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It all started 3 years ago. I was on vacation with my family in some sunny part of Spain. The weather was gorgeous and our resort was a dream come true. I stepped out onto the sun bathed balcony in just a towel and a smile, looking down at the pools and deck chairs with my wet blonde hair pulled over one shoulder. I noticed that most of the chairs and sunbeds were already taken, predominantly by middle aged women with overly bronzed skin and their tits hanging out, giving the younger boys at the hotel their first look at a real pair of breasts. The thought made me smile, I always found boys excitement about female bodies quite adorable and endearing in equal measure. With this in mind I decided to let my towel slip. It dropped to the floor in a heap and left my slim, teenage body totally exposed.

It felt so good to have the sun slowly drying my skin, it's warm rays caressing me from head to toe. Now you might think this was quite a brazen thing for a girl to do but in reality it would be tough for anyone downstairs to see anything. I was all the way up on the 9th floor and without binoculars even my ample breasts would be hard to make out.

I went back inside and picked out a bikini for the day. I planned on wearing nothing but sexy two pieces for the entire trip. This was my first holiday with a woman's body and I was going to make the most of it. Slipping into a pair of tiny white bikini panties and tying the strings on either side before donning a matching strapless bikini top and looking in the mirror. Sorry to sound smug but I loved what I saw. My body was slim, my legs and arse toned any my skin flawless. Add that to my killer rack and you have many guys wet dream right there. That's when the phone rang and I had to drag myself away from the ego message in order to answer the call. It was my mum on other end, calling from her room on the first floor. Turns out my family were taking a bus tour through the mountains and they wanted me to come along. I politely declined, determined to hit the beach and have some fun.

Mum was disappointed but as soon as I felt the sand between my toes I knew I'd made the right decision. The beach was packed, people were everywhere playing and screaming. Families building castles, girls running from boys as old men perved and tried to hide their boners with the latest
Tom Clancy novel while their wives tanned. I couldn't wait to get in the sea but first I had to rent a chair and something to guard me from the sun. I found a tent and the guy inside set me up in the perfect spot down by the water. I noticed he lingered a while as I bent down to place my towel on the chair, my arse cheeks swallowing my tiny bikini bottoms and showing off the curves I'd been blessed with. He quickly rushed off when I turned around though, some guys just don't have the courage to follow things through.

Once I'd gotten myself set up it was time for some lotion, I loved my skin and there was no way I was going to neglect it in this weather. Sitting up I applied a healthy dose to my legs and had to lean forward to reach all the way down, rubbing it all in as my tits bounced and swayed, threatening to pop out at any moment. To be honest I kinda wish they would have, it would have made the two boys opposite me cum in their pants. Then an idea popped into my head. I looked up and made eye contact with one of them. He paled and looked away but it wasn't long before his eyes darted my way again. This time I gave him a wave and a big smile. Nervously he returned the favour and I took the opportunity to call him over with a hand gesture.

He accepted and stood up, walking slowly toward me through the sand. As he approached I made sure to spread my legs a little more, making sure he got a good look at my bikini bottoms as they pressed against my perfectly shaved pussy. Once he was by my side I put on my helpless damsel face and asked for his help. "Hey sweetheart, I saw you looking over here and I was wondering if you'd help me with my lotion. I'll make it worth your while. He looked excited and confused in equal measure. "What do you mean?" He said, his eyes narrowed. I licked my lips as I looked around. "If you do my lotion, I'll let you touch my tits." To add weight to my offer I reached up and yanked sharply on my top, pulling it down to expose my big juicy tits. His eyes went as wide as dinner plates and I felt so naughty that my pussy began to moisten.

Leaving my tits out I handed him the lotion and rolled over, laying down in the chair with my arse facing up. "Quickly babe I don't wanna burn." I added in my sweetest voice to help him along. A second later I felt a large dollop of cream splat onto my back before both of his hands went to work spreading it all over. Despite his obvious lack of experience it still felt good to be touched, my muscles were relaxing nicely and my pussy was tingling. "Don't forget my legs hun." I told him, this time my voice had a little seduction in it too. Reaching back I pulled my bikini bottoms tight until they almost disappeared between my cheeks and didn't bother to readjust, even when doing so exposed a little of my pussy lips. I wanted him to have a look while he helped me out.

