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I am interested in a RELATIONSHIP(s) ( loosely) where we can communicate via text, phone occasionally, email and maybe Skype to have some fun.

I don't expect you to leave your significant other or even your other playmates and whisk me away. I do appreciate attention and I will give YOU attention if it is right.

I have some unusual pastimes, and a wicked sense of humor.

I WANT to know my partners and enjoy their personalities, not just their cocks.
If that scares you- don't bother with me.

Pics NOT necessary to play , and if you don't know what I look like- I can look any way you want me to. That being said , nothing about a beautiful athletic male body with a big cock turns me off - if you enjoy performing .

I don't want a one time thing. I do tend to get attached, if I find you worthy

If I go to chat , I'm looking to connect, not jump right in.
my time is extremely limited for anything other than messaging (not because Im so fucking important, that is just the way it is)

Thanks for your time,

Djinn "I'm not here to just fuck" 92

Zodiac Sign


Favorite Color

green, wouldnt you say?

Favorite TV Shows

Comedies , I don't watch much

Favorite Movies

Raising Arizona Vacation movies Steve Martin movies Monty Python

Favorite Actors

I prefer to read or take photographs I am into "exotics"

Favorite Actresses

I enjoy scavenging for dead things to add to my collection, taking photographs of nature or geocaching (these things can be done simultaneously)

Favorite Foods


Favorite Music

Metal Rock

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May 29, 2017

My good girl ;)

May 10, 2017

Seeeexxxxxxxayyyy lady

May 5, 2017

Hey would love to chat

April 18, 2017

He stood back and stared at her, wearing her smart looking skirt and heels. She slipped off her jacket exposing bare arms--he couldn't help but notice the smooth silky look of her skin and the bored look on her face, as if she was not aware of how striking she actually was. He noted her curves and he wanted nothing more than to see them...with less clothing. No...not seeing. He wanted to experience them, he wanted to taste them, drown in them. She caught it...but only for a second. A wide-eyed hungry look quickly diverted upon the realization that he was being watched...possibly studied as well. She smiled at him in a friendly way, but the smile was more for herself than him. She liked how she felt under his barely hidden scrutiny. She liked the look in his eyes. She liked how he shifted from one foot to the other. She liked the subtle way he tried to conceal his arousal. She shifted in her seat and allowed the slit in her skirt to expose just a little more of her thigh and watched him suppress a gasp. He searched the room for a distraction, anything. Anything to help him maintain composure, maintain...manners. There was nothing. His eyes returned to her...she was smiling in a more focused way, and he saw one finger, beckoning him to come closer...

April 9, 2017

Well wasn't that something else... you naughty girl



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Status: MARRIED W/CHILDREN white. I do work and have a family, so I'm available somewhat sporadically. Don't get discouraged if I don't get back to you right away.trying to at least contact members that have similar interests.
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Age: 55
Sex: Female
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Location: Florida, USA
Interests: Cyber
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