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Still half asleep not really knowing how much rest I got the night before, not remembering when I made it back to my room, I now waited patiently for the elevator hoping to not be late for the 11am checkout.

Ding! Doors opened...

"Good morning sunshine" a perky very familiar voice greeted me as I was rubbing my eyes. I looked inside the small brightly lit mirrored elevator to put a face to the voice.

"Good morning. The 'good' might not be appropriate in my case" I joked and smiled while shuffling inside taking notice of the tight black dress perfectly hugging a delicious female form, big luscious breasts almost spilling out of it, and hot round hips I knew where just an extension of a perfectly formed ass just out of sight.

I got a smile back and eye contact long enough to stir something in me, plus a very intentional and noticeable seductive look, eyes glancing slowly up and down my body with such hunger that it made my cock stir.

"It's Linda right?" I asked hoping I remembered correctly.

"Yes, surprised you remember, you were a popular guy last night" she responded as she pushed the doors-close button.

"I honestly don't remember most of last night. Though I do remember you disappeared on me at some point" I tried laughing away her comment. I was the best-man at the wedding and I did get a lot of attention from more than a few women, including her.

Her reaction was a sudden outburst of laughter making me wonder what I might have said that caused it.

"Oh sweetie, you didn't lose track of me, you just don't remember a good chunk of the night do you?"

Come to think of it I did not, it was vague, foggy and suddenly I wished I did remember. The elevator shook and abruptly stopped cutting me mid-thought, sending Linda off balance and right into my arms. Oh my lord her body felt so good pressed so tightly to mine! I was in no hurry to let go and neither was she it seemed, no doubt her too enjoying the feeling.

"Seems like we're stuck" I stated the obvious.
"No we're not, I pressed the emergency stop" she replied with a grin looking up at me with big gorgeous green eyes.

My gaze followed the exposed skin of her shoulder down her right arm to her long slender extended fingers, which indeed ended with the tip of one pressed against the emergency stop button. I felt her move, lips coming close to my ear, hot breath slowly whispering...

"Can't have you leave and not remember me..." her voice trailed off and I felt her hand slide down to my cock cupping as much of it in her palm as she could through the thick jeans, fondling it and hardening it almost instantly.

Not wasting a moment I found her delicious lips with mine and passionately kissed her, our tongues wildly dancing into each other's mouths. My arms wrapping around her, hands moving down her bare back, down searching for her firm full ass. I grabbed on to it with both hands feeling the hot flesh beneath and thankfully not feeling a trace of any underwear.

Probing with my fingertips down the back of her leg I found the edge of the dress and lifted it up higher and higher up until the material bunched up at her waist, letting me get a perfect view in the mirrored walls of the elevator just behind her. One hand firmly placed on each of her full firm cheeks I slowly spread them wider and wider, fingertips sliding closer and closer towards the centre, feeling her lift up on her toes curving her back to stick it out for me. Tight ass-hole and bare shaved pussy lips visible in the mirror, my fingertips painfully close to them by then, just tugging at the edges of her perfectly formed pussy lips. I watched as a hint of moisture started to bead out from between them glistening in the brightly lit elevator as my hands kept her spread like that for my viewing pleasure. My cock was rock hard and throbbing to slip inside of her wet pussy, her hand still busy rubbing it though the jeans.
Moaning she stepped back, reached to the side of her dress where evidently there was a zipper hidden and pulled it down with one hand. The dress fell open to one side and down leaving her big round firm breasts bare, perfect, nipples already visibly hard and begging for my lips to suck on them. She stood there with the dress crumpled around her waist, in a pair of high heeled black sandals, a sight so delicious I could not help but lick my lips.

"Do you remember now?" she grinned. But truth was I still did not and so did not say a word continuing in the silence to devour her with my eyes. Between her legs her pussy shaved clean with lips swollen, hugging a visibly hard and erect clit between them, now it too glistened dripping wet.

As I reached for it to touch, Linda stepped back further into the corner of the elevator and leaned against the wall, put her left leg up onto the rail and spread herself wide for me rotating her hips offering up more of her wet pussy to my view, to my touch, inviting and begging for my big rock hard cock to fill it.
"Fuck me!" she almost demanded.

Without hesitation I undid my pants, pulled my thick cock out letting it free to stand erect, the head already wet with precum. I reached down and gave it a few strokes watching her mouth open as she looked at my hand firmly grasping the shaft moving my palm up and down it. She started to rub herself with one hand, long slender fingers rubbing her clit, opening herself up, spreading her lips showing me her hot dripping wet hole.

"Fuck me!" she now definitely demanded this time.

Hard cock in hand, holding it by the base, I slid between her legs and guided the head between her wet swollen lips and right onto her tight wet hole. Began to grind it up and down the slit, up to the clit and back again, getting the head wet and when a pleasure-filled moan finally escaped her mouth I push my cock inside of her pussy, deep, deep, as deep as I could in one long firm thrust feeling her hot tight hole stretch and wrap tightly around my thick shaft, sucking every long hard throbbing inch deeper and deeper inside of her. Oh my god was she ever tight, and scalding hot!

Held myself deep inside of her for a few seconds, relishing the feeling, watching her mouth open gasping and moaning, breathing heavily impaled as she was on my cock and pressed up against the corner of the elevator. Pulled out almost all the way then pumped my cock back hard inside just as deep watching her eyes and expression on her face change to one of pure pleasure in an instant. Starting to thrust harder, sliding out and back inside again, harder and harder, faster and faster, picking up the rhythm, fucking her, pushing her against the wall. One hand grabbed at her big tits and the other slid up to her throat, wrapping my fingers around the slender neck gently, holding her there, holding her still so I could continue to fuck her.

With the non-stop and ever building intensity of my cock thrusting into her wet pussy Linda looking deep into my eyes soon started moaning louder and louder, holding herself upright until finally with eyes closing, head thrown back, mouth slightly parted, moans and small screams escaping her throat in rhythm with my cock pumping inside of her dripping wet hot pussy she let me know.

"Fuck I'm going to cum... don't stop... fuck me!"

I fucked her harder and faster, in and out, thrust after thrust shaking her whole body. She was absolutely soaking wet and I could feel hot wet juices flowing out and down my shaft onto my bare shaved balls. I was going to explode inside of her too, barely holding it back, wildly fucking her and wanting to fill that tight cunt.

I felt her start to tremble, grabbing at me, at my neck, her body tense, I knew she was about to explode and so I thrust my cock inside of her hard wildly banging between her spread legs not letting up, furiously driving my shaft deep inside of her pussy till I could not take it any more and felt my own orgasm building. I lost control and my cock exploded stream after stream of hot cum deep inside her pussy. The feeling of my explosion must have drove her over the edge too and with a few more hard thrusts as the last of my load was filling her pussy, her hips moving in rhythm to meet them, her pussy started to spasm and tighten around my cock as she too orgasm-ed, shaking, grabbing at me, sucking my cock deep up inside of her, clenching hard around my shaft so that the last few long hard strokes I took shot the last of my hot cum spurting deep inside her dripping wet cunt.

Panting, holding each other, breathing heavily, smiling at me, she shook a few more time, clearly enjoying ever second and trying to prolong the hard orgasm.

"Hey, is anyone in there..." a voice startled both of us from outside the closed elevator doors...

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