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Well let’s see…much like the story book character I have a similar temperament but I may be slightly more friendly…but only slightly. I do not enjoy getting attacked by PM’s in the chat room, just because we chatted before does not mean I will automatically reply to a PM even if I have added you to my friends list.

I don’t enjoy testing the limits of how many people I can talk to at once and sometimes I just feel like talking in main only. Nothing personal. I also do not want to see your cock…if you send me unsolicited cock pics I will in return send you very graphic gay porn and then close the PM on you. Or if I'm feeling lazy I'll simply block you. Turnabout is fair play and you have been warned. If you cam bomb me I will block you. If you continue to send me the same message every day with no response...that should tell you something...and I will block you.

If you can’t form complete sentences or can’t think of something original to say then don’t bother. If you would not say it to my face upon first meeting me and not expect to get slapped then it’s probably something you shouldn’t say to me here.


Are you horny? NO

Are you a dirty girl? NO

Do you want to watch me jerk off? NO

Can we Cam? NO

Are you being naughty? NO

What are you wearing? Clothes

What do you look like? A female human.

I will add more as I see the need. If this is what you are going to ask me then consider it asked and answered and move along.

I also dislike people who don’t read profiles. Should you roll the dice and decide to message me your first word in order to get a response must begin with Z and end in Y.

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February 25, 2023

Damn your bio is sheer Foreplay to us true perverts/freaks. Hi Queenie, so in reference to your Superb Image. I usually ask permission before Self Pleasuring while looking at personal pics which you have none, normally guys do the send unsolicited dick pic thing but I love requesting permission (a kinda foreplay to me) to Self Pleasure while looking at a pic, let's say of you, standing in Closed Pointed Toe Stilettos, Nine West Pumps, etc while I Self Pleasure looking "Live" only at the Pumps/Shoes on you, No Nudity or Sex just your Cost/Per Minute for Live Cam or the therapy session cost full of the pleasure producing episode you inspire. Cam Girls?, No because you seem to have letters behind your name (or should, nonetheless Super Sexy) which produces a higher rate/per minute for visual therapy? Looking forward to your anticipated positive answer? Thanks. p.s just set back and consider what I am asking, Live Cam Focused on your Shoes, thus no ethical issues to Super Combat! Thanks and waiting for a positive response.

January 4, 2019

Zoology was a great album!

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