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I want

To watch you sleep, kiss your eyelids, taste your breath, smell your hair, hear your heartbeat
To hold you close, skin to skin, kiss your neck, feel your back arch, get lost in your eyes
To turn your head, kiss your cheeks and the tip of your nose, brush your lips with mine
To lick your lips, explore your mouth, nibble your tongue, hold the back of your head when we kiss
To kiss your chin and throat, drawing a wet line across your collarbone to your shoulder
To take both hands and hold them over your head so I can continue to lick and kiss your armpits
To feel you shiver when my mouth nears your nipple, feeling my breath, while holding yours
To cup your breast, pull your nipple and twist, cover it with my mouth and suck and bite
To lick across your breastbone and give the jealous sister the same treatment, perhaps a little more
To have them in my hands, squeezing while my head and mouth and tongue and teeth move south
To outline your bottom rib with the tip of my tongue and then flatten it to lick your stomach
To fuck your belly button with my tongue, feel your pussy thrust up at me and hear a plea
To cup your ass with both hands and lift you up, your pussy an offering and a gift
To spread your lips with four fingers, opening your world to me, glistening with desire
To butterfly kiss you clit, snaking my tongue with constant flicks, pressing below to encourage her
To lick you from top to bottom, from the sheath to your puckered hole and back again
To taste you as you prepare for me, smell your musk and feel the heat on my cheeks
To probe inside, licking the sides and the hidden hole inside, pulling your lips with my teeth
To drink your juices, lap them up like a parched man, smearing you all over my lips and cheeks
To put my hands behind your knees and push, exposing your dripping pussy to my eyes and mouth
To lick and explore your offered opening, both of them, my thumbs helping to pull you apart
To wait for you to explode, gushing love all over my face, soaking me, making me drip
To feel your hands in my hair, pushing me down, trying to fuck my face and twisting side to side
To fall on top of you, feel you beneath me, still shaking and contracting as I take my cock in hand
To rub the tip of my cock up and down your wet slit, until the tip glistens and gleams with you
To wait at the entrance, barely touching, and then push, feeling the tip spread you wider
To pull back, and know you want me to stay, want me inside, want me filling you
To thrust my hips a little more, the tip inside, feeling your pussy grasp my cock and squeeze
To continue to push, the shaft easily gliding inside, inch at a time, until we meet in the middle
To feel your legs wrap around me and feel your heels on my back, urging me deeper
To hear you gasp as I retreat, begging me to stay, pushing up with your hips to keep me inside
To plunge back in, hearing the wet sounds of my cock invade you, impale you, fill you
To grind side to side, the tip deep inside, touching both walls deep within as I rock
To prop myself up on my arms, giving you access to touch, to rub, to scrape and augment
To watch my cock sliding in and out while your fingers circle your clit and the wetness increases
To turn you over, and lift you up to hands and knees, and kneel between your legs, throbbing hard
To spread your ass with my hands and place the soaked tip of me at the tight hole, teasing you
To listen as your fingers stab in and out of your pussy, wet and sloppy while I press in
To feel the resistance and then the acceptance of my cock as I slowly push inside
To feel your fingers, inside your pussy, stroke my cock through the walls as I probe deeper
To bury my cock in your ass, and slowly, slowly, slowly begin to fuck you
To pull your hips back when I probe and push them when I withdraw, feeling how tight you are
To gasp as you squeeze me and begin to match my rhythm, thrusting your ass back at me
To feel the building explosion as I listen to you finger your dripping slit, thumbing your clit
To call out to you, tell you I’m close, feeling you start to tremble with ecstasy of your own
To feel my balls tighten and the muscles spasm, sending me past the point and I start to come
To feel my cock, spurting hot white streamers, filling your ass with my come, moaning
To fall on you again, still inside and cover you with me until I am drained and shaking
To feel you beneath me, rubbing one more, probing one more, coming once more, squeezing one more
To roll over on my side, holding you close to me, as the spasms continue to rock us
To close my eyes and wait for my heart to stop racing, my breath to return, my shaking to stop
To drift off to sleep, still inside you, captured and sated, drained and satisfied
To watch you sleep, kiss your eyelids, taste your breath, smell your hair, hear your heartbeat
The cycle begins anew…..

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