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Was I about to do it, was I about to change things, or was I dreaming it and all was in my mind like a perfect dream of a perfect fantasy from which I would not want to awake. Cannot be a dream, the night air is cold, the hard metallic bench even more so, sending real chills through my body. Am trembling from the cold, or is it from the sexual anticipation and adrenaline brought on by the sudden arousal, I have no idea. The only source of heat is this absolutely perfect, absolutely willing, and incredibly ready 19 year old pressed tightly next to me on the bench. She is a full decade younger, I saw her grow up, I saw her flirt with me ever since she was 13. Never would have I imagined nor ever had such thoughts of her as fill my head now. She wants me, no doubt, her seduction having taken years is culminating here and now on this bench. She had done all she could, all in her power, the final act to send us into a forbidden lust now up to me.

A duck quacked on the small quiet lake stretching out in front of the lone bench we were sitting on placed only a few meters from the shore. It echoed loudly and brought me back to the then and there. Enough! No more! That's it!.... Scalding hot, resisting yet giving, tight but opening, begging for it and receiving, my finger slipped inside her wet young virgin pussy slowly deeper and deeper and deeper. Her legs opened wider, a moan of pleasure and pain escaping her parted lips, her eyes closed, her hungry already swollen pussy lips filled my palm and her soft velvet wet inside tight around my finger begged for me to fuck her with it. Her grip on my arm tightened, her legs spread wider, my finger pulled out then thrust back inside her hard brought another louder scream from her lips. The duck quacked in response startled. Slowly at first, then faster and faster, in and out and in and out my finger fucked her tight little young pussy. She moaned, opening her eyes to look at me, intense pleasure in them, enjoying every millimeter of my finger slipping in and out of her very wet pussy.

"Don't stop." she begged. "I'm going to cum."

I thrust in deeper and harder with my finger, finding a rhythm, feeling her open and dripping wet. Felt inside her for that special place under the mound and rubbed it, my palm barely fitting between her legs grinding on her bare swollen wet pussy lips and hard clit.

"Oh god don't stop!" she almost screamed it. The duck took flight.

Breathing hard, gripping my arm with her hand, she braced herself, her other hand gripping the bench. A few more thrusts, my finger burying itself deep and I felt her let go.

"Ohhh ohhhh ohhhh.... ahhhhh...." she exploded, her tiny body shaking, her pussy tightening around my finger inside of it. She came hard, it lasted, me trying to prolong every delicious second of it till she collapsed back on the bench.

"Want to go to my place" I asked. She nodded with a look that was half filled with pleasure and half with guilt.

That was Andrea, friend of the family who lucky for me came to university in the town I lived...

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