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The afterglow hadn’t quite left them yet. They laid entangled on the soaked sheets, breathing heavily and occasionally shivering. Not from the cold, but from the orgasms that still had not subsided. There was a scent in the air. Coppery and musky and salty. An olfactory concoction that they had made together. He propped himself up on one elbow and looked down at her. Her eyes were closed, her cheeks flushed and her chest rose and fell shakily.

“You doing ok?’ he asked.

“I’m floating. There is still electricity sparking my clit but I can’t bear to touch her. You abused her!”

He began to blurt out an apology and she grabbed his neck and pulled him to her.

“Silly boy. You were only following my instructions. Not only did I want it, I needed it. Just like that.”

She kissed him hard on the mouth and their tongues once again became playmates. In the very beginning, she had told him that she liked to kiss almost as much as she liked to fuck. She certainly liked to fuck, so her preference for mouths and tongues and teeth must be almost fetish level. He quite enjoyed a good wet kiss. He also saw the value in many dry kisses over a short period of time and a small section of space. Either way, kissing was good for him. She tugged and rolled him over on top of her. The first time she had requested this, he was afraid he would hurt her. He was nearly double her weight. He sure didn’t want to break anything. His worries were put to rest as soon as soon as he covered her with his body. She slipped both arms under his and reached around his back and clasped her hands. She pushed her hips up and threw her legs over his back, crossing her ankles at the small of his back. She remembered that at some point last night they had fucked in this position, but they were too impatient and moved on. But this felt good. And when he recovered enough, it would only take a slip and a slide to be right back inside.

“If you’re thirsty, I can make a drink. I can see what we have to eat in the fridge if you’re hungry. Otherwise I’ll just get the coffee pot going and you can just stay there and look beautiful.”

“You’re so good to me lover”. She sighed.

As she said that, he returned from the bathroom with a hand towel that was steaming hot and wet, He began to wipe the cum off of her. He started at her belly and moved up to her tits. The evidence of his pleasure was a wet white streamer that started right below her left nipple and trickled off down her side. He wiped the puddle on her belly and gently spread her legs. She was right. Her clit did look almost raw. He laid the hot towel between her legs and smiled when she moaned. The majority of his cum was deposited there. When he started to cum, he was deep inside her. He felt himself passing the point of no return and within a few strokes, with her pussy squeezing him, his cock exploded. He quickly pulled it out and the next streamer landed right across her pussy and terminated at her clit, which was now as wet as the rest of her. One more across her belly and the final one, as he arched his back had shot out and was now adorning her left nipple. She had both hands pressing the hand towel. The heat and the pressure felt good.

“I’ll go start the shower. You coming…”

“Not again! I’ve reached my orgasmic limit of four!” she whined.

“…coming to take a shower with me, wild wench!”

“I’ll be there in a sec. I’m not sure my legs can bear any weight right now. I’m sure I’m all jellied leg.”

So he got in and got his beard and mustache wet. Immediately, they rehydrated and he could smell and taste her essence all over again. He put some soap on his hands and lathered up his beard. He was underwater, rinsing so he didn’t hear her slide the door open and step inside. The first time he knew she was there, she reached around him, hugging him from behind, her head flat against his back.

“You take the hottest showers!” she complained lightheartedly.

She felt for the temperature handle and moved it slightly cooler.

“There. Isn’t that better? You could parboil in here!”

He hadn’t touched the hot cold lever when he got in. She had taken the last shower, so this was how she left it when she got out. Throughout the shower, she’d be adjusting the temperature until it was exactly this hot.

“Decency check!” he said as he pushed his face toward hers. She took his face in both her hands and sniffed his mustache and beard.

“You pass, soldier. She lightly kissed his cheek and said, “Now, I heard something about you washing my hair. Still up for that?”

“Of course. Sit down on that bench. Scoot forward a bit. Good.”

He reached up to the shelf and got her shampoo. He poured a thin line down the middle of her wet head and then put another dollop on each hand. With the tips of his fingers, he worked the shampoo into her curly hair. When it was spread sufficiently, he took the corded shower head and put just a little more water on her head. His finger began to massage and spread the growing suds. She was sitting, spread legged and he was standing between her knees and thighs. He had worked up a good lather and his fingers massaged and stroked her head.

“Lean back a little”, he asked. When her head tipped back, he bent down and kissed her lips. He set the spray setting on the shower head and began to rinse away the soap. The white soapy hair changed color before his eyes, going from all white to dark dark red. Looking down at her, he told himself for the millionth time that he was the luckiest man in the world. She was beautiful, smart, funny, erudite and incredibly sexy. And she was his. How lucky can ya get?

He helped her stand and he kissed her and stepped out. By the time she had finished washing the areas that needs it, he was ready with her warmed towel. He put it over her shoulders, and wrapped it around in front, his arms and hands acting as a belt. He pulled her back toward him and just held her, smelling her freshly washed hair. He bent down and whispered “I love you, baby” and gave her a final squeeze. He then sat down and watched her dry off. He couldn’t get enough of seeing her naked. He knew every curve and angle, but still wanted more. He wanted to count freckles. He wanted to play connect the dots with them and see what that revealed.

“Fresh and clean and in search of caffeine”, she said as she exited the bathroom and entered the kitchen. She glanced over and saw that he had already started the pot. He was very good that way. Anticipating and then acting without being told. Like he was last night in bed. That thought caused a minor tremor and she felt her nipples harden. “I better think of something else, or I’m gonna drag him back in there and show him I can anticipate too!” she thought to herself. The coffee pot beeped, signaling it was ready and she poured a big mug, wrapping her hands around it for warmth.

They really were good together. Neither had very many inhibitions and even fewer things they would at least try. That had led to the scene that had just played out. She liked where this was going. She was satisfied and slaked. She was in love.

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