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I walked that night into the salsa club expecting as usual to find her there, and she was, as always. A glass of red wine in hand, off to one side almost hiding yet on the edge of the dance floor close enough to be asked and pulled onto it. Almost a week had passed since Clara unexpectedly made her way to my front door in the middle of the night. Unlike that other night when she appeared undone she was now dressed to kill. Hair, makeup, full red lipstick enhanced lips, tight red dress, black high heel boots. The image that filled my view together with the dirty wild images of her wet naked body still vividly floating in my head made her look a thousand times more alluring and tempting then she ever did.

She looked my way, our eyes met, I smiled and she smiled back. We spoke only briefly online a couple of times since that night and I was unsure how she would react seeing each other in person again. I walked through the crowd to where she was leaning with her back against the bar and slid beside her on her left, close enough to feel the heat from her body and smell the sweet smell of her perfume.

"Love the boots." I said leaning over so my lips came close to her ear.

"Thanks." she quietly responded not turning to look at me.

I thought I detected her body melt a little against the bar and she slid, or melted, towards me closing the bare millimeter gap between us and pressed herself against me. I was about to make another comment but she cut me short as if she read my mind and knew what I would say.

"Behave. By the DJ booth is a guy who works with my husband. Don't get me in trouble." She turned her head towards me now bringing her lips so close I could just with the slightest motion of my head bend over and kiss. Her eyes wide open lustful giving the complete opposite impression then the words dripping out of her mouth. Turned as we were, our faces obscured from the potential onlooker, I closed the small distance between us and for a brief millisecond our lips touched parting mouths opening ready to kiss but quickly breaking apart as she casually turned her head back towards the dance floor away from me.

A mere second later, without a word, she smoothly lifted herself off the bar and started walking away. I was puzzled until she turned around and with a grin on her face winked at me. I watched her move away, that red dress was very short, barely clinging to her to her ass being looser at the bottom. Thoughts sprang to mind of her bent over the back of my couch the other night spread, that hot bare ass in the air, dripping wet cunt begging for me in her delicious voice to fuck her. I wondered what she was wearing under the dress tonight, if anything at all. My cock stirred in my tight jeans.

I moved away from the bar to follow her, keeping a good few meters behind, watching as the loose edges of the dress bounced from side to side with each step and sway of her hips. I watched the tight muscles in her legs clench with very step. She was in incredible shape considering she was in her 40s, and very flexible I remember, her body able to twist, turn, bend and buckle in the hottest most erotic ways I had ever had the pleasure of knowing.

She walked clear out the front door, out in the cool night air, deeper and deeper into the ever darker and dim lit parking lot. She went all the way to the back where one isolated car stood, which I immediately recognized as hers. She never turned around once until she reached the car where she turned, sat down on the front of the hood, leaned back dropping back on her elbows, slightly shifted her left leg off to one side, raised her right leg bending her knee and placed the boot heel on the bumper.

"I've been dreaming of your hot tongue since you last slid it in me." she said with almost a begging tone. Her loose dress falling up, her legs spread wide, small white thong light up by the moonlight barely covering that delicious swollen set of delicious lips between her legs.

Without a word I knelt in front of her, between her legs, reached out, slipped a finger inside the thong right where her hot wet hole should be, pulled it to the side exposing a hot already glistening wet pussy, brought my lips down to it and as they made contact slid my tongue right inside the cunt tasting her sweet wet hole. She moaned the instant my tongue slid into her, and I knew she wanted to cum on my tongue. My tongue flicked up between those delicious swollen lips, up the slit licking and tasting my way to her hard clit. Found it, hard, waiting. Flicked it gently with the tip of my tongue bringing more moaning out of her.

I felt a hand on my head grabbing at my hair and pulling me down, grinding my lips harder between her spread legs. My tongue moving now faster and slightly wilder yet in rhythm, licking up and down from her hard clit down to her dripping wet cunt and back again. Her moaning getting louder and louder, her hips bucking on the hood of the car. I knew she loved to cum on my tongue, found the spot, found the rhythm and grabbed hold of her hips, held her down...

"Ohhhhh fuck yes, I'm going to explode on your tongue, god that's it, I'm cumming..." I hear her scream in no time almost wondering if someone could have heard. Buried my face harder between her legs, tongue wildly licking at her clit, her body started shaking and she let go cumming hard, as usual her delicious cunt gently squirting. My lips sucking on her wet pussy taking it inside my mouth, I tried to prolong her orgasm as much as possible with my tongue on her clit.

"Oh god that was good, enough enough..." she pulled away breathing hard and slowly quivering looking like a delicious hot mess spread, dripping wet, and sprawled on the hood of the car.

"Wanna dance?" I joked with a wet grin on my lips as I got up and held out my hand to help her up, bringing a smile and laugh out of her.

"Sure" she took my hand. "Your place or mine? Husband is out of town."

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