Unfortunately he didn't take the hint, or he was too shy to. Instead he started at my ankles, slowly working up my calves and hesitating once above the knees. "Mmmm don't stop." I had to say, "It feels so good." That gave him some confidence and soon his hands were mid thigh, dancing closer and closer to my pussy. He diverted his course when he got too close though, his hands moving o er my arse instead. Still that was something, he was definitely getting bolder and his hands more assertive until without warning I flipped myself cover, exposing my tits once more. "Now you get to do my breasts." He smiled so wide I thought it might touch his ears. Then he knelt down in the sand as I adjusted the parasol to give us a little privacy. His hands went at my tits like the paws of an excited animal, cupping and squeezing harder and faster, at point he caught my nipple between his fingers and the pain made me wince. He let go immediately. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you." I just smiled and said. "It's alright, but now you have to kiss it better."

He nodded breathlessly before lowering his lips to hardened nipple while I watched with interest. When his lips closed around the sensitive flesh and his tongue flicked it left and right I couldn't help moaning with pleasure as my hand went instinctively to his crotch. My fingers found him already hard. I wasted no time slipping my hand into his shorts and grabbing the throbbing young cock, I stroked the tip with my thumb before giving the shaft several good strokes. That's when he stiffened and grunted, his cock head spewing several wads of cum into my hand and his shorts. Once done spraying he pulled away panting and ran suddenly towards the sea.

I stared at the spunk dripping from my hand and felt surprisingly proud of myself. I'd made him cum, probably the first girl to do so and I did it with no more than a little teasing and a few strokes. But it was my turn to wash off and so I one handedly manueverd my breasts back into my bikini top and and rushed into the water, letting waves clean the jizz from my fingers. I looked around for my easy to please friend but he was already gone and I was kinda relieved, the last thing I needed was him hanging around and pleading for more attention.

I spent the next twenty minutes wading around in the cool waist high water. Splashing at strangers and laughing at the guys wrestling on each others shoulders. That's when I felt something pressing into my arse cheeks, and a pair of hands settling on my waist. "I saw what you did, you dirty little slut." A voice whispered in my ear. I thought I'd be offended but his voice was strong and commanding, plus there was something about being called a slut that deeply aroused me. Without looking back I placed my hands over his and said. "No need to be jealous, there's plenty of me to go around." He groaned as I said that, his cock pressing even more insistently between my cheeks and but for my bikini he'd probably be forcing his way into my back door.

I loved the effect my words had on him. How his muscles tightened and his cock twitched. "How old are you." He said suddenly and the question annoyed me, what did it matter if we were having fun. "Old enough to know a perv when I see one." I said eventually, wiggling my bum against his bulge. After that he pulled me into slightly deeper water and started tugging at my bikini until it was over enough to allow his fingers access to the smooth mound he craved. I thought about resisting but realised quickly that this was what I wanted, I wasn't about to give it up because of some outdated views on propriety. No, I will let this happen, I'll let this strangers fingers caress my young sex and moan like a whore when they slide inside me.

So that is exactly what I did! The water splashing all around us as his fingers probed my slit, pushing deeper and deeper while I threw my arms back and around his shoulders. It felt like heaven, the water was cool and my cunt was hot. I wanted more, to show how him I was down to fuck. I let one hand fall, snaking it down just chest and abs before slipping into his shorts and taking a firm grip of the rock hard cock that was waiting for me. He groaned as I tugged and caressed, my fingers working the shaft while my thumb occasionally strummed the tip. "Mmmm do you like that mister perv? Don't my soft little fingers feel good on your cock." I said in my sweetest voice as he began to growl with need. "Get your fucking knickers off now!" He barked at me, his voice strained. I did as he said, immediately pushing them down to my knees as he did the same with his shorts.

The next thing I remember was being stretched. His cock felt ten times bigger as it was jammed into my tight little mound than it had in my hand. He was filling me up with every thrust, Paying me back for my teasing with quick, savage thrusts that were equal parts pain and pleasure. Then I felt his teeth on my neck, biting down hard as I whimpered and moaned. "Oh fuck! Jesus fucking Christ! Ohhh gaaaawd!" I came so hard my legs gave out, shaking and splashing in the water, held up only by the strength of his arms and the cock I was impaled on. It wasn't long until he followed suit, grunting his last before spewing a hot load into my cunt

He gave me a kiss before swimming off and leaving me to wade back ashore. Seawater had cleaned away the spunk but I still felt wonderfully dirty. Even as I layed down on my deckchair and closed my eyes while the sun dried me, I couldn't help thinking about how good it felt to be so naughty. If anyone I knew had even the smallest idea they'd be shocked to the bone.

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