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It was going to be a hot summer day, so I decided to go for an early morning run in the wooded area not far from home, while it was still fairly cool. The sun had just come up when I got to the parking lot, I was surprised to see another car already there; another runner, walker, or mountain biker must have had the same idea about beating the soon to arrive heat. I had only gone about 10 minutes into my run, when I met my fellow runner head on, a woman, and as she gets closer and closer, I am getting more and more pleased with what I am seeing, by the time we are about to pass, all I can think is....”damn she is cute, and what a body”. We keep staring at each other as we get closer. “Good morning, gorgeous day for an early morning run, isn’t it” I say to her as we pass. “Sure is” she responds back “gorgeous morning for a whole lot of things we could be doing” is her further response as she is behind me. Not sure what to make of that, I respond back with a (lame); “hell yeah”. And continue on my way.

I can’t resist a peek after her though, wanting to see if her back end is as hot as her front is. OMG what an ass, and I don’t see any pantie lines either... and pleased to notice that she looks back at me too. Not wanting to stumble over a root or rock I look ahead of me again. That’s when I hear a yell from behind me. I immediately stop and turn around, gorgeous lady is sitting down, holding her ankle, looking in my direction. “Oh boy, what a convenient opportunity” is all I can think as I quickly make my way over to her. She is moaning as I get to her. “damn that hurts she says, I twisted my ankle stepping on a rock” she says. “Well that’s what you get for looking back” I tell her with a smile, as I kneel next to her. “Very funny, and observant” she says as she smiles back. “Well that’s the end of my run for today” she says again. “Want me to help you back to your car” I ask “Are you sure it isn’t broken?” I put my hand on her ankle and start to very gently feel around, as if I have a clue what I am feeling for. “ No I don’t think it is broken, think I just twisted it, and you are already making it feel a lot better, great hands” she responds back. “Oh I could do this all day long, I respond back, and her; wish you could too, but I have to get to work soon though. “Well that sucks, here let me help you up and get you back to your car”. I help her up, and put my arm around her, half carrying her, she is limping along, trying to put as little weight as possible on her bad ankle as possible, as she also puts an arm around my middle.

She smells so good, and feeling her body against mine feels so damn good. Thank you so much she says, I am so glad you were right there when it happened. I am glad I was right there too when it happened, but I think it might not have happened had I not be there, I respond back. Again she smiles at me and squeezes my side with her hand. I pull her tighter against me, I am feeling a bulge form in my pants, no longer being able to resist the sexual feelings I am having for this beautiful, sexy, hot woman. Her hand slides down from my middle and settles on my hip, then moves back to grab my ass. Oh very nice she says, nice and firm, just the way I like it.
I can’t stand it any longer, I stop, turn around and pull her into me, I look down into her eyes, and kiss her full on her mouth. I immediately feel her lips part for me to slightly run my tongue between them. She puts her arms around me and hugs me close. Our kiss, is getting more and more intense, as our tongues play and circle each other. My cock has lost all of it’s composure now, and is growing quickly against her belly, side ways as it is being restricted by my shorts. My hands are moving down from her back to her ass, and softly massage her buns. A soft moan escapes her, as we continue to kiss passionately.

I slide one of my hands inside of her tight shorts, her skin feels so good in my hand, so soft, so smooth and so warm. I softly rub her butt, making her moan louder. She slides her hand under my shirt, and slides it up along my belly, and up to my chest, softly squeezing it. OMFG her touch feels so good, her hands are soft but strong. My other hand now also moves under her shirt, and up towards her tits. She is wearing a sports bra, but I can feel her nipples poking through the material. I cup her tits, rubbing my fingers along her nipples. She stops kissing me, and says; oh god that feels so incredibly good. Yes it does, I tell her, as I squeeze her ass harder. I look at her, and say, I think we need to get off this path and find a more secluded place, unless you still have to rush to work. Fuck work, is all she says looking into my eyes, and giving me a quick kiss on my lips, she grabs my hand, and pulls me behind her away from the path. We walk for a little while before we find a small open area, a lot of leaves and pine needles on a flat spot. I kneel in front of her, and kiss her belly, running my hands up and down her shapely legs, I kiss along her shorts, as my hands run up along her legs and under her shorts legs, cupping her ass cheeks.

She has her hands on my head, and I can hear her moan as I continue to kiss her, and as my hands slowly move along her hips towards her front side. My fingers on her hips, I move my thumbs from her legs upwards towards her pussy. I can feel the heath increase as I get closer to it, I very slowly move my thumbs between her legs and her pussy, mmmmmmmmmmmmm so nice and hot and sweaty. I then move my thumbs up and over her venus hill, slowly moving down across her lips from the top down, feeling the wetness on her lips increase as I move down. All I can hear is a long “OOOOHHHHHH” as I can feel her rest her weight on my shoulders. I run my thumbs up and down along her lips oh so lightly, rubbing her juices along them, as I kiss her pussy through her shorts. I slowly pull her shorts down, as I continue to kiss her belly, and down as her shorts slide off, until I am kissing her lips, tasting her juices along them. I twist my tongue and ever so lightly lick along her lips, across them, and along them, then barely sliding between them up and down. A little deeper between them with every lick up and down, pausing on her clit. She is now leaning on my shoulders so heavy, I am almost carrying her full weight.

