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Ohhhh I wish I'd catch you in a hotel room. Lying all sexy like that in those rumpled sheets. The air conditioner humming and the drapes drawn. Sneaking into your room and watching you sleep for a few minutes, wondering what your reaction will be when I slide into bed next to you and begin to physically seduce you. The thought of it makes my pussy clench and my juices flow.

I take off my flip flops (sexy, right?- u know I'm not one of those high maintenance bitches.... well......) and pull my tshirt off over my head as i head toward the nightstand. When I get there I help myself to 3 or 4 swings of the vodka you have sitting there. I know you won't mind me drinking out of the bottle, I can't abide those flimsy little hotel cups, and chances are good we will finish the bottle anyway. You stir a bit, maybe you sense someone in the room, or maybe you can smell the patchouli I wear ( bet you could've guessed that). Time to get the show on the road , if I'm going to do this. If YOU will do this....

I walk over to the chair and step out of my jeans. I adjust the new lingerie I bought -just for you. I had hard time choosing between the red or the black, but i went with the red. A lovely satin 1/4 cup bra that pushes my breasts up enticingly while leaving my nipples exposed for easy stimulation. Not that they need any- I don't know if it's the air temperature or the excitement of seeing you lying there unaware of what is (i hope) about to take place; but they are pert and tingly. I can't wait to feel your mouth on them. Thoughts of that send a new wave of desire to my crotch, also decked out in a matching satin cheeky panty with (surprise) an "open gusset". That's the polite way to say crotchless. sense paying for sexy lingerie if you have to take it off to fuck, right? And I plan on fucking. I can feel myself all slick between the legs in anticipation. One more good pull on the vodka - so when I stealthly slide into bed next to you the first thing you will experience is a searching vodka flavored tongue sliding past your lips to explore your mouth. I don't know if it will startle you , or if you will kiss me back without hesitation, but I'm going to find out. Now.

I crawl into bed and lower my mouth over yours , licking your lips with my tongue. You take the hint and part them just a bit, enough for me to deepen the kiss. As I lean in to you, my nipples are rubbing deliciously across your chest, barely touching but touching enough. You moan as you start to wake and reach blindly up and entwine your hands in my hair, pulling me in close to you. I'd love to know what you think is happening, if you know who has invaded your bed. God you are so fucking hot. I'll be lucky if I don't cum the minute you touch me- if you do. You still haven't opened your eyes, this is perfect. You just accept my attentions with eagerness. I am a little afraid you may think you are at home, or perhaps you had someone here last night, and believe your seductress to be her. Doesn't matter, I'm here now.

As I stretch out full length on top of your sexy body, I wrap my arms under yours and place my hands on your muscular shoulders. Peppering your neck and ears with licks and kisses between full on assaults of your mouth. I drop my legs to either side of your hips and draw my knees up, positioning myself perfectly over your growing erection. Soooooo nice to grind against.... I'm wondering if my juice will soak through those drawers..... I start to moan as i rock and press against you. I can feel your cock growing harder in response. In a flash-I find myself flipped on my back, both my hands captured by one of yours, arms stretched over my head. You are astride me , looking down , looking confused.....I just grin and lick my lips and drop my eyes to the bulge in your underwear. Hoping you will forgive me for my boldness, hoping you will play along and give me the experience I came here for.... hoping you figured out who I am....

As you release my arms, I reach and pull the waist band of your shorts below your package. The elastic pushes your balls up and forward nicely under your cock. It may not be the most comfortable at the moment but once I get my mouth on that throbbing hard on you will forget it's uncomfortable. Leaning forward to swirl my tongue around your glistening head i gaze up in to your eyes. I see recognition dawn across your face right before you reach down and guide my head to your waiting cock. Finally. This is what I've been waiting for. After months of online and phone play, I finally have your beautiful cock within my reach. I hear you tip the Vodka to your mouth and take a long pull. Oh baby, this is going to be all I have fantasized about.

