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You have just left the library, your books in your bag and you are making your way home. It is starting to get dark but you figure it is light enough to cross the park. As you follow the path you hear footsteps behind you. You look round to see someone following you. You speed up a little and the footsteps keep pace with you.

starting to feel a little worried you look around but the park is quiet. the footsteps are getting closer. You speed up more as your heart races.

Suddenly the steps break in to a quick run. You feel a hand cover your mouth and an arm hold you round the chest. You are lifted slightly and dragged backwards in to the bushes beside the path. You struggle, you try to bite the hand covering your mouth. You try to grab the man with your other hand but you are helpless.

He throws you to the ground and you struggle to get your breath. You manage to regain control and are about to scream when he hits you round the side of the head making you dizzy.

Forcing you onto your front he pulls up your skirt revealing your lacy stocking tops and small sheer panties. Holding you down with a hand on your back he uses his other hand to grip your knickers. He pulls hard upwards and the flimsy material digs into you then rips off leaving you naked below the waist.

your dizziness is clearing but now there is a hand at your mouth forcing it open. Then you feel your panties being forced into your mouth filling it, making it hard to breath and certainly impossible to scream.

You try to struggle again but once more he cuffs you round the head to make you stop. helpless you lie whimpering.

Now he takes your hands and stretches them over your head, holding them either side of a small tree. Quickly he slips a plastic slip tier round your wrists and pulls tight. You are bound to the tree.

You cannot see him but you feel hand touching you between your legs. The fingers are cold and wet. They move over your ass and pussy. Then you feel them push against your lips, roughly probing and searching for the way in. You are scared and trembling but beside the fear lies a little piece of excitement.

Finally the lubricated finger enters you. It is painful at first but then to your horror you feel your body start to react, responding to the finger inside you. He moves the finger spreading your juice around your entrance before it is withdrawn.

In the silence you hear a zip then you feel something large pressing against your exposed cunt. You try to squeeze down tight, to prevent him entering you but your resistance just drives him on and suddenly you feel like you are being split in half as his massive cock drives into you, never seeming to stop. You gasp and cry as it fills you and fills you...

When he is completely inside you he growls in your ear "you like this don't you, you horny little slut? You want more don't you."

You try to cry but the panties prevent anything more than a squeak emerging. You shake your head but deep down inside there is a little part of you thrilling at being forced like this, being roughly fucked against your will. As you realise this your body starts to betray you, your cunt suddenly flooding as your deepest darkest desires come to the surface.

He grabs your hair and holding tight he starts to fuck you, hard and rough, his huge cock pounding into your stretched pussy, ramming against you again and again. Your cries of pain and revulsion start to become cries of pleasure as his pace increases.

It seems he knows you better than you do yourself as his hand finds your breast inside your blouse. He pinches your hard nipple and you cry out as you feel your orgasm starting to build. When he reaches down between your legs and his fingers find your clit you are lost.
Your orgasm comes crashing around you and he slams into you, spraying your insides with his hot sticky cum, pulsating in your cunt as you collapse exhausted...

You feel him pull out of you and hear him zip up. Then he steps over you and snips the plastic tie before walking off leaving you lying in the bushes, cum dribbling from your violated pussy.

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