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It was 2 years after I graduated from college, a close friend of mine and I had moved in together and she and I had been living together since we graduated.

Since my junior year I had been trying to get her to go to one of my favorite bars but she always had a reason for not going. To her credit she was a very busy person. One Friday I finally convinced her to go on a whim. When we returned home we were both a little drunk but not quite ready to go to bed. We changed into more comfortable clothes and sat on the couch to watch TV.

After a little while of sitting there occasionally exchanging words, and laughing when our drunkenness made us slur, she moved closer to me. She wrapped one of her arms around mine and leaned her head on my shoulder. This wasn't entirely odd in and of itself, we had done this before while sober or drinking at home. We stayed in that position for a time until she decided she was too tired to stay upright and moved her head to my lap, leaving my arm unencumbered. She had never done this before so I didn't know where to put my hand, so I just put in on her side and she didn't seem to mind. I started to nod off and my hand slipped and I felt it graze her breast. She wasn't wearing a bra so I felt her nipple through her shirt, I quickly moved my hand to a more secure spot. Wide awake now my muddled thoughts started to piece together what had just happened. My cock started to get hard, I had no control.

My friend rolled from her side onto her back and looked up at me with her brilliant blue eyes.

"is that's your dick?" She asked, amused.

"Yeah" I said simply. I would have been more embarrassed, but like I said we were drunk.

"Is it because you touched my tit?"


She giggled a little and continued to look up at me for a moment. She turned back onto her side and watched the TV for a little while. The whole time I couldn't get my cock to go down, the fact that she knew and hadn't moved made it that much harder. I couldn't excuse myself to go jerk off because I knew she would know what I was doing.

"Your dick is kinda ruining the whole leg-pillow thing" she said, rolling onto her back again showing me those startling blue eyes.

"Sorry, do you want to move?" I asked.

"No, but I think we need to do something about that rocket in your pants" she said.
I was a little stunned. I stared at her for a moment.

"Let me clarify" she stated, and pulled her shirt up fully exposing her tits. "Your got me horny too, and your dick isn't helping"

I simply stared again. This time at her beautiful tits.
"Well go ahead, Touch them" she said.

I reached down and caressed her breast with my hand, I made circles until I was at her nipple and then slid my fingers over it.

"There we go" she said softly. "But I don't think fondling my tits is going to be enough for either of us" she glanced down meaningfully. I got the picture. I slowly moved my hand down her stomach and slid into her pants. I gently stroked her mound feeling her hips writhe in anticipation. I slid my middle finger down along her slit feeling how wet she really was. she Moaned, clutching at me with a slight feeling of desperation. I slid my middle and ring finger inside her pussy, slowly I moved them in and out, in and out, her hips rocked to meet the trusts of my hand. She reached down and pulled her pants off with my fingers still inside her.

"Yes, yes, yes" she moaned burying her face against my stomach. She slid her hand inside my shirt and caressed my abs. "I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum, I'm..." she moaned as I fingered her. Then she did cum, her back arching she dug her nails into my skin and moaned in ecstasy. She slumped back breathing hard, she looked up at me with glossy eyes, grinning. She took a few seconds to compose herself, then sat up.

"Your turn!" She said rather excitedly.

"I'm surprised I didn't cum in my pants" I said, genuinely shocked that the sheer excitement hadn't caused me to blow my load.

"Oh come on, you have better control than that! Now, strip" it was somewhere between a question and a command. I stood up and removed my shirt. At the same time she had dropped to her knees, lost her balance, righted herself, and pulled my shorts and underwear off in one go. I hadn't expected that, but I wasn't about to complain. She ran her hands up my muscular legs. One hand stayed halfway up my thigh while she grabbed a hold of my cock. She stroked it a few times, then slid her mouth over her. Feeling her lips sliding along my shaft I groaned and leaned my head back for a moment. She made a noise of protest through her full mouth, I looked down at her. She looked me in the eye as she sucked, I felt her tongue swirl around the head of my dick every time she pulled her head back.

"I'm going to come!" I groaned. She pumped fasted and right as I was about to cum she pulled her. Pulled her mouth off and sat all the way up on her knees. My cum sprayed all over her tits. She giggled and stood up. She walked to the bathroom without saying a word, I reached down and pulled my pants back up. I was looking around for my shirt when I heard her behind me.

"We aren't done are we?" She asked mockingly.

I turned around, she was still naked. She smirked at me as my eyes roamed her body.

"I know it will be a minute before you are hard again" she said, walking back towards me. She reached down and pulled my pants down again.

"Sit there" she said, a little bit of command in her voice.

I sat. My dick was halfway soft but I was starting to feel a stir again. She turned and faced the TV, showing me her ass. She got down on all fours, now I could see her pussy and her ass. She slid a hand along her ass and then moved it down to her leg. She slid it slowly up and touched her clit, she rubbed slowly at first and then fasted. She reached back with her other hand, her head and shoulders now on the ground, she slid the fingers of that hand inside her and started pumping. The sight was more than enough, her moans made it better. My dick was rock hard again. I stood up an strode over to her, kneeling down I grabbed her ass and with my thumb I touched her anus. She gave a surprised gasp followed by a different kind of moan. With my other hand I guided my dick into her. She Moaned as I thrust deep into her, I kept my thumb against her anus slowly pressing into it. She moaned louder, I kept thrusting. I kept pressing with my thumb until it was all the way in her ass. She was moaning so fantastically I couldn't keep control any longer. "I'm-going-to-cum" I said haltingly as I thrust.

"Cum inside me" she moaned.

That was it. I came right then, I kept thrusting as I felt myself explode inside her. As I was doing so she came as well moaning into the carpet. We both slept on the floor where we were that night.

In the morning we decided to shower together, I held her against the wall with her legs up while I fucked her under the hot water. We fucked the whole weekend away. After that I thought things might be weird between us, but if anything we were closer we continued to enjoy each other in a variety of ways until she needed to move for work. We still see each other from time to time, and if the situation permits we still hook up.

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July 21, 2023
great story thanks

May 30, 2017
Nice story with that wonderful air of reality about it! Not may stores make me hard, but that one did.... Well done. Al

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