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Posted by: eric60red on April 18, 2017

You meet someone who totally turns your sexual world upside down and in the process teaches you...

Tags: Pain   pleasure   anal   Dominance   reluctance. rough sex   submission  

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Posted by: eric60red on April 12, 2017

A CONFESSION OF FLIRTING FEMALE by Eric Red I am an older man this story is written as if I...

Tags: doggy style position   orgasm   dirty talk   cock   climax  

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Posted by: Almaw on November 3, 2016

Hannah is my sister. My name's Sarah. Hannah is basically the younger, thinner, hotter version...

Tags: Abusive   Fantasies   rough   shower  

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Posted by: tarquin67 on September 10, 2015

You have just left the library, your books in your bag and you are making your way home. It is...

Tags: Non-consensual   rough  

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