Room For Rent posted in Mature

This story was added on July 23, 2016

My name is Jennifer and I'm in my early forties. I had gotten divorced a few years ago and I loved my home very much, luckily I'd gotten it in the divorce, but it was a bit large just for myself....

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Story Tags: cougar   cub   college   teenage   mature   older woman   younger man  

The Glass Elevator part 1 posted in Cheating

This story was added on February 28, 2015

I had been looking forward to my boyfriend Jim's birthday all week. I had a special surprise planned for him that I knew he would like. He'd mentioned when he went to his friends bachelor party a...

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Story Tags: cheating   cuckold   elevator   stranger  

Love In The Haunted Woods posted in Romance

This story was added on January 1, 2015

Jennifer was a 25 year old psychology student that had always had an interest in the paranormal and had decided to do her thesis on a local legend of the surrounding area woods and the tale of...

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Story Tags: romance   Civil War   woods   ghosts   ghost hunters   camping  

Jenny's Parisian Seduction posted in Lesbian Sex

This story was added on December 1, 2014

By the time she got to the restaurant for dinner, Jenny was absolutely exhausted. The day of travel from California to Paris for the company business conference had left her quite drained. The...

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Story Tags: lesbian   Paris   girl on girl  

The Thanksgiving Visitor posted in Erotic Couplings

This story was added on November 2, 2014

Peter had looked forward to a nice, simple Thanksgiving. His daughter was coming
home from college for the long weekend and bringing her friend and roommate with
her as her parents had gone to a...

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Story Tags: Thanksgiving   older   younger   student   visitor   college  

The Interview posted in Lesbian Sex

This story was added on February 5, 2014

The summer before my final year in college I was really hurting for money and didn't know what I was going to do. My parents didn't have any extra money and I couldn't find a job for the summer no...

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Story Tags: lesbian   phone sex   summer   interview   job   orgasm  

The Halloween Party posted in Mature

This story was added on October 15, 2013

I had always loved dressing up for Halloween as a child and wearing fancy and colorful costumes and pretending to be someone else, even if only for a few hours. I truly looked forward to it all...

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Story Tags: Halloween   cougar   cub   older woman   younger man   costumes   teacher   student  

A Trip to Hawaii posted in Mature

This story was added on September 14, 2013

After a few happy months of dating my new 18 year old boyfriend Roy, I thought
we could take things to the next level and consider taking a vacation together.
I liked him a lot, and I loved the...

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Story Tags: cougar   cub   mature   Hawaii   teenage   public sex   beach   vacation  

A Trip To The Movies posted in Mature

This story was added on August 17, 2013

My new 18 year old boyfriend Roy really wanted to go to this new movie that was playing at the theater. I couldn't imagine why, as it seemed pretty boring to me from what I'd seen from the...

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Story Tags: mature   cougar   cub   heterosexual   public sex   voyeur   teenage  

Room Service posted in Mature

This story was added on May 12, 2013

Louise was in a hurry to get to the hotel. It was noon rush hour and the traffic was becoming unbearable, even though she was not the one driving. Her chauffer was wise to her ways, although he...

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Story Tags: cougar   cub   mature   hotel   affair   younger man   older woman   heterosexual  

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