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"Right this way" the nurse said as she opened the door.

She smiled at me as I approached and her dark brown eyes held eye contact just an excruciatingly little bit longer than necessary as I slid by through the tight doorway. Making it a few steps down the long hallway I realised I did not know which way to go so stopped and quickly turned my head to ask. Doing so I caught out of the corner of my eye a quick glimpse of her expression as she bit her lip, her gaze clearly coming up from just having checked out my ass.

I had just come from work, straight to my doctor appointment, and clearly my dark suit pants must be doing wonders for my back side.

"Where to? Or should I fumble around until I find the right spot?" I asked smiling and dying to know what was going on in her head.

"No need to fumble around, I'll show you exactly where I need you" she responded with a small wink and walked past motioning for me to follow. She lead me inside one of the offices at the back and by the time I sat down on one of the chairs and turned around she was already gone, to my disappointment.

She returned a few minutes later with what I knew to be a blood pressure machine, and looking slightly more "arranged", clothes tighter on her, she had lost the long sleeved shirt she had been wearing and her breasts pushed out slightly from her top forming a deliciously enticing cleavage. She sat down on the high stool in front of me with the same smile and long gaze that greeted me at the door.

"My name is Angel" she introduced herself in a very friendly manner.
"...and before the doctor sees you I need to take a few readings ok?" she continued as she logged into the computer beside her and looked up my file. Scrolling through it with one hand on the mouse, she casually placed her other hand palm down between her legs and I swear I saw her ever so slightly a couple of times move her fingers just such as to be pressing or rubbing herself.

Had I not thought she was flirting with me I may have missed it, or maybe because I thought she was I was misinterpreting what I was seeing. It was HOT however, and my blood pressure shot up no doubt based on the sudden spike I felt in my heartbeat, my cock throbbing and threatening to harden.

"See anything interesting?" I asked to make conversation.

"No not really, lets get those readings" she responded as she turned and grabbed the blood pressure machine.

"You have some big pipes under there" she grinned and pointed to my upper arms as she prepared the cuff.

"No, not really" I answered truthfully but in jest.

"Come on, you could at least lie a little to a girl" she answered clearly flirting.

"I try not to lie just in case the girl asks me to prove it. That way there's no disappointment" I continued with a wink. "Do you need me to take my shirt off?" I was asking pointing to the blood pressure cuff but hoping she got the double meaning.

"Yes I do, however not necessary for this test" she clearly not missing a beat continued the flirtatious conversation and, as I held my arm out, she walked shockingly close to me, slid the cuff onto my left arm, and started the machine.

"Just relax, breath normally, and enjoy" she instructed with a wink holding my arm one hand by the elbow the other by the wrist, intentionally or not, making my palm rest against her right thigh. I swear had I wanted to I could have grabbed her ass my fingers were that close to it. Was so tempted!

No surprise the blood pressure was insanely high! She repeated the test a few more times, each time getting more touchy with how she adjusted the cuff, with how she held my arm, with how she positioned her body in front of mine, with how she bent over to grab something, etc. Of course I played along and there was clearly a sexual tension building. I had thoughts running though my head of sliding my hand inside those nurse pants and finding her pussy dripping wet and ready for me, and she already may have known what was in my pants as she had had the pleasure of "accidentally" and "innocently" touching my crotch a few times. It was impossible to not get a little bit aroused with what was happening and with that delicious cleavage she continuously thrust innocently towards me to look at. My blood pressure of course off the charts at each reading!

"This machine is clearly not working don't you think?" more of a statement than a question.
"Lets go get you on another one, follow me" she said getting up making me follow her out of that office and down the hall again.

The bulge in my pants could have been bigger and more embarrassing but still took some creativity to conceal as I walked. Angel throwing me a glance or two across her shoulder walking in front I was sure had noticed.

She opened the door to a room that did not seem like an office but more like a break-room, complete with a small couch, microwave and coffee machine in a corner. I stepped in and heard the door quickly close with a final click I knew was her locking it.

"No cameras in this room" Angel remarked with a sultry voice as she closed the distance between us with a quick step, her hand surprising me by sliding right down to cup my cock, the touch instantly making my blood boil.

"We are never going to get ... an accurate .... blood pressure .... reading ..... until ..... we get ..... rid ..... of this" she slowly got each of the words in the latter part of her sentence out of her mouth looking straight into my eyes as her hand fondled my cock through my pants until it was rock hard.

"You're the expert here" is all I could muster to say as I watched her lower herself down, fingers fumbling to undo my belt, the button on my pants, and the zipper. Hooking her fingertips into the edge of my tight briefs she pulled them from my waist down just low enough for my throbbing thick rock hard cock to spring out and straighten to its full length right in front of her eyes. She watched it hungrily for a moment, parted her lips just enough to make room, brought them towards the throbbing soaked head and slid me inside taking in more and more and more of the shaft inside of her scalding wet mouth. Just as I thought she was going to take it all she stopped, grabbed the rest of my cock in one hand, gripping it tight, and started to suck on what was already between her lips. In and out of her mouth she slowly pulled my cock, sucking, and blowing, and licking and moaning in the process enjoying every throbbing hard thick inch of it. I will not lie, I wanted to explode on her tongue that very moment and fill her mouth with cum. Closing my eyes I fought the urge and enjoyed every second of pleasure Angel was working hard to give me sucking my cock harder and faster as the shaft went in and came back out slick and wet over and over and over and over...

I wanted to fuck her so bad, to put my cock inside of her pussy or in her tight ass hole if she would be willing. That was all my mind was screaming at me to do with every passing second my cock spent inside her wet mouth. When I had had enough I stopped her, pulling my cock out of her mouth, and reached down to pull her up.

"If you want to fuck me you're going to have to book another appointment, we don't have time now" she refused and stayed on her knees, mouth quickly making its way back onto my cock. She began sucking harder than before now. Her hand quickly stroking the part of the shaft in her palm clearly wanting me to cum for her. I was not going to disappoint and letting go I felt my orgasm building.

"Fuck I'm going to cum hard" I gave her a warning, in response to which I heard and felt her moan with her lips wrapped tightly around my shaft her other hand move to grab hard at my ass as if to pull me closer to drive my dick deeper between her lips. Nearing my release, my hips pumping forward instinctively, I started to fuck her hand and mouth. She stopped moving and let me do it. Within a few long quick pumps my cock exploded! Load after load of hot cum exploding out of my balls and onto her tongue with me moaning and grunting as I pumped every last drop of it out!

With a smile, she pulled my wet shaft slowly out with her lips tight around it, sucking the last few drops out as she did, and swallowed it all looking at me with those hot satisfied eyes.

"Lets go take that blood pressure now and book you that next appointment" she joked as I pulled my pants back on.

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