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Maybe it was the all the fruity beverages by Naive Cindy

Maybe it was the fruity beverages , maybe it was the excessive hours spent online rping with dirty strangers on the internet about being more like the girls you see in those videos online (or indeed like some of my wilder friends). But when the middle aged man trying to chat me up in the bar while my friends were off dancing with the local surfers leaned into me to repeat whatever it was he said for the third time, in an attempt to be heard over the buzz in the bar and the music. I noticed a lightly peeved look on his face and gave him my pouty/"I'm sorry I can't hear you" shrug. He moved closer still, his breath stinking of what ever it was he regularly ordered, and warm on my ear as he said..."Want to get some air? It's so loud in here". I was surprised to find myself nod a little, allowing him to guide me towards the back door with a hand on my waist.

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