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My cock was throbbing in Clara's wet skilled mouth and I was enjoying every moment of those hot wet lips and tongue sliding up and down my hard shaft. She hungrily sucked it harder and harder no doubt trying to make me explode to impress her two friends. Stef and Ash, shocked looks on their faces still, stared down at us standing motionless and unbelieving of the sight they were witnessing; their best friend with a mouthful of hard cock right there in the middle of their girls night party. Clara was as usual so fucking hot and skilled at what she was doing that I was getting speedily close to cumming.

"Fuck I'm going to cum soon" I let her know throwing my head back and drinking the rest of my wine in one gulp.

"He cums hard! More then you'd imagine" Clara pulling her mouth off of my cock turns to her friends and says just to add to their shocked discomfort and clearly to her own pleasure at putting on this show. Neither of the two girls reacted though still unable to take their eyes off of my big wet cock now glistening in the low light of the room as Clara slowly strokes it with a loosely held hand.

Loving the scene playing out in front of me, and right on page with Clara, I too am enjoying Stef and Ash's shocked discomfort and decide to try and get them even more involved.

"Hey Clara, its not nice when having guests to eat in front of them all by yourself" I joke grinning from ear to ear. Clara right on the same train of thought does not miss a beat lets go of my cock letting it stand there erect in the air and stepping away sits on the armchair to the side.

"Girls, I'm willing to share. Want?" Clara tells her friends.
"Here, I'll close my eyes if it helps" I added putting my head back closing my eyes.

Room was silent for a moment with the music filling the void. I was tempted to open my eyes but did not and listened. I heard, or rather felt, movement and moments later felt two bodies sitting down on the couch one to the left and one to the right of me.

"Oh my god Clara he is big. You lucky girl" Ash exclaimed close to my right.

"It does feel really good inside of you, especially when he first pushes deep in" the response came from much closer then I expected. Clara was probably on the floor somewhere in front of me.

A hand grips my cock about half way up the shaft, colder smaller hand then Clara's would be. The mystery girl starts to stroke me, up and down up and down, moving her hand slowly, gripping the shaft tightly, squeezing as if milking it.

"Look at you you horny little girl!" Ash expressing surprise at what just happened shouts, Clara letting out a laugh immediately after.

"What?! Jeff's been away for a while. Haven't seen or touched a cock in ages" Stef replies clearly not carrying.

Another hand joins the one already gripping me, this one cupping my balls briefly before taking hold of my cock as Stef releases her grip. Ash's hand no doubt, different feel, different unfamiliar rhythm working my cock harder and harder, faster and faster, I can feel the tip of it getting wetter and wetter. Very tempting to open my eyes but not wanting to take the chance of scaring them away I let out a small moan instead.

A hand grabs my left wrist and slowly brings my arm down off of the back of the couch where it was resting. I feel the hot wet unmistakable feel of a throbbing wet pussy soon upon my fingers as the mystery girl slides my hand by the wrist between her legs. Not waiting for an invitation I probe with my fingertips, spreading her open, rubbing her slowly, feeling for the hard clit, feeling for the wet hole. She moans just as my finger rests on her throbbing wet opening. I put a little pressure and feel her pussy want to open and let me in, want to be filled.

"Oh fuck!" Stef almost screams and moans out when my finger pushes inside of her. Hot, wet, deep but tight, it grips my finger resisting my attempt to slowly finger fuck her. I push my finger into her harder, rubbing her deep inside, getting her moaning, getting her begging for more, getting her dripping wet.

The hand on my cock now stroking me harder and faster making my finger inside of Stef move faster in response. My hand grabs her wet pussy in my palm feeling her spread a little wider, my middle finger squirming inside of her.

"Fuck I'm going to cum" I give out my warning.
"Me too, I'm going to explode" comes a response from Stef between moans as my finger rubs deep inside her wet pussy.

A wet mouth placed suddenly on the head of my cock is too much too take, my cock tenses, my balls explode and I shoot a big load of hot cum into the mystery mouth. My finger going wild inside of Stef in the process I feel her too start to shudder. She grabs my wrist and holds my arm in place closing her legs, gripping my hand there with my finger inside of her, she too explodes letting out a loud moan. My cock empties shot after hot shot of cum inside the willing mouth that gladly sucks it all out, lips tightly wrapped around my throbbing head, making my orgasm last, making my finger twitch, prolonging Stef's until she fall off away onto the couch freeing my hand.

I open my eyes just in time to catch a glimpse of Ash lift her mouth off of my cock and lick her lips with a hot little grin on her face looking at me like a lion at his prey.

"You're mine next"...

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