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Our first sexual moment was shortly after we had started dating. Her roommate was in class and we were making out on my girlfriend's bed. after several minutes I slid my hand under her shirt feeling her flat belly, she didn't seem to mind and almost seemed to know what I was doing because she pulled away from me for a moment with a knowing smile. I winked at her and we went back to it. I slowly moved my hand up to her breast and gently cupped it through her bra. I hadn't done anything yet but her excitement had her gasping and softly moaning in anticipation, I slid my fingers down into the cup of her bra and gently caressed her nipple. She gasped softly as I touched it and she gripped my neck harder, after a few minutes of playing with her nipples under her bra a reached around and unfastened it, I cupped her breast in my hand feeling her warm skin against my palm, her nipple gently pressed between my pointer and middle finger. I kissed her deeply as I caressed her breasts, gently squeezing them and rubbing her nipples tantalizingly. It was at this time that I had discovered how sensitive her nipples and breasts were, as we continued she rocked her hips against my leg. she whispered in my ear "I think I'm about to cum!" I only hesitated for a seconds, I was surprised she was going to orgasm from just some nipple play. Hearing how desperate her moans were I changed angle and gently licked her nipple moving my tongue deliberately around it, I then took it in my mouth and sucked gently. she came then, her back arching and her face pulled in ecstasy. She panted as she came back down, flushed she looked at the bulge in my pants. "I can help you out if you want, but you'll have to tell me what to do. I've never done this"

"oh, you haven't" I asked, somewhat surprised.

"well, I rubbed my ex's through his pants in highschool but it didn't really go anywhere"

"Ill help you, dont worry" I told her
I lay on my back and she knelt next to me on the bed, I pulled my pants down and pulled my dick out. After making her cum in such an unexpected way I was rock solid and barely holding it together, I wasn't sure how long I could last before blowing my load.

"so I just, rub it?" she asked tentatively. she blushed.

"here, I'll help you" I said, instructing her was proving enough of a distraction that I wouldn't explode the moment she touched me. I took her hand in mine and brought it over to my throbbing dick, I gently placed her hand around it and helped her get the pressure right. "not too hard" I said "choking the chicken is just an expression"

she giggled "its so warm" she said with a shy little smile.
I smiled at her but was having a hard time concentrating now with her hand wrapped around me. I gently started moving her hand up and down along my shaft, letting her feel how it was done. "ok, you ready to do it on your own" I asked, starting to lose the ability to speak coherently. she looked marginally alarmed but nodded. I released her hand and let her go on her own. she kept an even pace, not speeding up at all, just going at the same rate I had set her at. The tension built and built until I felt my dick throbbing, I could tell I was only moments away. "Im about to cum" I moaned through gritted teeth "its going to be a bit messy"
I threw my head back about to loose my load. suddenly I felt something soft and wet wrapped around my dick, I looked up as I blew my load. she had her mouth around my cock, I had cum in her mouth completely unexpectedly.

She pulled her mouth off my dick and leaned over spitting my cum into the trash can next to her bed. she pulled a face and then smiled at me.

I fell back against the pillows and she curled next to me laying her head on my heaving chest. "you didn't need to do that you know" I said.
"well" she replied "I didn't want to get it on my sheets!"

we got our respective clothes back on and lay together for a while, about 15 minutes later her roommate came back before having to go to work.

I will write my next story about our next encounter :)

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