Hearing you groaning as I suck you- you know how that turns me on. My thighs are slick with my lube. True to form, you don't let me finish you, even though I can't wait to suck all that sweet cum out of you. You take one more drink while your cock is in my mouth.... god that turns me on, you are such a stud... before pulling out . You dismount me and pull me off the bed to my feet. There is a big ass smile on your face. I know you have a lot of questions, like how and why I came to be here. All the way across the country semi naked in your hotel room with no warning. But you don't ask. You hand me the bottle for a drink, and run your hands over me, pinching my nipples before dropping your head to suck them. I grab your hair and haul you off of them for a nice sloppy kiss. You drop one hand from my ass and find my slit. You growl when you discover how wet I am for you. You whisper in my ear as you finger me, asking if I'm sure I want you to take me. You tell me how much you have thought about tasting me. You are making me weak in the knees....I need you.

You step out of your shorts and you are just as sexy and studly as i had imagined. You take my shoulders and turn me to the bed. Gently pushing me to my knees on the mattress , you encourage me to spread my thighs for you as you continue to rub my clit and sopping pussy from behind. You bend me over , and sink to your knees on the carpet. The perfect position for you to taste me. My thighs are quivering as i wait to feel your tongue on my clit. The sheets are bunched in my hands, preparing for the jolt I will get when your mouth covers my pussy. You spread my lips and tongue me - it is exquisite. I can't help but moan and writhe against your mouth. No one has ever done this to me before. You seem to be enjoying it, but it's hard for me to concentrate on you. You lick me, and suck on me , kneading my ass with your hands , grabbing my hips to get deeper with your tongue. You inform me you aren't stopping until I cum , I inform you it won't be long.

A combination of finger fucking and clit licking has me there in a matter of minutes. Drenching you with my climax. I lay with my ass in the air, catching my breath, recovering, as you start biting my ass and back and shoulders. Tickling my pussy with the head of your cock. Slapping my ass- lightly at first, but gaining in intensity. It's starting to sting , it must be getting red, as you slap me - then rub the pain away. I hear you messing with the cup on the night stand. You insert something cold in to my vagina. An ice cube. That's different, not unpleasant. A distraction from my burning ass. You continue to stimulate me in varying degrees. Slapping , rubbing , tickling , biting , teasing me by running the shaft of your cock along my slit. Letting me grind my ass on it ,trapped by your belly. I'm moaning and begging you to fuck me, but you wont. I'm afraid you never will. I'm afraid you will hold back from penetration because of your vows. I have to do something.

I spread my legs a little wider and reach back and put my hands on my ass cheeks, spreading them a bit for you.... and wiggle my hips in anticipation. You probably have a perfect view of my mouth- ravaged pussy peeking out from between the red satin of my panties. I hear you growl again right before you snatch my head back by my hair and impale me with your impossibly hard cock. I think it shocked even you, because you sit there balls deep in my wet,hot pussy for just a moment. I give your cock a little squeeze with my vagina, that's all it takes... you start thrusting those hips powerfully back and forth. Giving me what I came for, telling me I need to take all you have, asking me how much I want you... oh fuck , baby , I love it when you talk dirty and dominate me ;) You pound me harder, pulling my hair, squeezing my throat, biting my shoulders.

I'm panting and begging for it , baby. I scream as you plow into me and my pussy spasms on your cock. You fuck me hard through my orgasm before I hear you start to lose control ( you know this is my FAVORITE part...) you pump and thrust faster and faster , your breathing is getting erratic.... there it is .... that lovely guttural sound you make as your load shoots in to me filling me with your sweet creamy cum.... we collapse on the bed in a pile of sweat, sheets, and tangled limbs . I look over to you and smile and say " HELLO, _______ , I'm ________. Nice to finally meet you...." XXX

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February 13, 2024
perfect erotica !!!

June 16, 2021
Such a very hot story/fantasy. Now I am sitting here wanting just that sort of fun in my hotel room!

November 22, 2016
A very descriptive and erotic rendition, almost as though it was recounting a real experience ??

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