I peek up, she has her eyes closed, her head hanging down, breathing heavy, moaning heavy, just total enjoyment, such a gorgeous sight. I continue to lick her pussy, circling her clit with my tongue and at times sucking on her lips. My hands have been rubbing up and down her legs, from her ankles to her ass and back down. I slide one of them towards the insides of her legs and slide my fingers along her pussy lips, wetting them with her juices. She tells me to put one of my knees up, as I do, she puts her foot on top of it, giving me better access to her pussy. I slide two fingers across her lips, little by little sliding inside of her, deeper and deeper, then in and out with my fingers, as my tongue continues to circle and pleasure her clit. My other hand is sliding along her ass crack, I love feeling the heath between them, she is still so nice and wet between them from her run.

Her moaning is increasing, her breathing is going faster and faster, she is squeezing my shoulders harder and harder, and I increase my finger fucking of her pussy, as I continue to suck on her clit, sucking it between my lips, running my tongue along it. Then a long deep moan, hoarse and raw, and her body starts to tense, I can feel my fingers getting even more wet, and she leans down on me hard, barely keeping herself up. Oh FUCK, OH FUCK MMMMMMMMMOOOOHHHH FUCK. After a little I slow down my fingers, and look up at her, taking my mouth of her pussy. Don’t stop, she says, and aggressively pushed my face back between her legs. I laugh as I continue licking and sucking her clit.

After a while I can feel her relax her grip on my shoulders and feel her getting more composed. Fuck that felt so good she says, I so wanted and needed that.

I stand up, she stands close to me and puts her arms around her, and kisses me full on my wet lips (DAMN I LOVE THIS WOMAN), her tongue all over mine and deep inside my mouth. Then both of us undress and make somewhat of a bed with our clothes. Wow what a body she has, perfect tits, not to big, not to small, just perfect. She says: lay down and let me take care of that gorgeous and delicious looking cock of yours. She sits between my slightly spread legs, and runs her hands up and down my belly and along my legs. She kisses me again, passionately, kisses down my neck to my chest, along my belly, and to the side of my cock towards my legs, her hair brushing along my, now rock hard cock. She crabs the shaft, and squeezes hard, and takes the head in her mouth, running her tongue all around it, then sucking on it hard. She totally catches me of guard with that one, and I moan loud OOOOOHHHHMMMMMMMMM that feels so fucking good.

Now it is my turn to squeeze her shoulders. She laughs with my cock in her mouth and continues to suck, as her hand moves up and down my shaft. Her other hand cups my balls, lightly squeezing them. After a little while I tell her to sit next to me, I want to feel and touch her. She gladly does, leaning on my belly, her tits hanging on me. I reach around her, and slidy my fingers along her pussy, as she continues to give me an amazing blow job, she softly moans. I lick the fingers of my other hand and find one of her tits, I rub her nipple and squeeze it, then pinch it roughly, this time she moans loud, she laughs and says; I like that. Then she sucks hard on my cock in response again. I kiss her shoulder, arm and back as we continue to play like this. Her hand slides from my balls to between my butt cheeks, slowly pushing between them, and slowly pushing against my hole.

My cock jumps as she does. Oh that feels good, I tell her, UHU, she says with a mouth full. After a little while, I can feel that I can’t hold on much longer. I tell her that I am getting close. She stops and says, I need you inside of me. She gets up and stands over me, facing me, slowly she sits down on my cock and guides me inside of her, she sits all the way down, slowly, her eyes closed as I slide all the way inside of her. We both moan as she does. OMFG that feels so amazing. She pauses there before raising herself up again, then down again, I tell her to just hover over me, let me move. I bounce between the ground and her, her ass and pussy slapping against my legs and belly, both of us moaning with every move. I grab one of her tits and pinch her nipple, she puts her hand over her clit and rubs it.

Our breathing is increasing, I move faster between the ground and her body, and her rubbing is increasing too. Then she orgasms again, another OOOOHHHHHMMMMMMM FUCK, and she sits down on top of me, pining me to the ground. I slide so deliciously deep inside of her soaking wet pussy, and she continues to grind on my cock, while her fingers continue to slowly rub her clit. This is more then I can take, and I feel my orgasm build within my belly, I arch my back as with a loud moan I explode inside of her. Shock wave after shock wave goes through my body, as she continues to grind away, looking down on me as I am having one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had.

We continue to sit there for a while, she slowly moving, my hands moving up and down her legs and her sides, savoring the moment and the intense feelings we just experienced. Damn it I don’t feel like leaving she says, but now I really need to get to work, and I am already late. She gets up from me and stands up. I do the same, and pull her into me once again, kissing her passionately. We both dress, and I walk her back to her car. Along the way back we pass several other runners. At her car, I tell her I didn’t want the moment to end. Me neither she says, but give me your number and we will continue this tonight. MMMMMMM I would love nothing more then that!!

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