily buyring my dick into her velvet cunt, making her whimper and whine with every thrust. It wasn't long before she was on the edge again, her high pitches whines filling the room and driving me wild. In a moment of madness I grabbed her mothers panties and stuffed them into Kelly's mouth. This pushed her over the edge and she shuddderd to a body rocking climax. Her pussy clenching around my cock and making me lose control.

I just managed to pull out in time, shooting my load into Kelly's face, three thick ropes of warm jizz splashed across her face and dripped down onto the panties in her open mouth. She lay there panting for a while before I pulled the panties out. "I think I might keep these after all."

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June 11, 2016
I write to arouse myself but I post my stories to arouse others. Love the idea of someone touching themselves to what I write.

June 1, 2016
It was the title Pink Panties that caught my eye, as i do have a panty fetish/ I have written a story on the subject. But your is very well written and aroused me. Do you write to arouse?

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